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Truth: I get actually annoyed when the podcasts I follow don’t upload new episodes on time because I am very patiently waiting…. haha! Or when they recycle old episodes. For real though, when I become a fan of a podcast I can’t get enough and I listen to them when driving, at the gym, getting my hair done, whenever I can. So I have a new podcast recommendation! I started listening to Freakonomics and I love it! I first started with with C.E.O. series .. they have episodes on what a ceo does and then they have others where the host interviews a bunch of ceo’s and I thought it was really interesting! I especially loved David Rubenstein’s episode. They have a bunch of different topics they talk about though – episodes are anything from health – business in China – anything.

What podcasts are you guys loving right now?! I also downloaded a few of Tim Ferriss’s episodes and they have been pretty good. Speaking of Tim Ferriss, I got his book Tribe of Mentors (he interviews a bunch of influential people, it is basically a book of their advice) .. I like it because I can just read one interview a day. The one I liked most recently was Whitney Cumming’s .. which I was surprised by because I don’t really know her I only remember her from watching Chelsea Handler’s show back in the day. But I thought she had really good advice!


Also a side note – these Golden Goose sneakers are the best!!! I wear them allll the time. I feel like they go with everything!


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  1. Okay but where did you get your sweater dress ?!! I’m completely in love and need one of my own!! :’)

  2. The “Business Wars” podcast is really interesting! It’s only in its first season, but it has already covered Netflix vs. Blockbuster & HBO and Nike vs. Adidas.

  3. HI Amber,
    I have been listening to podcasts as well which are very inspirant and motivational. Funny thing another blogger suggested freakonomics and I have been living it too.
    Here is another podcast which I regularly listen to and would highly recommend it, “the art of the charm”. It has weekly episode with inspiring individuals that are very knowledgeable in specific things to help us live our best life. What I like is that I get a lot of “ah ha” moments that talk about everything but is very easy to listen and understand. Jordan from the podcast interviews underdogs or people that are under the radar but very interesting!
    It was initially intended for a male audience when he started over 7 years ago with relationship advice but has since then branched outside of that specific topic.

    Maybe a podcast that you and David can enjoy together !

    let me know of your thoughts if you do listen to a few episodes

  4. Omg.. the podcast I listen to RELIGIOUSLY is Happier by Gretchen Rubin – can’t get enough. It’s two sister’s banter about simple life hacks of living happier & simplistic.

  5. Obsessed with podcasts, listen in the car, giving my daughter a bath, cleaning, cooking, working! Favorites right now are How I Built This with Guy Raz, Entre Leadership, and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey 💗

  6. Oh my goodness, I love Whitney Cummings! I’ve been following her since she wrote her show Whitney that is on Amazon prime as well as two broke girls. She is incredibly funny I’m so glad you liked her. She also is one of the writers for the new Roseanne episodes. I would be really interested to see what you thought of her in her show and her show writings.

  7. Since you mentioned the podcast for this month would be freakonomics, I have been binge listening to them at work. My husband who is an economist finds it so funny that I have now suddenly become interested in economics 🙂 I thought the episode on baby names and whether or not your name affects your future was interesting and fun to listen to.

  8. I like to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast with my boyfriend on our road trips or he will recommend ones he’s listened to that he thinks I will like! I have also been loving all your recommendations and passing them along to him as well! As for Freakonomics.. it’s pretty fascinating. I have listened to a couple and I have really enjoyed How To Be More Productive! I feel like it expands my mind and allows me to think about things in different ways! Some of the consistent ideas were 1. motivation 2. focus 3. goal-setting 4. decision making 5. innovation 6. absorbing data 7. managing others 8. teams – These are all words that I want to incorporate in my daily life both at home and work so I can become more productive with my goals.

  9. Off topic- when will the extensions be restocked?! I need some ASAP!

  10. Hi Amber, love your outfit! Could you tell me who makes the sweater and blouse/dress? Thanks!

  11. I love Freakonomics! I just listened to the episode about the inequality of pay in restaurants because of tipping- it was really interesting. Some other podcasts I love are Snap Judgement, The Moth, Every Little Thing, and Stranglers.

  12. I’m late to the game, but I just started getting into podcasts…they’re great to pass the time when stuck in traffic! Thanks for the new suggestions I’ll have to check them out!


  13. Hey Amber 🙂
    I just listened to the episode ‘everything you need to know about money’ and I found it so interesting, especially as I’m just starting to look into buying a house and it had some really great tips that I hadn’t really thought of and I like the idea of the index card that has 9 things you need to know about finance/saving money 🙂 I’m also still loving the how I built this series…it just so interesting and inspiring listening to how everyone has started these amazing companies and just love finding new podcasts all the time 🙂
    Looking forward to the discussion on The Nightingale x