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Our girl is finally here!!!! Frankie Jane Clark – and I wanted to do a little post to introduce her! It was so much fun having the gender be a surprise because it made the whole experience that much more special! I had several dreams that I gave birth and they held the baby up and said “its a girl!” (and with all the dreams right after I freaked out and kept saying how it was too early to have the baby and asked if we could put her back in haha!) so that made me think I was having a girl. BUT everyone on insta kept saying I was having a boy – like I would get dm’s saying “You’re having a boy.” .. like literally just that. And it got to the point where so many people sounded SO sure that I thought an ultrasound tech in the office I go to had told someone what I was having and it got out! So I was really torn between girl and boy and really just tried not to think about it too much because I didn’t want to get attached to either gender. So I was very surprised when I saw it was a girl. 🙂

*If you are at all a “TMI” person don’t keep reading 🙂

As I have mentioned before – I got induced on my due date with Atticus because I wasn’t showing signs of labor and he was measuring so big (he was 9lb 5oz) so they induced me at 39 weeks with Rosie. I was expecting to get induced at 39 weeks with this one too but the induction list was so long it didn’t happen. I was fully expecting to go over my due date so on Sunday (the 17th) David went to take the kids to drop off a gift to one of his friends and I headed to my moms house and David was going to meet me there. I was driving and listening to an audiobook when the audio stopped and I thought it was the bluetooth connection so didn’t look down at my phone but it went on a little long so at a red light I looked down and saw BANNER HOSPITAL calling and picked it up (must have been on the last ring) and they asked how soon I could get to the hospital because they had an opening! I went straight there and walked in barefoot because I didn’t have shoes with me – which seemed so fitting.

I got there around 4:45pm ish and got in my room and started the whole process! David came as soon as he could after I called and around the time he got there we started my pitocin and getting things going. I was at a 3 when I got there (which I had been dilated to a 3 for a couple weeks) and the pitocin got me to 5cm but I stayed there for about 10 or so hours until finally they decided to break my water (I first wanted it to break naturally but it wasn’t) and as soon as they broke my water I was dilating FAST. At one point I could feel her coming out and called the nurses in and said “I can feel her head” because when I could feel her coming out, since I was numb I felt to make sure a head wasn’t poking out and could literally feel her head. So they came in and after 2 pushes she was out! It was amazing and I was super calm and the room felt really peaceful. We recorded the birth just on a little camera that we propped on a table and I have listened to the audio back about 100 times – it was SO special and I love hearing her cry, David’s reactions, and the doctor saying it was a girl ahh gives me chills!

I had her around 6am on February 18th which as I have mentioned is crazy because Atticus was born June 18th and Rosie November 18th! But later that afternoon my mom brought the kids to come meet there sibling! It was the best day ever and such and incredible moment seeing their excited faces. After they left and went back to my moms David and I couldn’t stop saying how happy we were and how that was the best moment ever, our first moments as a family of 5 all together!

Frankie has been such a chill baby and we have had SO much fun snuggling non stop. We have been taking it easy and just having really slow days at home and soaking it all in which is exactly what I want (she is snoozing on me as I write this!) She is a really mellow baby and has been a good sleeper and lets me get plenty of sleep which is so nice. I think she will take after her brother and sister in the sleeping category – they were both great sleepers too. The first thing I noticed as soon as they handed her to me was her two dimples – I could see them instantly and was so happy because I absolutely love dimples. She also looks a lot like her siblings and I often look at her and feel like I am having deja vu from holding Rosie as a newborn! Another thing about her is that she takes a binky and bottle which neither of our kids before did! I nurse 95% of the time but really wanted her to take a bottle so if I need to run into work for a meeting David can still feed her. I found it to be really difficult with my others exclusively breastfeeding and working at the same time. I found myself literally running through streets of NYC to get home after a meeting or shoot or something with pure anxiety – stressing that I had been gone too long. So really happy that she also is down for a bottle 🙂 also who knew binkies make life so much easier!?!?!?! Actually I did know that except in the past I was always the binkie haha.

