Barefoot Blonde Clark Family Chistmas cardBarefoot Blonde Atticus and Rosie on the taxi

Barefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie taxi shoot
Barefoot Blonde David and Rosie taxi shoot
taxi-142Barefoot Blonde Merry ChrsitmasBarefoot Blonde Merry ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Rosie out the taxi windowBarefoot Blonde Atticus in a taxi
Barefoot Blonde Sequin pants
Barefoot Bonde Vintage Taxi
Barefoot Blonde Merry ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Merry ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Rosie driving Taxi
Barefoot Blonde Merry Christmas
Barefoot Blonde Rosie on the back of the taxi
Barefoot Blonde Merry ChristmasBarefoot Blonde Merry Christmas taxiBarefoot Blonde Merry ChristmasBarefoot Blonde we love you NYCBarefoot Blonde Rosie in rear view mirrorBarefoot Blonde Kids in taxi windows

SWEATER: Equipment / SEQUIN PANTS: French Connection (old similar here) / SHOES: Who What Wear

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Such a special time of year and every year it gets more magical with our sweet kiddos. I hope you all get to relax and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

This year we moved from New York City but wanted to take our Christmas card photos there since it will always be a city we hold close to our hearts! We have a lot of fun and special memories there. Our Christmas video we filmed last year in NYC still makes me cry! This year we will be in Hawaii and we are excited for all of the fun traditions we have been doing with the kids. And excited to experience a Hawaiian Christmas.

Have the best weekend everyone!!! Merry Christmas!


Photos by my talented friend Stephanie Sunderland

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  1. Some of the cutest family Christmas pictures I’ve ever seen. Cherish those NYC memories!! Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas. Our family’s was definitely unforgettable… our little baby boy finally arrived on Christmas Day!

  2. Delightful Christmas post ! Luv everything about this ! 🙂 Charming & picturesque , & quintessentially NYC . 🙂

  3. This is such a good idea, taking picture with a cab before leaving NY! I love your sequin pants they are gorgeous They fit you so well as well as your heels and jumper !!! I just love your outfit!! ??

  4. This might be my most favorite Holiday card ever! You and David are so artistic! What a great way to say good-bye to NYC. You remind me of my daughters. Happy adventures!

  5. Hope you and your family had an amazing Christmas in Hawaii!! These photos are absolutely adorable!! You have the picture perfect family! Viewing your blog and photos always puts a smile on my face 🙂


  6. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful year with the whole family and I wish you the best! You are such a positive person and a big inspiration for me always!

    I blog daily from LA. For more travel and fashion if you check out my blog, it would mean a lot to me x

  7. Hi Amber! Amazing pictures! I’m curious to know, what foundation are you using in these pics? You’re makeup looks flawless! 🙂

  8. I’ve enjoyed following your posts for the past year or so and I wish you and your beautiful family a merry christmas!

  9. Great pics. Where is Chauncey staying while you guys are in Hawaii?
    Merry Christmas

  10. These are soo cute!! Moving can be hard but it’s so fun to see your new adventures!

    1. Thanks so much Denise!! And yes definitely! We are making the most of it all 🙂

  11. Sooo sweet! Love how A’s hair is getting longer! He has gorgeous hair just like his mama 😉 and Rosie’s little pigtails are adorable! Merry Christmas!

  12. I love that you incorporated a vintage taxi into your family Christmas card. =D Such a sweet photoshoot. What company did you rent that taxi from?

  13. These photos were the sweetest ever! You all look so happy and cheerful 🙂 Such a fun and creative shoot, love your outfit! Merry Christmas Eve, have an amazing weekend!

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  14. In LOVE with these! I’ll take one! ???
    This is such a great way to say goodbye to NYC.. and so bittersweet.?
    So so excited to where life will take you guys this upcoming year! Many wishes and blessings to you Clarks! We love you! ❤️

  15. Where do you rent a vintage taxi from? Love this so much! Also where are those sequin pants from??

  16. This is the cutest photo shoot ever! I feel like I couldn’t pull off the sequin pants but they’re SO cute on you!

  17. I’ve been waiting to see these and they were everything I hoped and dreamed of haha! I must say when I found out that your babysitter from NYC was moving to Hawaii with you all to become your nanny my heart was crushed for someone else got to have my dream come true hahah! Anyways.. these photos are all so precious and I’m sure you’ll love to look back on these in years to come! I miss you guys on Snapchat!! Come back!! Merry Christmas to you all! You’re such an inspiration to me 🙂

  18. These pictures are so gorgeous, like I always say, you have such a beautiful family!
    xxxxx Isobel

  19. I love these Christmas photos!!!!! Especially since they are taken in New York!! INew York reminds me of you guys!! Merry Christmas ❤️

  20. Ahh, these photos are the cutest EVER! Love the taxi cab and garland hanging off the back bumper…And that photo of Rosie in the mirror is just darling! It’s so great you have these special memories of NYC, and many more memories to come in Hawaii. I hope you all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas! xo


  21. Amber I’m so glad y’all did this! Merry Christmas to your adorable family!

  22. This is literally the cutest thing ever, my heart is melting! I love the shots through the back window of the cab, so adorable

    xo, Charlotte

  23. These pics are great!! Best Christmas photo shoot I’ve seen in a while! The kids faces though, in the one where you guys are kissing them is PRICELESS!! They are beyond adorable. Enjoy Christmas in Hawaii ❤️

  24. Merry Christmas Amber to you and your family!!! What breathtakingly beautiful photos (and of course the people in them)! Just looking at these made my heart swell up. All the best to you and yours always xoxo

  25. Que família linda a sua Amber, amei as fotos, ficaram lindas! Feliz Natal!

    What a beautiful family your Amber, I loved the photos, they were beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  26. We love you Clarks ❤❤❤. Beautiful. Maybe one of the best photoshoot this years. Just love it…and the kids are sooo sweet. Unreal how beautiful you all are ( inside and out ) . Wish you happy holidays from far Serbia.

  27. I have been so looking forward to seeing these ever since your snapchats! ❤️ You have such a beautiful family, and I want to say thank you for sharing your life with all of us! It’s such a blast to tag along on all of your special adventures. Merry Christmas from NM! ?