adventures of lake mead.

our trip consisted of:
1. lots of wake boarding/surfing
2. tackle football in the lake (so fun)
3. survivor challenges (my group won, duh)
4. modern family/nap times
5. ab ripper x sessions
6. prom (the highlight of the trip) boys had to ask the girls in creative ways, made homemade corsages, cheesy prom pics, fruit punch, slow dances, freaky dances (obvi), late curfew, prom king and prom queen, the works.
7. lots of twizzlers and cookie dough
8. wild road trip talks
9. sleeping outside on the porch
10. races across the lake
11. dance parties on the boat
12. cliff jumping (which i did not participate in)
13. pillow talk
14. joooosh’s birthday
15. awesome, awesome people
basically.. it was the best trip ever.

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  1. seriously i am so sad that it is over!! bre lets make dinner for everyone one night and have a reunion! we will play games and such! yaaa? xoxo