Anyways we are just on cloud nine with her and constantly obsessing over every little noise she makes and pretty much anything she does. We love her so so so much and she is really lucky to have two siblings who adore her. Atticus has said sooo many times how he now has “TWO sisters that he has to protect” haha its so cute hearing all the sweet things they say to her and also catching them bragging to others about their new sister 😉 so so sweet.

Thank you so much for all of your sweet messages and congratulations not only with the birth but throughout my pregnancy! This was my hardest pregnancy for sure. especially the first trimester and the last week I was sooo not myself and it really meant so much to me to see your nice comments and dm’s, so thank you so much for making me smile in moments I was feeling off. 🙂


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  1. Just found out I was having a little girl today, and I’m so excited 😆💗 I have been following you for awhile and your girls are the cutest! Where did you get that darling swaddle from with all the cool suns on it? I’m swooning over it! Xoxo much love Marley

  2. Can’t believe I missed this! You are looking so gorgeous, and as for Frankie — adorable! I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant after TTC for a while and you make me want to not find out the gender!! I must ask, though, what did you do for clothes? It shouldn’t be, but it’s my main concern for now aha. Congrats anyways!!

  3. Congrats from Lucerne in Switzerland ♥️
    I’m follow you about 2 years. So cute to see you now so happy together….wish you all the best 🍀

  4. Congrats from Lucerne in Switzerland ♥️
    I’m follow you about 2 years…so cute to see you finally on 5! Wish you all the best!

  5. loved this.

    may i ask where your pretty robe and bra is from? i’m due anytime and those are perfect for the hospital!

  6. Ok not only is Frankie so adorable but your entire family is just beautiful. These photos are so special and the love you all have for each other shines through. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the world, baby Frankie!

  7. I am Turkih People, she is soo beautiful. YOU ARE VERY NİCE FAMİLY, TEBRİK EDERŞM

    1. She was 8lb 12oz and 21 inches long! I totally thought I had put that whoops!!!

  8. Oh my god. The cutest cutest cutest thing ever. I have baby fever x 109!!!! Send help. So happy for you !!! Frankie is the cutest name and fits so perfectly.

  9. So sweet!! Loved reading about her birth & love following along on Instagram!!
    — Rachel |

  10. Amber you have such a beautiful family. Frankie is so precious! I am a new mom of a beautiful girl with a 5 months old. She was an ivf baby. Needless to say I love following your Instagram and reading your posts on all things kids, motherhood, and beauty. P.s. your post on the snuggle me convinced me to go buy one for my girl lol 😂 early Easter gift for her and me so we can get some sleep. Best wishes to your family and your new bundle of joy 🙂

    1. AW!! Congrats!!!!! How exciting!!! IVF babies are sooooo special, that is amazing! I love hearing those success stories and love that women share them, so many of my friends are going through that and I love knowing they have other women’s stories to hear and find comfort in! And okay you will LOVE your snuggle me – I ended up buying another so I could have one upstairs and one downstairs because I use it all the time and was always leaving it upstairs and #lazy haha but seriously you will love it!

  11. I’m sorry but are you that full of yourself that you think a tech would give out your baby’s gender? You’re not a celebrity. Plus health are is very strict on HIPAA law which would protect your medical information from just being released.

    1. Well, obviously that wouldn’t happen. It was my way of saying that I was so confused how so many people were so “positive” I was having a boy. And gossip spreads for anyone, not just celebs my dear 😉 its called word of mouth and that is not exclusive to celebrities.

