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I can finally share my exciting news with you!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I have always had a serious case of the travel bug. I’ve traveled to twenty-nine countries (crazy) , and I’ve documented so many of them on this blog. Traveling is so special, but there is no better feeling than coming home.

Home for me is Arizona. Though traveling the world has been a dream, home reminds me of all the simple little things that make life so meaningful, from soaking up the sun in the pool with my kids, desert hikes with David and a relaxing Sunday night soak in my bathtub. Home helps me stay grounded and value the time I have with the people that mean the most to me. I wanted to share a piece of my home with you.

Meet dae, my new haircare line inspired by Arizona. Our products encompass the many aspects that make Arizona unique, including the scent of orange blossoms in the air (my favorite scent in the entire world), the colors of majestic sunsets and nourishing ingredients derived from desert botanicals.

The name stands for Dawn, Afternoon and Evening (my clues from my previous blog posts.) The name is inspired by the sun’s daily rhythm, during these times of the day the sun rises, shines bright and sets. These moments happen daily and are so so beautiful to see when we take the time to appreciate them. That is how I feel about everyday life, the simple little moments that we sometimes take for granted, they can be the most beautiful moments. 

I wanted to celebrate everyday life’s little moments by creating simple and effective hair products that can easily fit into your every-dae routine. I hope dae allows you to feel the warmth of the desert wherever you are.

We are launching our first three products a shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning treatment on January 28. I will be posting more about dae on my blog in the upcoming weeks, but to follow our journey you can visit our instagram here and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our products are available to shop. 

This is a dream come true and I am so excited to share this with you. Can’t wait to share more!!


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  1. I’ve used the product for a few weeks now. I love the refreshing clean scent of orange. My hair has been soft and full. I still use my curl enhancing cream but combined with the dae products, It works great together! I even had a random compliment on my hair since I’ve been using the dae products.
    Genius on the shape of the bottles they fit Perfect on my shower shelf!
    Cheers to healthy hydrated hair!
    Maybe in the future consider a conditioner without alcohol as the first main ingredient for the naturally curly hair user!

  2. Great Post! I love how you made the product with Arizona in mind, such a unique and personal touch. I’m from New Jersey and I still want to purchase! Congrats on this amazing accomplishment. I just started my own blog if you ever have the time to check it out. Now I’m going to go binge read some posts!

  3. I tried the products tonight! Absolutely love the smell of them! My hair feels light and wonderful! I am so happy to have amazing hair products. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you!

  4. Are you going to describe what the shampoo ingredients are, how they’re going to benefit hair, what hair types it’s good for…etc.? I’ve been following on insta but it seems like you just launched it based on aesthetics? The inspiration and packaging is really all that seems to have been discussed. Since you’ve worked with so many different types of hair products it would be useful to understand where your products fall in line.


  5. These products are beautiful! I’m so excited to try them!🍊🌵✨