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The last few months I have been eating so bad and I am definitely feeling it in my mood and energy so David and I are giving meal prepping a go for the New Year! Here’s what we are doing for our first week of meal planning and we’d love to hear about any meal prepping meals you love! If you don’t know what meal prepping is, you basically start on Sunday and make big portions of everything at once and then divide it all out into tupperware or meal prep containers like what we are using in the post. This week for lunch we made chicken cauliflower fried rice, steamed carrots, squash, and an apple arugula salad. Breakfasts have been quick things like avocado toast or parfaits with Greek yogurt, granola, and berries. We haven’t started meal prepping dinners yet because I am trying to ease into this process so I don’t get crazy overwhelmed, haha. At the start of the week we also made a really big bowl of fruit salad, cucumber, turkey & hummus sandwiches, and celery and peanut butter sticks so we can have healthy snacks on hand. I like this because it’s not about calorie counting or anything like that, but I get to eat healthy and focus on portion control so I feel better and have more energy. If I am craving sugar, I have some chocolate covered peanuts or an Otter Pop or something, I haven’t cut out sugar and don’t want to make myself feel bad if I have it… but definitely trying hard to limit it as much as possible.

I will talk about my work out routine I have been doing to get back in shape in a later post but David committed to working out with me every day so I can stay motivated. He is really good about working out 5-to-6 days a week and I know if I work out with him I won’t try to cheat and end my work out early. 😉 However, in preparation of working out, I got these great new E​XP CORE​ gear. I love having cute w​ork out clothes ​that flatter my body to motivate me to want to get up and do it. I have found that if I put work out clothes on after A goes to bed then I know at some point I will work out because I can’t use the excuse of not wanting to go change. 😉

Let me know if any of you have meal prepping ideas for David and I to try! Will definitely blog about any we try and love.

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  1. Love it!!! Can we have your workout post now hahaha 🙂 No rush I just love your posts and find them so motivating.

  2. I’ve been meal prepping for me and my husband for about 2 years now and it’s fantastic! One thing that has helped me with dinner is that I make 2 dinners for the week and put each into it’s own Pyrex container. It allows us to choose what we want, when we want it without being stuck with either only one option to choose from or too many options which almost always leads to wasted food. Plus, it saves space with all of the breakfast & lunch containers in the refrigerator for the week. I work out 5 days a week for about 2 hours/day and I plan my meals and snacks out based on my workout schedule. It really helps in that if I know I are going to be doing more of a particular routine (ex: Mondays = weight lifting, Tuesdays = upper body + cardio), then I know that I will need to drink more water throughout the day, and eat more healthy protein and green leafy veggies for good energy and ability to complete the workout successfully.

  3. My husband is not so into the healthy breakfast stuff i eat, so every Sunday evening, while i am cooking dinner, I will make him a breakfast casserole for the week ahead. Each morning he will cut a piece, heat it up in the toaster oven and have a good (somewhat healthy, shhh) breakfast that will hold him over til lunch. Plus, this helps him gain a little bit of weight without me having to stare at food i shouldn’t have at dinner time. Pinterest is an amazing help for finding recipes.


  4. Meal prepping is a really good idea! Thank you for always inspiring me! Lots of love, Sanne.

  5. Hi Amber! I don’t know if you’ve already answered this, but where did u get your little prep table/island? We have a small kitchen and something like that would work perfect for us. Thanks!

  6. Your plans sound great! I love the meal containers you linked. Have you found a lunchbox that these fit in? I don’t remember if your husband leaves for work or not.
    I would love to use these containers for my husbands lunches but need a good insulated bag for them to fit in. ☺️
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much!! And I haven’t looked for a lunch box yet, so you will have to let me know if you find a good one 🙂 Glad you liked the post!

    1. Definitely try it out!! We are loving it 🙂 It will be a fresh start in your new place! How exciting!

  7. Meal prep (for dinner )that we like is to make double or triple of an easily frozen meal. Meat balls and roasted veggies, chicken and veg enchiladas, baked ziti with kale. Wrap it up tight, labor and freeze. We do this twice every couple weeks so we know everyweek we have at least one healthy meal done, just need to heat up! ( which takes about an extra 1-1.5 hours but that’s easy in the oven!)

  8. Love this post! Can you share your recipe for the chicken cauliflower rice?

  9. Hi Amber! I absolutely love your blog and really enjoy keeping up with all the fun things you do with your family as well as your awesome hair, beauty and fashion tips.
    I am a personal trainer and make up artist but I’m primarily a stay at home mom to my daughter Claudia who turned 1 Saturday! I’ve learned a lot from reading your blog and want to share with you in return???? I don’t know any moms that aren’t busy, so planning ahead and meal prepping is essential to eating healthy and feeling good and looking good for that matter. It sounds like you’re off to a great start with the meal prepping but get dinner in the mix as soon as you can. I love crockpot meals for this time of year and I always make a lot so I can have plenty of leftovers for lunch the following day or I’ll freeze them and enjoy another week. This week I made meatballs and rojo pollo, both crock pot meals as well as spaghetti squash pie. Check out my blog for the recipes!