      1. I realize that, sadly, you are used to the kind of comments that “Lucy” made, but it made me so sad to read it! In absolutely no way did your story make it seem like you feel self-important or have an inflated ego. It was just such an unkind and unnecessary message that I couldn’t let it go without commenting. I’m sorry that your job requires you to be exposed to the comments of unhappy people. I’m sure you already know that only people who are not happy with themselves say unkind things to others, but I remind my kids of this often and wanted to reiterate that to you too!! Take care of you and your precious babes 🙂

  12. I just can’t get over her cheeks and dimples!! She is such a doll baby, congratulations!!

  13. Those photos are so beautiful Amber I hope you hang one up in your house looks so magical. Was at the hospital yesterday and all I wanted to do was visit the babies having serious baby feels at the moment and love watching your stories with Frankie. This is an odd request but please tell me you have some Mini Rodini for her to wear it would be so cute to see all your kids in matching Mini Rodini 🙈.

    1. Thank you Abi!!! And I love Mini Rodini! I have a couple onesies that Rosie wore that are Mini Rodini and I can’t wait til Frankie grows into them!

  14. AHHH so amazing! Congratulations on such a beautiful addition to your amazing family! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I die over the photo of Rosie & Atticus looking into Frankie’s little plastic basinet! BEYOND precious!! Sending love!
    -Madi xo |

  15. So sweet! Thanks for sharing! What color eyes does she and the others have? 🙂

  16. Congratulations!!! Beautiful birth story and such a beautiful family!💕💕💕

  17. Congratulations!! I’m due in four months. This will be my first baby. It’s a girl too! You’ve made me really excited to have her. I was in tears looking at your pictures. It’s a beautiful thing.

  18. Amber, she’s absolutely luscious. Thank you for sharing this sweet birth story!

  19. She’s so beautiful ☺️ Incredibly happy for you and your family

  20. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with us! You must be such a proud mama and Frankie is just adorable! All the best for your family of five – can’t wait to see Frankie grow!

  21. Such a great birth story! She’s a doll- congratulations to you and your family!

  22. She’s fantastic! Congrats Amber and family


  23. Such a sweet story! How much did Frankie weigh at birth?! Xoxoxo

  24. Congratulations to you and your family😊 She is beautiful, just like her siblings! So happy for you all.

  25. Congratulations to you and your family 🙂 I was tearing up when I saw your insta post revealing the birth and the baby’s gender.. such an amazing moment! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family all the best

  26. The sweetest picture i have is of my 3rd holding my 4th for the first time. He was a 1 1/2 and he looked up with this look of pure joy. Best thing ever😊

  27. Congratulations! She is beautiful and a chunk- those cheeks are amazing!
    That’s how I was with my 2nd pregnancy- they called and said you can come a week early and I was there the next morning ready to go!
    Enjoy the time, the snuggles, and the sleep 🙂

  28. Amber ❤️ So happy for you! I have the same boy first and then two girls. So happy Rosie has a sister. Me and my girls follow you and just adore you..Congratulations on your beautiful family!

  29. Love this so much! I’ve been following you for quite some time now and you and your sweet fam are what I keep coming back for. It’s the most genuine and precious thing. Congratulations on your sweet girl!

  30. Beautiful email! Gorgeous pics (thank you so much for sharing!). Adorable Frankie! Exquisite mommy! Fabulous family! Love 💕 & CONGRATULATIONS!

  31. The picture of Rosie looking down at her made me tear up! I can’t imagine how you feel. Congratulations on a beautiful healthy baby! So happy for you <3

  32. Oh Amber, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I am so happy that it all went so smoothly for you and that she is a good sleeper and lets you get plenty of sleep. That is what was the hardest for me – my daughter didn’t want to sleep anywhere but in my arms and for very short stretches of time (minutes) the first 14 days and it was the most challenging time for me as a new mother. Your family is beautiful and the new addition is just perfect. Wishing you all lots of health and happiness. XOXO M

  33. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl, story, and name; however, I thought I was the only one that drives barefoot. 🖤

  34. Congratulations, Amber! You are a lovely family!!! Lucky you and all the best!

    1. Congratulations!! Beautiful birth story 😘😘
      Thanks for sharing!