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1. Orb Bottle Warmer – This thing is killer. We tried another one before this and it sucked so bad. This one heats up so stinking fast and is soo easy to use. Mainly my hubs uses it in the middle of the night to heat up breast milk if I need a break and obviously you don’t want to be waiting around more than a couple minutes so this is FAB.

2. The Little Linen Company Blankets – I love them ALL! The prints are so fun and they fold up super tiny so I love to travel with them.

3. Burt’s Bees Lotion – I forever will use this stuff on all of my babies and the smell will always be sentimental to me! My baby always smells like this, I use it on him after his baths and he smells sooo yummy and clean I could just eat him up.

4. Seventh Generation Diapers – These were a huge game changer for us. Atticus was having blow outs almost EVERY DAY. I know kinda ridiculous but this kids poos are freaking explosive, he deserves some sort of award. We tried going up a size, different brands, everything but nada. Then we used these and now he has one probably once every 8 or 10 ten days which is huge for us! It has this elastic band in back which I think is the trick – but we love em!

5. Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths – Love having these in my diaper bag. I have said a lot how Atticus runs hot and sweats a lot – so when he gets hot in the car I like to wipe his face with these and then blow on him. I also love them for vacations and in the airport when I am feeling like we just need to freshen up.

6. Cake Cotton Candy Nursing Bra – I know I gave this a shoutout in my last Mom Fav’s post but I thought it deserved another shoutout because they are my saving grace. I have soo many of them – I don’t think I could have enough of these.

7. Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets – My friend introduced me to these and they are so so great! I was so nervous to put something in his mouth but they dissolve literally instantly. I just pop a couple under his tongue and we are good to go.

8. Sophie Teething Toy – Sophie is the best thing ever! She really is all she is cracked up to be. Atticus loves her and if she falls out of his hands he starts crying haha don’t take sophie (I totally just typed selfie on accident haha!) from a baby

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  1. I absolutely love your mommy fave posts. These are tremendously helpful. Keep em coming!