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DRESS: More of Me Maternity // LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heat Wave’ // HEELS: Alice + Olivia

I wanted to do a quick post and share some pics from Chicago since a lot of you were asking about this dress! It is from More of Me Maternity and don’t ask why my bump looks so pointy! Haha baby must have been sitting a little weird that day 🙂 But anyways, I wore it to the brunch that I co-hosted with Cara and Janet in Chicago and it was so much fun so I wanted to thank them for inviting me to come out! It was so fun to meet a lot of you beautiful girls too!

Mia Bossi sponsored the event and they have some pretty amazing diaper bags, I am sure you guys have seen lots of celebs sporting them. I am super excited to use mine and literally packed it up a long time ago just because I was so excited haha. I just couldn’t wait to fill those pockets with bottles and all that fun stuff.. even though I know I will probably be taking it all out I just had to. But if you are in need of a diaper bag you should for sure check them out!

Anyways, thanks to Mia Bossi for having me, such an honor! xo

Photos from Mia Bossi Brunch


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  1. Great dress! So I’m wondering if you could share how you get your hair like it is styled here? It looks great here and in your maternity pics and well, every other time it looks like this too! It looks too imperfect to be a curling iron, but too nice to be a braid…help! Would love some instruction or a tutorial!!! Thanks and good luck with the soon to be here babes!