  10. I love the post!! Do you like to cook?
    You have to come to Argentina you will love it

    1. Thank you!! And yes I do! 🙂 And I would love to visit Argentina one day!!

  11. Hi Amber, loved the post. Could you tell me where you got your cute kitchen island? It’s perfect for what my husband and I are looking for! Thanks. ????

    1. Thanks so much Katie!! So glad you liked the post 🙂 And it is from IKEA!

  12. Oh woman, you are so inspiring 😉 i think i need to go grocery shopping tomorrow 😀

  13. OMG love the blog! The fitness gear is adorable, quick question though… It says the capris you have on are polyester, and for whatever reason polyester is just uncomfortable to me, I typically stick with brands like Airabella Active who use Nylon, because it seems soooo much softer. How is the compression, and are they thick enough that they’re “squat proof”? Haha weird question I know, but I had to ask… They are darling!

    1. Thanks so much!! They have the cutest fitness pieces huh?! And I know exactly what you mean!! They’re definitely thick enough 🙂

  14. Where did you get those cute boxes, those would be great for making meals for my husband to take to work or just grab out of the fridge when he’s hungry.

    1. The containers are linked above 🙂 I got them on Amazon! Thanks for reading!!

  15. I love to cut up sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts & roast in the oven @ 375 for 35-40 minutes to throw in with my eggs in the morning! I also cut up bell peppers & tomatoes & spinach to put in as well!

  16. Oh my gosh that is totally how I was feeling after the holidays! Meal prepping always helps me make healthy choices. Cheers to your new healthy routine! [And that braid Girl! LOVE IT!]

    1. I know huh?! It was time for a change and we are loving it! Thanks for reading Amy! 🙂

  17. Hi Amber!
    Can you please make a video tutorial of meal prepping? It would be so helpful for me… Thank you so much! A big kiss to your beautiful children 🙂

  18. I love meal prepping! One thing I find that’s easy to do is for smoothies. I have ziplock bags in the freezer of fruit and veggies already measured out and together so all I have to do is grab a bag, empty it into the blender and add whatever juice/milk/yogurt and it’s done! 🙂

    1. We are loving it so far too!! And oh I love that idea!! Thanks so much!! yay!

  19. Hey Amber, after this, you put your containers in the fridge? How you warm up the food? I’m from Romania, Europe. Thank you for your reply.

    1. Hi love!! You can warm up the food in the containers themselves 🙂 If there is a salad or something that stays cold you can warm the other items separately on a plate or something.

  20. We’ve been doing meal prep on and off for the past two months, and it’s been awesome! We have so much time for other things after work! This is by far our favorite recipe. This takes 40 minutes from start to cleanup!
    There’s a lot more on my Meals Tried and Yummy Pinterest page. 🙂 Also most of our recent recipes have come from a blog called Damn Delicious. She’s seriously the best, and she has tons of one-pot meals and easy recipes!

    1. Awesome!! I love hearing that!! 🙂 I will definitely check out that recipe!! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the tips!! xo

  21. I’ve started the past 3 days eating candy and junk food, but your meal prep is making me reconsider my sugar intake…But seriously I think it’ll be a lot easier to change my eating habits slowly rather than ditching all the sweets!
    xoxo hails

    1. I hear ya!! There’s no way I could go cold turkey on sweets haha hopefully I can stick this out and slowly eliminate them!! 😉

    1. Okay yum!! That is amazing! We love making homemade noodles so I think I need that now haha 🙂

  22. You are awesome! All of my friends and I love reading and watching you! We are taking a photography class in school and look to you and David for inspiration! WE LOVE YOUR PICTURES!! I had a random question, what is the name of your nail polish color? It is so cute and I have been dying to know!!

    1. Aww thank you doll!! I love hearing that you and your friends follow along 🙂 it makes me so happy!! Tell your friends hi for me!!! And good luck with your photography class! xoxo
      I don’t know the color because I got them done at the nail salon… but I think it may have been Essie!

