We shot these up in Strawberry, Arizona and when we were there we were all eating pizza and someone rolled up in this cool car. We all noted that it was a pretty rad car and then kept eating. Well then the guy came up to us and said he heard we were up there doing shoots (it is a VERY small town so I guess word travels fast lol) and he said he brought his car over in case we wanted to use it for pics! Haha it was soo sweet! Everyone in that town was just so nice. Anyways he owns Old County Inn which is a pizza joint there and SO good.. so if you are ever in Strawberry you know where to go. The chances of any of you being there though are probably very small haha.

We are filming some fun content for Barefoot Blonde Hair today and working on some projects. Yesterday the kids and I went to the Natural History Museum with friends and it was so fun.. I was impressed with the museum (I thought it was going to be tiny!) and then we did some dinosaur crafts. Atticus had show and tell today at school and he was so excited to take his little toy snake. But its a “nice snake” he says..  so you don’t need to be scared 😉 he is so cute.

I love anything military style — this free people jacket comes in 3 colors and they are all pretty rad.

Have a good day!

Photos by Michelle Herrick

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  1. Wow Amber you can seriously style anything! This reminds me of Regina George wearing army pants and flip flops and how everyone else will wear it too.


  2. Hi Amber,

    Just wanted to let you know that the link for the military jacket is actually a link to a black ASOS jersey jumpsuit. Other than that, I loved these pictures and how awesome that you got offered this car to shoot in! Have a lovely day. xo

  3. Loving this green jacket..I actually JUST bought it in red but now I’m thinking I want the green one haha!!!! Thats also like the nicest thing ever for the guy to just bring his car over for you..makes me want to live in a small town!! xoxo


  4. Amber,
    That’s an amazing story! Yes, Old County Inn is a gem, but the town is Pine, AZ. Strawberry is 10 miles away. We drive up monthly from Mesa to eat there and stay in Payson. I think they have the best pizza in Arizona and charm! The owners are amazing:) Love the car.

  5. Oh my gosh! My mom used to take me to strawberry a lot as a kid! We live in AZ too. I wonder of I’ve ever been there and didn’t realize it. I do loveee pizza lol.

  6. I live in AZ too! Strawberry is such a cute place. And that is pretty rad people knew you were there?! High five for being that cool.

  7. That military style jacket is so cool! I love all the fun details! And it was so nice of that man to bring over his car for you to shoot. I love small towns where people are so nice and welcoming.


  8. I see natural beauty here. Nice proportions of facial features and body shape and dimensions, with that often appealing braided blonde look, lol! In my opinion, quite appealing but out of reach type, so I don’t sweat it. Move on I tell myself and then it’s rather effortless. That’s why I generally don’t do double takes, no matter how stunningly and femininely gorgeous she may be. Works for me!

  9. LOVE the jacket and the car, Amber!! The red and green make for some pretty shots. Also PS, the link to the jacket is to a jumpsuit (also really freakin cute lol) but could you put the correct one up? Thanks!