my disclaimer:
i am by no means not confident.. in fact sometimes i need to check to make sure my head isnt getting big and i am 100% happy with my body. BUT i believe in being in shape. so when i post about dieting, working out, etc. it is only to maintain a healthy lifestyle im not trying to conform to what is supposed to be “beautiful” or whatever. you are beautiful. you dont need to be skinny to be beautiful.
okay so now that, that has been said..
i started a new goal chart.. everyday i have to drink 7 water bottles and exercise and not eat sugar and stretch! along with other personal goals.. ive been slacking on the sugar part though haha whoops! i just want to be healthy. i want to take care of the body i have been given. i saw some new quotes on my pinterest (wahhh i got pinterest and now im a dang addict.) and every morning i have been telling myself them to motivate me to be healthy and take care of my mind and body:
“yesterday you said tomorrow”
“you can feel SORE tomorrow or you can feel SORRY tomorrow”
“you can’t achieve your goals without DISCIPLINE”
(and my personal fav..)
“what fits your busy schedule best? exercising 1 hour a day or being fat 24 hours a day?”
“yesterday is over. all your slip-ups are forgiven. your score is zero. make it POSITIVE today.”

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  1. seriously dieting during holidays is just impossible!!! and yes im absolutely in love with pinterest! i knew i would be which is why i tried for so long not to get it but i caved and im addicted! so in love!

  2. serrrriously I’m thrilled you got a pinterest. Its the most amazing, inspiring, addictive place everrrr. I’m all about the fitness page. its funny cause I was like yeah I’m not gonna eat sugars, I’m gonna work out.. blah and then I was like shooot halloweens this weekend. haha I’m currently making cookies with my Mom and I’m starting this whole workout diet thing after monday (halloween) haha love ya girl!!!