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Do you ever wake up with a sick and anxious feeling and you have not a clue why? That is me this morning and I don’t know what is up! Hopefully by the end of this post I will have forgotten about it. Anyways – I have been kind of MIA this week because I have been sooo busy with stuff for Barefoot Blonde Hair! I often can’t sleep because I am so excited about what we are working on over there. If there is one thing I have learned with starting our own business is that everything takes a lot of time. And hard work. Even with little things that I think will be a quick new project, end up taking months and months of figuring out details, testing it out, etc. I really love extensions and I get sooo excited working with them because I want all other girls to know how fun they can be. I have realized that the thing with extensions is that there is a learning curve so I am hoping all of the new things we are bringing to you can help you to learn how to use them more easily. Which is also why I am so excited about these pop up shops we are doing – we have one in Utah tomorrow!!! (I will list details below.) These are fun because you can see and feel the hair in person, get matched to your right color, and then meet with a hair stylist who will teach you to put them in and she will make sure you leave with a killer hairstyle! For this one in Utah we are teaming up with my friend Rach and her company Rachel Parcell. They make beautiful tops, dresses, and skirts and you can come try them on and see them in person! We are gonna have desserts from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, music, lounge area, photo booth, and fun giveaways!!! We will be giving away pieces from Rachel’s line and hair extensions from our line! As well as some of my favorite Kérastase products!

On a side note – I got my hair touched up the other day and I realized that now Ro and I have basically the same color! That wasn’t my intention when going a shade darker but I don’t mind being twins with her now. Its so funny because she looks JUST like my baby pictures. And its also funny how her and A look similar but also so different at the same time. Sometimes I am like, holy cow they are twins. And then other times I think how different they look. Anywhooo hope you all have a really great weekend!!!!


DAY: Saturday, July 29th

TIME: 4-6 PM

LOCATION: Brick Canvas + Sage Leaf Salon

EXACT ADDRESS: 2455 Executive Pkwy, Lehi, UT 84043

Hope to see some of you there!!!

And PS thank you so much to all who came and shopped my little yard sale the other day! We raised a lot of money and its going to a very deserving person so thank you!!!!

PSS I am adding this to the post because after I wrote this I went to go meditate with my app and during it she said to pay attention and feel each breath coming in and feel grateful for it. Funny how when you really slow down and just relax you can put all your focus on and feel grateful for something as simple as the air we breathe. It made my anxious feeling go away so thought I would share.

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  1. Hi someone has been using at least one of ur pictures on facebook with a fakeprofile. I found this website because she is using the picture with you and ur daughter.
    Stella rosana is the profile maybe you wanted to know..

  2. I know you did a video in the past with what you tell your hairdresser to get your color. Is this still what you say to achieve your color now?

  3. I found your blog YEARS ago and I am so thankful! After I had my son my hair started thinning and you gave me the courage to try clip in hair extensions! It changed my self confidence so much! As soon as it’s time for me to repurchase I am trying Barefoot Blonde hair! Thank you!!!

    1. I am so so happy to hear this! Clip in extensions are the best. Thank you for following along! xo

  4. Hey! Will you be doing a pop up in Texas?? I really want to see the extensions in person, because I’d love to invest but I want to see them in person first!

    1. I love that suggestion!! Where in Texas would you want it?! We are always planning more pop ups 🙂

      1. Houston would be awesome if you could plan one there! I’ll be at school too so on weekend would be really helpful please haha

  5. I’ve personally never tried extension but yours always look amazing. After having my little girl a lot of my hair has been falling out and thinning, these could be just what I need!!


  6. You go girl for starting your own business! That’s hard work! Your hair extensions are so nice and go perfectly with your barefoot blonde brand💙 Now I’m just waiting for a barefoot blonde book! Would love to read a book on your life story and travels and building your house and such!!! Maybe in the future ya?! 😉
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous – I love this color! And I hate getting that feeling. I always dread the day because I’m worried something terrible is going to happen.


