Barefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff CanadaBarefoot Blonde at Moraine Lake in Banff Canada

SWEATER: James Perse // COAT: Nordstrom (on sale) // LEGGINGS: Shopbop // SHOES: Nike // HAT: H&M // GRAY AND WHITE STRIPED SWEATER: Free People

We were going through photos and realized we never posted these from Moraine Lake! It was one of our favorite places so I thought I would share a few. It was freeeezing that day and we somehow lost A’s mittens and went to multiple stores and didn’t find any small enough so we had to tie off his sweater ha! I could have watched him all day try to climb over the rocks and walk around saying hi to everyone and even posing for selfies with foreign tourists who asked. He is such a cheeser and looks right at their selfie stick with the biggest grin. We also woke up early and got hot coco and breakfast to eat in the trunk of our jeep. It was really cozy and then a herd of goats came and tried to hop in the car haha.. okay not really but they were coming close and it was pretty funny.

Hope you all are having a good week! xo

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  1. I love your whole outfit in this post! I also think it is so awesome how much you travel. I am finally able to start traveling since I am finished with school and my boyfriend and I are going to Quebec for winter carnival! Where are you guys traveling to next?

  2. hello! absolutely love your blog!! I wanted to see where your black boots were from in one of these photos? the black ones with buckles :)) thanks so much! xoxox

    1. In this post I am wearing my Nikes 🙂 And Atticus is wearing his Hunter boots!! xo

  3. Hi Amber,

    Can you let me know where you rented the van ? also what kind is it ?!

    1. Hi Felicia!! We always use Avis Car Rental! But I don’t remember what kind of van it was, sorry about that.

      1. Hi Amber thanks for replying. Did you do in September ? How was the weather ? I am planning for August or September

  4. I love you so much. You and your family are amazing, beauty, cute. When ı saw your picture, I said to my boyfriend I want to be like this family. I hope you will always be happy.

  5. Do you know where you got the two blankets that are in the back of your car? (The one with big stripes and the herringbone print.)

    1. They were from a local shop in Banff!! I have seen similar ones at Target though!! 🙂

      1. Ooops, sorry, should clarify that comment a bit more. The Bay carries THIS sort of Canadiana merch. It’s inspired by the blankets used back in the day (the blankets were first commissioned in the 1800s) and used for trading purposes, mainly traded for beaver pelts. They are called the Hudson Bay point blanket and retail here in Canada, anywhere from $295 – $495. If purchasing from anywhere besides The Bay, be sure to look for the specific label applied to the blanket, that denotes it as genuine/authentic. There are knock-offs.

        (fyi, I don’t work for The Bay, in case that needs to be noted, lol – I just live here)

    2. The striped ones are always available at The Bay. They carry all the historical Canadiana inspired merchandise here in Canada. You should be able to find them online at

      Glad you loved Moraine. It’s my favorite. I think it’s even more beautiful than Lake Louise.

  6. These pictures are so gorgeous! I’ve only been to Vancouver, but now I really want to visit the other side. SOOOO gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Ana!! It was so amazing, you should definitely visit!! 🙂

  7. Absolutely beautiful there and beautiful photography! The way you tied off Atticus’ sleeves is adorable. Where is his camo coat from? I love it!

  8. These photos are UNREAL! Seriously everything is so pretty. I’m in love with the fact that you guys could get the car so close to the water and just take everything in. The best!

    The February Fox

    1. Thank you babe!! You are too nice!! It was one of my favorites moments 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

  9. Hi Amber!
    I love your blog so so much, literal family goals ha ha! Something I always wonder is how do you break in all of your shoes so quickly? Does running around with a baby all day in those new pairs ever get painful? Whenever I get new shoes I get so many blisters the first few times I wear them 🙁 any tips?

    1. Hi Emma!!
      Thank you so much!! I am so glad you follow along 🙂 And I know exactly what you mean!! I suggest wearing new shoes around the house or for part of the day if you won’t be walking much. It will make a big difference rather than wearing them for a whole day and getting those dreaded blisters 🙁 You can also try putting padding in the back by the heel to be safe! I hope that helps!! xoxo

  10. The scenery is incredible! Looks like such an amazing experience. And oh my gosh, I didn’t even notice the McGyver’ed mittens until you mentioned it in the post, and I had to look back at the pictures. How hilariously adorable!

