The kids little “school uniform” outfits are from Old Navy!

I like making lists. So here is a list of some of my favorite and not so favorite memories from Paris.

  1. I love same spot photos. While we are on each trip I love to take photos that I want to recreate again when the kids get older. So its been fun to come back to paris again and again and see how much Atticus grows each time. We took a couple of Rosie’s first photos in Paris and hopefully when she is older she will have lots of these fun memories to look at.
  2. Atticus was officially potty trained while on this trip. Took us long enough haha. But I have really just been wanting to go at his pace and not force it… so this time it really stuck! So proud of him.
  3. That street performer hanging on the pole was truly remarkable! It was sooo fun to watch .. there must have been about 200 people watching him in Montmartre. After everyone was cheering and rushing to give him money. We stayed an hour or so and watched him!
  4. We took a train around Montmartre which was really fun. Rosie fell asleep on me while in the train and it was fun to carry her around town like a lil sleeping baby!!!
  5. After our train ride we walked around exploring all of the charming neighborhoods and running down cobblestone streets. I wish you could hear the kids laughs as they ran together. I hope when I look at these photos in 20 years I will still be able to hear it in my mind.
  6. I know I already mentioned the lunch we had in Montmartre but gosh it was amazing. Listening to people play guitar and sing French songs together as strangers was really awesome.
  7. Staying in the Four Seasons is always a special experience because they just go above and beyond. Everything is such a treat from the moment you walk in. I always feel like a princess when I stay at one and I don’t care if that sounds cheesy haha. The Four Seasons in Paris totally spoiled us and I felt like the luckiest. The room was just beautiful and eating meals out on the balcony was magical. It was one of those moments where I am in the room with my family thinking, geez I don’t know how I got so lucky but I just wanted to soak in every little bit of it. We wanted to just go slow in paris – we didn’t set alarms and slept in, were slow to get ready, and wandered the city at our own pace not worrying about time. It was really nice.
  8. Atticus reeeeally wanted that big Eiffel Tower toy – thing.. what would you call it? Haha. He was ecstatic when we agreed to get it. It is now on the dresser in the playroom and I am happy we got it. There are about 100 people a minute who come to offer to sell them so sometimes that is all I think about when I see it but also will always love how much Atticus loves it!
  9. Rosie throwing the tea cup is one of my favvvorite photos ever. I mean what are the odds that David caught that on camera? Hahaha. It is so funny looking back on it but at the time I was so frustrated because Rosie was being so naughty. After the tea cup throwing, things did end up going well and it was actually a fun time but man I was ready to just walk out.
  10. Every time we go to Colonnes de Buren (those black and white columns you probably see a lot on social media) we always have such a fun time!! Last time we were there Atticus made some friends and we had so much fun watching him interact with other kiddos. This time was the same – they sat and played and chatted with adorable French kids. I always love watching them make friends.

That is all for now! This week has been crazy. My poor sister got sick and has been in the hospital for almost a week now. Would love if anyone said a prayer for her and her baby – they are doing pretty good now but she will probably have to deliver early and it really crushes me to see her sick. But even though she has all this going on, she is the most positive person ever and I love that each time I go to see her she says how great her day was. I love her so much.

Have a good weekend everyone. xo

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  1. Thank you, beautiful happy pictures, a joy to be able to share in your joy. We live in rural France(very rural-in one of those tiny villages where the most important events of the week are the visits of the bread van…….love it!

  2. Hi Amber! You and your family are the CUTEST! Random Q: I remember seeing a post on your IG a whileee back about something about David’s hair? Did he use a hair growth supplement or get hair restoration? Asking for a guy friend of mine who’s thinking of doing something along those lines and looking for info!

  3. This pictures are going to be beautiful to look back on one day! Xo
    Riley | rileyedixon.com

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!! I cannot wait to bring our growing little guy to Paris once he is born!! Love these memories you all have created together!

    Would you do a blog post on staying fit while pregnant? Like what you ate, where you shopped & NYC must-haves with babies? It could be a series or a one post overall go-to!!


  5. I always love reading you blog! You seem luck such a low key and chill mama!! And I love how you cherish your blessings!!

  6. Such beautiful pictures! I hope to have a family and fun times like these one day!
    Praying for your sis, I’m sure that’s scary for the whole family!

  7. I love viewing your blog. Your photos are so magical and inspiring, and you and your husband capture each moment so beautifully, especially the little ones!
    I went to France for the first time a few years ago, and I wish I would have taken better photos like this; I would love to return one day.
    Rosie throwing that cup is so funny (I know for you at the time, it was definitely not funny), did the cup remain intact when it dropped?
    I think you should come out with your own children clothing line. You have such great style, and you dress your kids so cute.



