It keeps getting soo cold in the mornings and nights.. and I thought I would be excited about this. But usually this just means being cold while day dreaming of soaking my feet in hot water (a habit I picked up from one of my best friends, Bree), taking a hot bath, laying in my bed with my heater blanket on high, turning my seat heater on in the car, blasting the heater, etc.
Luckily I have a cruise with my soon to be husband in 2 months. And we just found out we are going to San Diego this weekend to visit David’s sisters and their cute families.. so beyond excited, its stupid. Can’t wait to soak up some sun.. I am already missin it. 🙂 🙂
But back to baths… like (most) girls I love my baths. I take baths quite seriously too… like you see in the movies. I do the whole turn off all the lights. light the candles. use essential oils. bath salts. floating flowers. the whole nine yards.
I am sure any guy would think that hysterical. But if you only tried it you would love it too.
Since winter is coming I can already feel my skin getting so dry…. it makes me sick. I hate dry skin. And I have this problem where my legs and arms get itchy when they are dry. SO I decided to take a milk bath this morning. I had heard about it and seen it in brochures for spas and all that jazz but never knew the purpose behind it… it can be good for a number of things but one of them is dry skin. It is super moisturizing and your skin feels amazing after!! Seriously you have to try it!
2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup corn starch
1/4 cup baking soda
any essential oil mixture
*I doubled the recipe
1. Combine ingredients in a dark bowl (it says to do a dark jar but since I doubled it, it wouldn’t fit, a dark bowl worked fine) and wisk ingredients together until there are no bumps. (if you used a jar it says to put cap on and shake until bumps are gone)
2. Add essential oils. I used about 15 drops total (I did 10 drops lavender 5 drops lemon).. you can do more or less, it wont make a difference! If you used a bowl you will now cover it in foil. If you used a jar, keep the lid on.
3. Put in a cool dark place for roughly 24 hours.
4. Fill up bath about 3/4 of the way you usually do and add mixture!
Seriously, this was amazing. Usually when I get out of the bath my skin feels really tight and dry, but it feels silky and smooth after this!

Photos from Milk Bath


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  1. This might be a silly question, but when you say a cool dark place, how “cool” are we talking? Just room temp? or between room temp and fridge temp? Thanks!

  2. this does sound great! my skin is so dry right now that i have been taking oatmeal baths. not quite as luxurious as the milk bath sounds, but anything to soothe dry, itchy skin!

  3. Cows milk is so gross lol I avoid it in all forms.
    Have fun in San Diego! It’s supposed to be in the 80s this weekend so you’ll get your sunshine!

  4. Bath time is a serious ritual that you shouldn’t mess with. Maybe that’s carried on from childhood? Hmm…Anyways, this sounds like the perfect solution to preventing dry skin for the winter.

  5. mmm sounds amazing for some ‘me time’ i need to do this!!!!! and yeah i totally know what you mean my skin is so dry too now! boo 🙁

  6. Have fun in San Diego! That’s where I’m from! Hopefully you’ll miss the “rain” that is supposed to come on Thursday..but really…when does it ever rain here lol