  23. oh, my gosh the changing after Atticus goes to bed thing makes so much sense to me! I don’t have kids, but for some reason since beginning to wear garments changing into my work out clothes seems to be a pain, and I make up excuses all the time so I have found if I change before I take my husband to work I am way more likely to get to the gym haha! so glad I’m not the only one with the struggle of not wanting to change!!:)

    1. It helps soo much huh?! If I am already in my workout clothes then I find myself more willing to go haha! Sounds like you have a system down. Keep it up!! xo

    1. Thank you!! You can always start smaller by just prepping snacks or something 🙂

    1. Thank you!! So glad you like it! And ooo I will have to check out your post! I love her 🙂

  24. Oh so cute! I think the one difficult part might be eating the same thing all week when a large portion is made on Sunday because we crave different nutrients. I find it really helpful to have things like baked sweet potatoes, homemade vegetable soup, etc. around that can be heated quickly for a nice meal or snack after a workout. I’m thinking of growing my own vegetables. Something about growing plants – nothing quite like it 🙂
    Here are some of my favorites:
    I hope you feel better 🙂

    1. Thank you!! And I totally agree!! It can be hard! But if I eat different things for breakfast and lunch, I don’t mind it too much 🙂 I would love to grow some plants!! If only I could have a huge garden haha 😉 Thanks for sharing the link! Can’t wait to check it out!! xo

  25. Hi Amber,
    I was wondering where your kitchen island is from?

  26. Hi Amber,
    I was wondering where your kitchen island is from?
    Victoria 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! And yeah! I never had before either!! But it makes it so much easier for us as a family to eat healthy. Hopefully I can keep it up 🙂

  27. I meal prep for my lunch and snacks to take to work. A crockpot of veggie soup is my favorite right now! Another favorite is a veggie quinoa salad with lemon Dijon dressing. Easy and yummy. I also make a batch of these no bake peanut butter balls (sometimes I use almond butter) and keep them in the fridge. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and hope to keep this up when our baby girl is here.

    1. Love it!! Thanks so much for the suggestions! They sound soo good!! Especially the no bake balls yum! Thank you for the inspiration and congrats on your pregnancy!! So exciting 🙂 xoxo

  28. Gorgeous as always!!! Love the exercise gear, definitely going to check these pieces out!! 🙂
    I’ve also started meal prepping, just not as intense as yours! Love it though, thanks for sharing it with us!


    1. Thank you love!! Cute work out clothes definitely inspire me to get into shape 😉 And yay! Keep it up!! We can do it together!! xo

  29. Meal prepping take so much time, but is so convenient to have on hand!
    Especially when you are hangry (lol).
    I love making a fruit salad, but only cutting the bananas each time I serve myself (keeps them fresher)!

    – xo

    1. Totally!! But I find I have the time on Sundays and then I don’t have it throughout the week so it works for us 🙂 I totally get hangry haha!!

  30. I am such a bad cook, but I have been trying to eat healthy because I work early early in the morning and need more energy. I don’t have any meal prepping ideas but I am inspired to start trying to cook.

    1. Yes!! Meal prepping would be perfect for you with your busy schedule!! I am not a great cook either but I love learning new recipes so it makes it fun 🙂 Let me know if you try meal prepping!! xo

  31. Wow! You look gorgeous!!! I wish I look that good while I was cooking! Ha! There was a class that I had gone to and you pay for a week of meals and cook it there and they had provided some fantastic receipes but it was rather costly. I said hmmmmmm I can this this myself for half the price and I did for a while a got lazy! Ugh!! But you inspired me to get back in the game!!! You are amazing!!!!
    Would you be so kind to share the apple arugula salad and the breakfast receipe and ok the chicken cauliflower fried rice one too? Thank you so much!!! They look and sound soooo yummy!!!! Love the kitchen!!!! As always you are stunning!!! ❤️ xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Lori!! You are too sweet 🙂 And wow that sounds like a great class!! I would love to do something like that! But yeah I don’t know if it would be worth it for the price. We can totally do it!! Yay for motivation! I will definitely try to get all the recipes out! xoxo

  32. love cauliflower rice! i think it’s great you’re not totally cutting out things you love to prevent feeling bad about yourself. everything in moderation (you gotta still live life a little right?)!! you’re lookin fab:)

    1. So yummy huh?! And yes it would be way too hard to go all out at once haha I am all about moderation 🙂 Thanks for the positivity!! I appreciate it so much!! xo

  33. I don’t cook much because in Chile is very common to have maids who do all the cleaning and cooking around the house. I just go into the kitchen whenever I like to experiment with new recepies I want my maid to cook for me later.
    I have a friend who lived in NYC and she swears by Sakara Life. She says is amazing and help you eat clean and it is perfect if you want to watch your weight too.
    Love your outfit!!