  8. These photos are precious. I love the idea of taking the same photos in the same locations through the years to see how the kids age and change..such a special thing to look back on. That photo of Rosie throwing the cup just made my Monday morning so much better..hilarious!!! xoxo Missy <3


  9. I think I saw that exact same street performer when I was in Paris 4 years ago!! It looks like you had a great trip! 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness, these pics are gorgeous/perfection! Your kids are the cutest!
    Dr. Wines Blog 

  11. Gorgeous photos. Haha I remember seeing the cup throw on your Instagram. I was having a similar day so it felt good knowing that it doesn’t just happen to me sometimes!

    Hope that your sister and her Bub are doing well. My second Bub was in the neonatal intensive care unit for a couple days after birth, so I can only imagine how your sister and her hubby will be feeling. Wish them all the best.

    1. You are too nice!! Thanks so much Hannah!! And yes! I totally agree with you. Paris is amazing 🙂

  12. Is this real life?! These pictures are aaammazing. I’ve been following your blog for a while and this is by far the most beautiful post yet.

  13. Love this post Amber ! So beautiful and such charming pics. Luv the styles, yours and the kiddos… tres tres chic ! They sure are growing f-a-s-t ! Luv your hair style too ! Please do a how to video on it esp how you did when you have it back in the chignon…. so lovely.

    Xo Ellen

    1. Thank you Ellen! So glad you liked the post 🙂 and yes! I need to get some new tutorials up! xo

  14. Your pictures are incredible and I love lists so they are always one of my favourite things to see. It is refreshing to see a list that isn’t just 100% my life is brilliant and actually reflects on what seems to have been a beautiful and special trip for your family. Sending lots of good thoughts to your sister.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  15. Its so cute how french you all look! Dressing like a real french family 😀 I love all your looks and Atticus and Rosie look so cute with their hats 🙂
    I really would love to see a recap of many pictures from places you have been several times with your kids getting older! That would be so nice to see 🙂 Its so crazy how big both of your kids are already! I still remember the instagram picture where you announced that you are pregnant *-*

    Praying for your sister and her baby! Hopefully everything will turn out well <3

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  16. All of these pictures are so amazing! And oh my gosh the one where Rosie is throwing the tea cup is too funny haha! Also, love how you do these list posts! These will be so nice to look back on!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://dailydoseofcharm.com

  17. Loved those photos and the list! Will pray for your sis! My sister told me only a little while ago that she’s expecting her first baby (the first in the family, too!). We’re all super close as sisters (5 of us!) and I know how you must be feeling! xo

    1. How exciting for your sister!! Yay! And thank you! Prayers are so so appreciated 🙂

  18. Praying for your sister and her baby! Praying that her heart would be filled with God’s peace & praying protection over her baby.

    Your pictures from Paris are adorable. 💕

  19. These are the best memories! I was also just in Paris, but I, unfortunately, did not have the best experience, it was so much different than my first time in Paris a few years ago! So because of that, it is so nice seeing those amazing photos and hearing about your amazing time, makes me realize that Paris is still such a great city!

    Xx Hannah

  20. So pretty! Love this post. And I am sorry to hear about your sister. She will be in my prayers I am glad she is getting the helps she needs with modern medicine.

  21. Such beautiful photos! I stayed in Montmartre not too long ago and can’t wait to bring my own kids their one day too. Kudos to Atticus!!!! Woot woot! And sending prayers up for your sister 💕
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  22. Amber, I love your blog so much!!! I just find you so relatable specially all your mommy talk. I found you blog when Atticus was like 3 months old, and I was pregnant with my first. I really enjoy your writing.

    Also, you think you can share some of the tips and strategies you used when potty training. I’m sure some of your readers could use them (me included). Specially moms with the same parenting style.

    Sorry for te long comment.


  23. These pictures are so cute!! Saying prayers for your sister and her little nugget. Hope all goes well and the doctors have wisdom with her situation! 💖

  24. I think Rosie throwing the Tea Cup is my all time favorite, and you holding her while she sleeps. Atticus holding that Eiffel tower is so darn cute. I love this post, everything about it. I hope your sister starts to feel better and will say a prayer that her and the baby make a safe delivery. Much love, as always, Tiffany

  25. Your little ones look like they are having the time of their lives! Thanks for the list of recommendations. I’ll resort back that next time I pass through Paris! Xo, Ellese


  26. I love seeing all your photos from this Europe trip! & sending so much prayers to your sister and her sweet babe! Which sister is it, Jamie or Ashley? Sending so much love. ❤