I read on pinterest a while ago that you can put saline (contact solution) in your mascara to make it last longer.. 
I always like to have at least 3 mascaras (same brand just different tubes) one super dry, one medium dry, and one wet. I use the medium for the first few coats and the wet for the last coats and the dry one to comb out and shape them. But mascara (even the cheap kind like I use) is at least 10 bucks so I like mine to last long. 
So all 3 of mine were super dry like 2 months ago so I put in a few drops of saline and voila! It was like new mascara!! The saline of course evaporates after a couple days so you have to do it regularly but it made mine last 2 extra months, I just barely bought new mascara today. 
It was the best money saving trick ever!!
So, you’ll all have to try.
 This is the mascara I use, and swear by.
{I am pretty sure it doesnt matter what brand saline you use.. I use some no name brand from wal mart and it works just great}
P.S. Its only Tuesday… yet it feels like it should be Friday. What is up with that?

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    1. Your reply was really snotty! The girl simply made a comment that your idea of using saline in old mascara was a better choice then tap water, because of previous eye surgery. Which you respond “haha”, By the way , you complain about a $10.00 item, but buy $600.00 shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  1. saline is pretty much water… which would also work… and it’s free….

    1. I’ve had two eye surgeries, and my opthamologist told me both times that nothing’s as dirty as tap water and to avoid getting it in my eyes while healing. Saline is sterile, so that’s definitely what you’d want to add to mascara.