    Btw, I didn’t know you were LDS. I am too! well… SUD in Spanish lol

    1. Wow that sounds so nice haha! If I could have someone cook for me that would be amazing!!! And I will look into Sakara Life, thanks for the suggestion!! And yes I am 🙂

  34. Love that are eating healthy Amber! You can sure tell as you are absolutely stunning in the above picture! ????????

  35. I can’t wear such pretty workout clothes, I ruin them! But you look fab, and I love your honesty about diet and fitness. Too often we see women who have just had kids sharing their insane workouts, or claiming that they don’t have to do anything. Knowing that successful, pretty women like yourself struggle with it too helps a lot 🙂

    1. I know what you mean!! It is hard to keep them all nice looking! But I love having cute workout clothes for motivation 😉 Thanks for the kind words!! It means a lot!!

  36. I am horrible with meal prepping but I know I need to start once I have my baby and go back to work to try to save my sanity! I love your workout outfit! I’ve never tried Express workout gear before!

    1. Definitely try it out when you are ready!! I am just getting the hang of it myself 🙂

  37. Hi Amber, would you mind sharing the chicken cauliflower fried rice recipe? It looks so yummy from your pics!

  38. Meal planning is such a great idea! I’ve been really wanting to do the same this year because its so much easier while i’m at college to have a pre made meal ready to go instead of falling back on buying a coffee and a muffin on the way home in the evening.

    I love using this one pot farmers market recipe . I can make it on a Sunday evening and because there is no meat it can last all week in the fridge. It’s also good both hot and cold which is convenient.

    Can’t wait to hear how you go with it 🙂 xx

  39. Great post, I love getting little glimpses of your new home! I don’t know if this is considered “meal planning” but I have a great lemon chicken recipe that is so tasty and SO healthy. Everyone I share it with has great experiences (it’s very easy for busy mommas) and is great to have left over as well. I found the recipe while I was on the Wild Rose Detox (that’s right – it’s so healthy it’s detox friendly!!!) and make it ALL the time. It’s always a hit 🙂 Here is the link:

    Kristie xo

  40. I have never been good at meal prepping, but I try to always have some black or brown rice cooked and in the fridge. That way, whenever my husband and I are pinched for time when making dinner, or just feeling lazy, we grab bowls, add a little rice, black beans, peas and corn (from the freezer), tomatoes, cilantro, cabbage, (and any other veggies around)! We usually top it with our favorite salsa or hot sauce, a scoop of plain greek yogurt, and this special sauce we make out of chick peas, lemon juice, almonds, olive oil, nutritional yeast, etc. Let me know if you are interested in the recipe – it goes so well on EVERYTHING, and it’s quite healthy!
    Good on you for starting the new year off right! Love that you two exercise together – makes me happy! xoxo

      1. OMG! How do you know about Yumm Sauce if you’re not from Oregon??? Yes I am! I have my mom send me big giant bottles of it all the time – but my husband and I go through it so fast that we have to make it ourselves in between. The local newspaper in Eugene, OR published the recipe a few years back 🙂

  41. I’m so glad you did this post! i totally need to get my butt into gear with the eating healthy. i am the very worst at eating good, well thought out meals. these food prep tubs are awesome! thanks for sharing!
    Xo, Tara

  42. My boyfriend and I cook dinner together every night, but we’re bad about meal prepping, so it sometimes isn’t until 9 that we eat, because we workout together first! We are doing Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide, which is pretty awesome. A super yummy, healthy lunch is Annie’s Eats’ quinoa salad with roasted tomatoes, broccoli and feta. One of our favorite quick dinners is this one-sheet pan dinner My boyfriend Sam even requested it for his birthday dinner, haha!

    1. Wow that’s so awesome that you make dinner and workout together!! Go you two!! Send a little motivation my way okay?? haha 😉 And yum! That does sound delish!! I will definitely give that one a try!! Thanks so much!

  43. Totally just bought those containers to surprise my hubby! He’s been working out steadily and I’m finnalllllyy jumping on board again haha so I can’t wait to try them. You look amazing too! 🙂

    1. Yay!! What a sweet wife you are!! You will love using them 🙂 Thanks for reading love!! xo

  44. Hi Amber!You are looks very beautiful.I love you and your family!I and my mum look your pictures every day.Yours are awesome!????

