Matching Pink Dresses

These are some pics from a walk around the neighborhood with the kids!! Rosie couldn’t help but stop to twirl every two feet so the walk was very short in distance but took a very long time ha ha. Atticus was busy racing ahead on his bike. He has a Paw Patrol bike that his grandma got him for his birthday last year. He loves it so much that I actually have to put it in the trunk everywhere we go,he has to know it’s with us! (Sometimes I pretend to put it back there but no one tell him that 😉 ). I hope you guys are having a good day! Tomorrow I’m posting the February Podcast & Book Club calendar so check back tomorrow for that!

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  1. Seriously choking up here-your kids are ADORABLE! I also LOVE those pink dresses.

    Yours in Christ

    Rowan //

  2. How adorable you two look!!? Those images have got a crazy retro edge but they suit you so well. Those dresses suit you and Rosie so well! More photos of you and the kids!!
    Julie xxx

  3. Soooo cute! Rosie is growing up so fast and she’s beginning to look Ike you! I adore the matching pink dresses!