  11. I’ve wanted to visit Moraine Lake for SO long! It looks like you had an amazing trip there – and eating breakfast and drinking hot cocoa in the back of the jeep?! So fun!
    xo April | April Everyday

  12. Is it the brightest idea to walk on a log on a lake with a toddler on your shoulders? No, probably not. But I guess it’s no brighter to walk on a log on a lake when you’re heavily pregnant. Anyway….

    1. Gia, anyway… sound so jealous ! FYI… The photos are staged with the utmost care to the safety of all of them, including the unborn babe.

    2. It appears that the log is really skinny but its actually VERY wide – you could skip across it comfortably without falling.

    3. it’s also her and her husband’s decision on the safety of their children (born and unborn) ..i doubt they would do anything dangerous and then post it for the world to see…they seem like awesome, intelligent people who are making better choices than most in this world!!!

    1. I know what you mean!! I am getting so excited for the winter!! Thanks for reading Krista!! xo

  13. Amber,
    These photos are so beautiful! One day I hope to visit this beautiful spot! I swear, everywhere your family travels to, I want to add to my bucket list! You guys just pick the best spots ???? i love how you tied off Atticus’ sweater, so adorable, and very creative! You do what you gotta do ???? like always, I love following your blog ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Alina!! I hope you can visit Banff too! It is so beautiful, we loved it!! And haha yes we had to get make it work 😉 Thanks for being so sweet and following along!! xo

  14. i really want to go here now! these pictures are beautiful

    1. Aww thank you!! And yes, I agree! It doesn’t even look real! It’s too perfect!

  15. The way you improved mittens is so cute! If I were a tourist I’d probably want a selfie with Atticus too 😉
    Love the entire family’s outdoor style. Picture perfect! xoxo

    1. Thank you!! We had to get creative haha!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

  16. 1) Love these pics!
    2) Love that we were both featured on Rachel Pally’s IG feed dressing up our baby bumps!
    3) Love those black and gold booties!

    1. Thank you so much!! and ahh I loved that too!! You are the cutest ever!!! xo

  17. Looks so pretty I would like to tried one day , Atticus is just a charming boy, could you tell me from where are A’s boots. Thanks 😉

  18. Where is this Moraine Lake? My guess is somewhere very far away that I won’t get to go anytime soon, even though these photos make me desperately wish I could!

    – Laura //

    1. It is in Banff National Park in Canada!! I would definitely add it to your must-see list 🙂

  19. I never considered myself a mountain kind of guy, but these photos make me want to spend a week lake side… As long as Atticus there 🙂

  20. Your photos are always gorgeous! Love your blog SO much. And where is that amazing striped blanket from?! I am in love!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad to hear that 🙂 And I got it from a local shop in Banff!! Target and Anthro have super cute blankets though!! xo

  21. Amber,
    You and you family are just so cute and your style is just always so on point! My boyfriend and I always read your posts together in hopes of one day having our own little family!
    Best of wishes and warmth to you and yours,

    1. Thank you so much Taylor!! You are so sweet!! I am so happy you follow along!! Love ya!! xo

  22. Adorable pictures! Beautiful place, thanks for sharing! Atticus is so darn cute! ????

  23. This place looks amazing, would love to travel there! Any posts on where to stay in New York and budget friendly hotels?

  24. You always have the BEST photos. I’d love to know how you edit them!

  25. ha I am cracking up over Atticus’ sweater being tied to keep his hands warm! So cute and you gotta do what you gotta do! This is stunning and love the little breakfast picnic in the car! I am going to have to add this to my bucket list

    have a lovely day //

  26. Wow!! I literally have goosebumps looking at this. How incredibly beautiful! haha I didn’t even notice his sleeves were tied off until I read that. How funny! Oh life’s little speed bumps. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. Thank you so much!! That is such a nice compliment!! I am so glad you like the post!! I appreciate it!! xo

  27. This place looks amazing, I would love to go here. That van looks SO cosy and comfy, what a perfect view of the lake too. xx

  28. Your little family is the cutest ???? I was going to ask where your grey and white sweater comes from, the one you are wearing in the third picture ? The striped one ???? love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much!! And it is James Perse and the stripped one is Free people 🙂 Thanks for reading Caroline!! xo

  29. This place is absolutly amazing☺️????????I hope you feeling right????????good luck for the birth❤️you look great????????