  45. Love your philosophy!! I struggle SO badly with sugar… I swear I’m addicted, it’s like a constant craving haha. I will have to try what you’re doing. I too, am all about the portion control rather than cutting stuff out completely.. Life is just too short to not have at least some good stuff 🙂 I have been following your blog for quite awhile- didn’t you and David meet at the gym? So special that you guys still share that in common!! I’m coming to NYC this weekend.. Any brunch/lunch recommendations? xoxo

    1. Thank you!! And believe me so do I! It is so so hard 🙁 Major sweet tooth here haha! But yes exactly! Hopefully the portion control will help me. And yes we did haha! So funny. It makes for a memorable story though!! Oh and yes, my recommendations are: Jacob’s Pickles, Norma’s, Joe’s Pizza and Sarabeth’s!! Enjoy your trip!! xo

  46. Get birds eye veggies/steam fresh, pre cooked bag chicken (tyson foods usually but theres organic kinds too), rotissire chickens, Uncle Ben’s pre cooked quinoa brown rice. This is my fool proof way to ensure I’m eating healthy without having to cook. I boil eggs, air pop popcorn (your boy will LOVE if you do that), get pouch tuna or salmon. Boil a lot of eggs on Sunday for a quick protein in morning or snack, is the BEST resource for meal prepping bags for the week. You travel a lot. It’s great for travel.

    1. Thanks so much!! I love the suggestions 🙂 Can’t wait to try them!! We love to air pop popcorn!! So good! Now I need to check out that website!! Thanks again!!

  47. This is such a great idea for starting the New Year in a healthy and organized/time saving fashion. Its perfect for staying on track with those elusive new year’s resolutions, definitely giving this a try!

    ISA Professional

    1. Thanks so much!! I figured it was time to make a change with our eating, we are doing good so far haha! Definitely try it out!! Good luck! xo

  48. Amber, you just look absolutely gorgeous! Rosie is just a doll, and way to go for wanting to get back into shape so soon! haha I had my baby eight months ago and I’m just now starting to feel myself as far as my weight and eating habits! You are amazing <3 quick question! I braid my hair pretty often, but it's still on the shorter side. I've been wanting to et a clip in extension or two to use to add thickness and a bit of length, what do you recommend?! Is this all your hair in these pics or are you wearing extensions for your braid?

    Thanks so much, you're a total sweetheart and I love following your darling little family <3


    1. Thank you so much Elle!! I definitely still have a lot of work to do but I am getting there 🙂 And go you!! That’s so awesome!! I bet your little one is adorable!! And as far as extensions, yes, I use wear them pretty much everyday! I don’t use them for length as much as I do for thickness. I would totally get them!! I love the clip ins because I can take them out whenever I want. I will attach an extension post I did below. xo

  49. Thank you for this inspirational post. The prep meal containers are awesome! I just started my work-out routine again but my problem is definitely not the sport but more the food section. So I am thinking a lot about meal planning.
    ♡ Kristina

    1. You are so welcome!! I am so glad you liked it 🙂 Definitely try meal prepping out!! We are loving it so far. And wow that’s so good you already started your workout routine! Go you!!! 🙂

  50. I meal prep every week. I get inspired by my boyfriend, whose training for the Fresno Classic bodybuilding show and he meal preps every single week. I bought similar containers you have on Amazon. Get a meal prep bag at That makes it easier because I see you travel. My guy got me one for Christmas and I’m getting the Camille for birthday 🙂 I personally hate cooking anything but asparagus so I get Uncle Bens ready made quinoa/brown rice, a Tyson bag of pre cooked chicken, canned oragnic black beans and the Birds Eye steam fresh protein blends/veggie mixes. 12 boiled eggs on sunday equal 2 a day for 6 days. Other than that I love pre made salad mixes, rotissiere chicken and I LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted asapargus with sea salt and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Let spices be your best friend
    Try his instagram Fitoverforty40. Instagram has been the BEST inspiration for meal prepping. I think theres a page called Meal Prep on Instagram that is pure food porn for meal prep.

    1. Wow that’s so awesome!! That take so much dedication! I should be taking advice from you two 😉 And I have heard about the meal prep bags!! I definitely need to look into those. Thanks so much for the amazing recommendations!! Can’t wait to try them out!!! xoxo

  51. Meal prep is so important! My nutritionist has been teaching me all sorts of tips and tricks to make my week easier. It makes all the difference!

    1. So true!! I wish I would have started sooner 🙂 But better late than never!! xo

  52. Some of my favorite things to do are put several chicken breasts and a jar of any flavored salsa in the crockpot for 6-8 hours. When it’s done the chicken will shred easily and then you stir it all up. Then I use the meat for tacos, burritos, salads, serve with rice and veggies, etc. It also freezes really well for dinners when you’re in a hurry. Just heat it up with sides and serve. Also my friend Devan Nielsen has a lot of great meal prep ideas over at, his oven baked chicken fajitas are awesome. You make a bunch of meat, peppers and onions in advance and eat it throughout the week. He has lots of great ideas!

    1. Oh my gosh yes!!! I love making salsa chicken!! I haven’t made it in forever so thank you for reminding me!! 🙂 I will definitely check out your friend’s page as well! Can’t wait!! Thanks again Lana!