  8. Hi 🙂 I am wondering if you will be offering 14 inch hair extensions anytime soon? The 18 are so long on me! I use a different brand from sally and love them to pieces… Mostly have schooled myself on how to use extensions from your blog and youtube tutorials (so thank you!) I would love to try the Barefoot Blond hair if it was a little shorter!

    1. Hi Heather!! We only offer one length right now but plan to add others in the future 🙂 And yay! I am so glad to hear my tutorials have been helpful! Also, you can always take your extensions to your hair stylist and cut them to your length if you just want the thickness. xo

  9. This is such a good idea Amber! If you do one in AZ I seriously want to come! After three babies so far I feel like I don’t have enough hair. Honestly, I didn’t have much hair to begin with. But lately it is as if I can’t do my hair anymore no matter how much I try. I usually just end up in tears and leave the house with a horrible style. I really need some help. I think this is a great idea. Do you pay for the style too? It would be great to get some tips! Hope it went well for you!

  10. Following your and Rachel’s stories today to see the event! Looks amazing, the set up and everything! Good luck 🙂 Also, you and rosie are just so sweet together! x

    chevrons & éclairs – http://bit.ly/2tNPxLX

  11. Do you think that you’ll ever set up a small barefoot blonde hair shop, or collab shop?

  12. What app do you use for your meditation? And please do a pop up in San Diego 🙂

  13. I wanna see baby pics of you and David! I’ve always just loved genetics . My brother and I are 2 years apart but always called twins all growing up, even now and I’m 29 ! But the funny thing is people say he looks like our dad and I look like my mom…evwn though he and I look alot alike! Anyway, beautiful photos , and best of luck at your pop up!!

  14. You seem so much happier in this stage of life, back in Arizona! Glad to hear you raised lots of money and gave it to a deserving person <3 Also you and Rosie are the cutest twins!


  15. What is the meditate app? I prob need this in my life 😉

  16. Love this and your hair! Wondering what lipstick you are wearing?

  17. It such a great idea having a pop up for your hair extensions. They’re so much easier to match in person…I always wonder if I’m getting the right color or not!


  18. Cone to CA, Orange County!!! So many girls are wearing extensions here, but we need yours!!!!!

  19. You should do a Detroit pop up! And the Calm app is amazing !!! Lots of love ❤️

  20. i was thinking in that top picture how rosie looks a lot like your husband…but then you mentioned that she looks like your baby pictures… funny how kids look like both parents, neither parents, siblings and no one but themselves all at the same time! xx

  21. You should check out the documentary Minimalism on netflix. It’s pretty rad…

  22. I’ve always thought that she looked like you but now that she’s getting bigger she’s literally your twin!! Two perfect, beautiful girls. I can’t wait to have a daughter of my own!
    Thanks for sharing about the meditating. What app do you use? I want to download it – I NEED help with stress and anxiety.
    Fondly, Emily

  23. Hey Amber! I always look forward to reading your blog. Will you be doing any more pop up shops in AZ? I would love to check out your extensions sometime!

  24. I totally understand why you are anxious. So much is going on! Very exciting and busy and nerve racking! I love the matching hair. What a beautiful little girl. My daughter is about the same age, maybe I should match her hair color too!

    Good luck with the shop! I hope it all comes together without too much last minute stresses. And I really hope you love it and have fun on the big day!

  25. I swear, Amber, your kids are the absolute cutest! They do often look so alike that I forget they’re not twins either. I’ve been following your blog since your wedding years ago and you are the one blog that I keep going back to that never seems to be uninteresting. I just love all the once-in-a-lifetime adventures your family (or you and David, mostly, as far as scuba diving or the helicopter ride over NYC) goes on and it’s so fun to get to live vicariously through you guys! Do you have an updated skin care routine? You’re literally glowing in that first pic! Just WOW!

    1. WE ARE!!!!! Our almost official date is August 7th! So mark your calendar! I will announce details soon! xoxo

  26. can you post more on your youtube channel and do more make up and hair videos of their?

  27. You are GLOWING Amber!! So beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!