  53. First of all, how did you just have a baby?! You look SO good Amber! I think meal prepping is an awesome idea though and something I have thought about doing for a while. Now if only I can find the motivation ha!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. Wow you are too nice!!! Thank you so much Rachel!! I love you for saying that 😉 you made my day!! And you can totally do it!! You can start small and prep some snacks!! xo

  54. That’s so great that your starting to meal prep! I’ll probably have to start doing that too when I have my second baby in a few weeks. One of my favorite healthy delicious meals to make ahead of time is sweet potato quinoa chili! It’s loaded with protein 🙂 here’s the recipe:

    My other favorite healthy thing to make ahead of time is these carrot zucchini oatmeal muffins. They are so yummy and you can freeze them and use them later too!

    Hope that helps!! You look amazing btw!


  55. My favorite meal prep food is turkey meatballs! There are tons of varieties on Pinterest. I recommend zucchini meatballs and buffalo meatballs (which I usually eat with rice and broccoli). My husband and I meal prep our lunches every week but I can’t commit to that much redundancy for dinner. Instead, I take an hour each week to plan out dinners for the following week. I scroll through all the recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest and choose what looks good. I then add the ingredients needed to the grocery list and I’m good to go! We have tried so many new foods because of planning ahead and having the ingredients we need on hand. It also allows us to eat fresher foods and there is so much less waste. I usually choose recipes that won’t take more than 30-45 minutes, so dinner is on the table by the time hubby gets home! It is amazing what an hour (or less) of planning can do!

  56. Hello Amber. This is my first response on your blog. I love your blog. Your style and family are very fun to follow.

    My husband and I prep our meals often. One thing we’ve learned is to try and get around the boredom of eating one thing all week. As an alternative, what we’ve done is to make two or three large meals on Sundays and alternate between them throughout the week as dinners or lunches. For instance, one week we might make grilled chicken, spaghetti bolognese, and a large soup. That way, spaghetti could work as a lunch or dinner, the grilled chicken could be thrown in a wrap with hummus and veggies or used in a caesar salad just eaten plain with a squeeze of lemon over quinoa or pilaf, and soup could be eaten on its own as a meal with some grain or salad or protein.

    Other great week long meals have been: chili, soups, spaghetti or other pastas, veggie pots like ratatouille and casseroles, fresh veggie spring rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce, stews like goulash, chicken dishes, and hearty salads.

    Smoothie ingredients are also great things to have chopped up for a quick snack or breakfast meal.

    In terms of dinner, my husband and I were treated to try Blue Apron for the first time this past week and it was a great experience. You have all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep at the start of the week and throughout the week you have a simple process of prepping the meal, cooking it, and enjoying it. It’s great in that you don’t have to do anything but prepare the food and cook it, it’s perfectly portioned for what you need for that exact meal, and it allows you to try new things in your cooking. We also found that while the serving size was said to be for two, we found it could stretch easily to 3 or 4 servings, so we were able to turn the leftovers from dinner into the next day’s lunch.

    Some food blogs I love that have some great ideas for meals to vary weekly foods up would be : and

    I hope these were helpful additions to your meal prepping plans. Enjoy your week and thank you for your blog!

    1. I love the motivation, good for you! Working out with your partner makes all the different too. Other great blogs for food prep are: MinimalistBakercom,, and my personal favorite (obviously, ha!)

  57. I love meal prepping! You are literally given no excuse not to eat healthy. Without prepping it becomes too easy to say you don’t have enough time and then binge on fast food or something fast and frozen.
    Some of my favourites are couscous salad with creamy feta salad dressing, feta, cooked spinach, green onions and chopped cucumber. I also really like to roast chickens and throw some vegetables in to roast with it. It’s great because you can use the chicken by itself or make all kinds of salad with it.


  58. My husband and I just sarted meal preping 2 weeks ago and I make 3 different meals, 10 servings each, to account for lunch and dinner every day for a week. We buy food in bulk and do simple cooking, I like to use the crock pot when I can. I do a lean protein, veg (typically green) and a carbohydrate. We’ve done bbq chicken (in crock pot), wild rice and asparagus (oven); mojo pork (crock), black beans and green beans; Italian sausage, whole wheat pasta w/marinara and broccoli; ground beef with homade taco seasoning, black beans and veg; crock pot chicken verde with tortilla and sautéed cabbage, to name a few. I switch it up every week, but it makes eating healthy so much easier with 2 little ones at home!

  59. You look amazing! You seem good at cooking????I’m definitely sure of that you prepare delicious,gigantic meals for your family with your sweet heat???? when I look at that picture I feel hungry hahahah???? what a talented mom!????

  60. This is a really good idea! I’ve only done food prepping with breakfast so far. I got Rens Kroes’ power food cook book for my bday and specially love the breakfast recipes. She has one called ‘Kickstart’ which I prepare and then can eat 3 days in a row adding different fruits.
    I would love to prepare loads of more things like that but fridge space is limited here.

  61. You and your family are precious and so inspiring! I think it’s amazing that you are working with having a growing family instead of abandoning your needs or forcing children to fit into your existing lifestyle. I have been meal-prepping for years. I was in a graduate program for 5 years so had to learn time management, and now that I’m a working girl, I love taking Sunday to just be in my kitchen with some music on and waking up the rest of the week with lunch ready to go! I like making turkey chili with beans, chicken and black bean enchiladas in whole wheat tortillas, quinoa with pesto, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and chicken, or a ‘lasagna’ with zucchini instead of noodles and a sauce made out of sweet potatoes, with some turkey sausage and cheese in there. I’ll throw in a side salad most of the time. Dinner is usually something simple, like a grilled protein with a big salad. For snacks I love boiling several eggs to have through the week, grapes with cheddar, and KIND bars. I hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up! Take care. R xoxo

  62. This was so helpful! I’ve been starting this week to really workout more and eat healthier and have needed to get into meal prepping so thanks for the inspo:)

    1. Yay!! I am so glad to hear that!! Good luck with all your goals!! You can do it! xo

  63. I need to start meal prepping me and the hubs eat out pretty much every night. We both have crazy schedules and by the time dinner comes around I am to exhausted to cook and he is starving so we just got. I am a lame house wife LOL Ill have to give this a go!


    1. We used to eat out a lot too!! It is so hard not to. We are just trying to make some changes so hopefully it lasts!! Definitely try it out with me!! 🙂

  64. I love posts like this, thank you for motivating me and i love those ideas. THANK YOU. Love this workout outfit too! Happy New Year. xoxo

  65. Those containers are perfect!! I’ve always had a hard time trying to find the perfect meal-prep containers and I think my serach is over! You look great by the way! 🙂

    1. They really are great!! I have seen other glass ones that are so expensive! Anyway, I am so glad you found this helpful!! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  66. This may be like the laziest meal ever, but when I don’t have too much time I just like to do this:

    I cook brown rice (whole wheat) first I mix garlic (cloves) with a little bit of olive oil and then I add one cup of rice, I let it mix up for a couple of minutes or until the center of the rice grains start getting white, and then I add the same amount in hot water. lowest cook for about 15-20 min. In another cooking pot I boiled water and add frozen vegetables (peas,broccoli, carrot,etc) when that is ready I mixed up both and add tofu, salt and pepper and voila! easiest thing ever and it’s so yummy, I add a little bit of soy for flavor and my dinner is ready. Xo

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!! It sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it out 🙂 xo

  67. Hi Amber! Hope you are doing well. I am so happy you are sharing this with all of us. During the holidays I definitely feel like I gained weight haha so ever since the new year I have also been trying to watch what I eat. In the mornings I usually have plain oatmeal with bananas or blueberries in it. For lunch, I usually eat some type of salad or lately I have been eating turkey burgers (even though they aren’t the greatest thing to eat haha). By dinner time, it’s definitely difficult to keep up with and I want to eat something that isn’t so healthy haha. I have been trying to look for some type of exercise to do and can’t seem to find one I like. Do you have any suggestions?
    Have a great day and thanks for you help with the watermelon dress haha I just loved it so much! xo

  68. My easiest meal prep for the week includes making a bunch of sweet potatoes & chicken or other form of protein, and having lots of veggies stocked in my fridge. Having healthy and easy snacks including fruit, hummus, nut butters, walnuts, cheese and crackers, etc. always keeps me focused and away from processed foods. Love your blog, and can’t wait to share mine that is in the works. Have a great day with your adorable kiddos!

  69. Yes! Prepping meals is such a good idea!! I cam home yesterday to make dinner for my boyfriend to come back from work to, and I was so rushed because I started much later than I expected! haha. This would help a ton!

    1. It has been so nice so far!! I am excited to try new recipes 🙂 Definitely try it out!! xo

    1. Thanks love!! It’s going great so far 🙂 And oh yum!! I love quinoa! I need to add that to my list 🙂 And we are big fans of smoothies over here!!

  70. Just wondering how you work out with two littles? Do you get childcare? I’m having a hard time working out because I have kiddos! Would love and appreciate your advice. ????

      1. That’s a great idea. I will definitely look into this. Thank you for responding to my question. It really means a lot. It’s so sweet if you to take the time to reply to so many of us. It’s so appreciated.

  71. I would just like to start out by saying how incredibly inspiring you are. You are absolutely stunning from the inside out and I can’t help but have a smile on my face every time I finish reading your posts. Your family is absolutely beautiful and your smiles could light up any room that you walk into! Best of luck in your new health journey & I look forward to your next post like always!

    XO Sara 🙂

    XO Sara

  72. The food looks amazing! I love how you did it in your active wear. My mom is a runner ( random fact… my mom actually ran the Hartford Marathon a few years back not knowing she was pregnant with my sister at the time) Anyways we don’t really meal prep, but we do have our dinners planned out and we have set times when we can have snacks and what snack that will be.

    Have a fabulous weekend that’s coming up 🙂

  73. This is a great New Year’s goal! What I found to work well for me for meal prepping (especially in the winter) is to make a soup or chili in the crockpot on a Sunday and then portion it out for rest of the week to dig into for lunch or dinner. I love using crockpots because most of the time, you can just throw a mix of things together and let it do the cooking for you!

    Meghan |

  74. I made a cauliflower pizza crust a few weeks ago- so good and everyone loved. I also like lettuce wraps with turkey, cucumber and alfa sprouts. I am gluten free, so I have to get creative sometimes.

    1. Oh yum!! I have heard of that, I definitely need to try it!! I love all those ideas so thank you!!! xo

  75. I find dinner that hardest to work with when it comes to eating health consciously. Like you, I had to slowly ease myself into it too. I’m still having trouble with dinner and snacks lmao and I know it’s because I don’t have enough prep done for it. I should really meal prep…Breakfast and lunch at pretty easy.

    I always worry too that I’m going to get tired of what I’m eating in the middle of the week if I meal prep…

  76. Broil your chicken! No joke. Sounds crazy, but it is the BEST! I make a whole weeks worth of chicken (dinner + lunch) in twenty minutes!
    Set your oven to broil
    Line baking dish with tinfoil
    Add thawed chicken breasts & season w/ Mrs. Dash salt free seasonings (Lemon Pepper & Southwest Chipotle are my fav!)
    Set timer for 18-20 minutes (for a chicken breast of 5-6 ounces)

    & that’s it! And I swear, you will have the juiciest, most flavor filled chicken breasts ever! It’s a whole new spin on eating chicken. 🙂

  77. You guys rock! I cannot wait to hear more about how you like it. I have been on the fence about trying it because I feel the exact same way after the holidays (just ick)!

    Happy Thursday //

  78. I would just like to start out by letting you know how incredibly inspiring you are! I always look forward to reading your posts because they are so uplifting and you make me want to go out and be a better person! You are incredibly stunning and have the most beautiful family. I can’t wait to follow your new health journey! Keep shining bright & best of luck to you!
    XO Sara 🙂

  79. Meal prepping is SO important when you want to make sure that you’ll eat healthy and in time! Prepping your food also saves so much time when you’re cooking your meals, so I always prep a lot of veggies, either just chop them up and store them or I even roast them/ steam them and have them ready for snacking or as a side to my meals. I also love to cook soups, they usually last for 2-3 days for a whole family to eat and they’re so healthy and comforting dish on a cold Winter’s day. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I am happy to hear that 🙂 Give it a try and let me know what you think!! xo

  80. Kyle and I love to prep breakfast burritos! Our mornings are often times very rushed so it’s great to just grab a burrito of the fridge and go!

  81. I’ve been getting in to meal prep as well but i absolutely love the containers you guys have! Where did you get them?
    Also, just wanted to say how much i adore all of your posts! They are all so raw and fun!

    1. Awesome!! I love hearing that! And they are from Amazon!! I linked them above 🙂 xo

  82. Great post! I can’t wait to start meal prepping again after the baby is born.

    I have two questions..
    My husband and I love to workout together too, do you guys have things at home to workout together or do you sneak away to go tot he gym? We’re having a hard time figuring out if it’s worth getting a babysitter a few nights a week to go to the gym while the baby is sleeping or if we should get things to work out at home.

    Second, how do you find you manage with A’s meals? Is it any harder to make him separate lunches when yours are prepped or do you prep his meals too?

    Thanks!! xo

  83. I would love to start meal prepping! Especially being a college kid who doesn’t have a lot of time!:P I’m just afraid I would get tired of eating the same thing :/

    1. You totally should!! And I know what you mean!! You can always just prep your protein (chicken) and put together your sides right then! It Or you could prep some snacks for on the go?! Just an idea 😉

  84. I have wanted to give meal prepping a try! Grabbing things on the go either leaves me hungry and is expensive. I always change into workout clothes so that I won’t want to change and will wind up working out 😉 It’s a great trick to use. You look amazing already!


    1. You totally should!! I am hoping it will save us time and money! We will see how it goes 😉 And yay! I am glad you use that trick too!! It helps me so much!