Manhattan Beach & 12 Things

1. This evening on the beach reminded me of Hawaii and I sooo miss slow evenings spent on the beach. A Hawaii vacation home is something I definitely keep in the back of my mind when I need motivation to work hard.

2. A confession: today I am getting my legs, armpits, errrrrthang waxed. But before a wax obviously you have to grow out your hair. I hate hair so this is always a painful process for me especially at the beach haha which is why I wore long pants a lot. Just could not handle that leg hair. And don’t get me wrong I am all for the whole “women shouldn’t have to shave” thing going on. But its not that I feel like society tells me I have to shave its that I literally cannot stand hair on my legs or arms or anywhere.

3. On our 7 hour drive home I started and finished Girl, Wash Your Face and loved it!! I think it is such a great read for anyone so if you need a new book to read definitely give this one a try. Now I am trying to figure out what to read next. I might read a book on intuitive eating since a lot of my friends have really loved their experiences learning more about that.

4. The kids love to sit on our feet while holding on to our legs while we walk – I totally remember doing this to my dad so it always makes me happy when I see David doing it or when they plop down on my feet and ask me to go fast. Their giggles while we do it is just the best.

5. Every morning when I wake up without fail Rosie will say, “mama! you’re awake!!!” several times. It is always so cute and makes me smile in the morning. She also pops up every morning and declares “I am awake!”

6. I always love A’s hair when its long and shaggy but anytime we get it cut I am reminded how much I love it when its cut! I also just love seeing him in the chair at the barber. He looks like such a big kid and I see glimpses of him as a teenager.

7. Last night I was looking at flights and randomly booked a one way for us somewhere in October — I won’t say where yet but I am super excited to finish planning that little getaway. I am honestly so excited for all the travel we have coming up in the next year. I have an incredible trip planned for us in May of next year and we are doing Hawaii in November! One thing I am so incredibly grateful for in life is that our job allows us to travel. David and I thrive so much off adventure and traveling and I really feel like our kids got that same gene.

8. I bought a mermaid tail on Amazon to wear in my parents pool and surprise the kids. I am busting it out tonight and am excited to see their reactions 🙂 I also bought a bunch of these really fun rockets that I am excited to do with the kids. We did them with my bro in law and the kids lovvved them because they go so so high.

9. The kids could have run down that lifeguard ramp a million times and never gotten sick of it. As you can tell from those massive grins.

10. My sister actually had the beach house for the week and invited us to come – it was right on the beach and such a great location because we could just walk to get acai bowls and lunch every day. At night we would order take out and walk to pick it up and eat it at the house.. it was so fun.


11. As I mentioned before I am getting waxed today and I am seriously nervous. I hate getting waxed gahhh. I was doing laser hair removal but was only 2 treatments in and you are supposed to do 8 but I had to stop because I got pregnant. So all my hair grew back which is such a bummer. I will try again in 4 years or so.. because if all goes as planned I will hopefully nurse for a year and get pregnant shortly after then nurse for a year.

12. These pictures make me happy and are some of my favorite.

*also a bonus one because I just remembered that Atticus tried boogie boarding for the first time and actually tried it on decent sized waves! He got taken under a few times and tried a fourth time so I was SOOOOO proud of him!!!!!!


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  1. Have you heard of Sugared & Bronzed? It’s an alternative to waxing and honestly not *that* bad… I mean considering the situtaion not that bad!

  2. Great post , love ❤️ your shots ! I ‘m a first time visitor to this blog and enjoyed my visit . I’m that rare creature a man who writes a fashion blog for women . I’m happy to be here and I’m always looking for blogger friends , check me out . I’ll be back !
    Dress The Part

  3. Amber,
    1st—your babies are adorable and share such joy in their eyes of the memories/time you and your husband invest in them!!! 2nd—i love Atticus’ hair short, it is amazing how a cut makes them look so different and the same all at once. 3rd—I am also right there with you on hair…when I was sick several years back, my husband shaved my legs every day for me because he knew how much I disliked any stubble of leg hair! I had laser hair removal 5 yrs ago and love it!!!

  4. I love your “12 Things” posts! You look so at peace and happy in these photos. As much as I love your fashionable looks, it’s nice to see you in a more down-to-earth, casual outfit — it’s refreshing to see. I think I relate more to these looks because this is how I am on most days, and your every-day looks are more my “special occasion” looks haha. As always, your authenticity inspires me, and you are by far my favorite blogger.

  5. Congratulations again on the pregnancy! so exciting for the future plans to come! I’m a mom of 3 and it’s a fun & crazy time! But did I see you are planning for a fourth already? 😍Enjoy all these moments!!
    Lauren Reyes

  6. Hey Amber! I just moved to Manhattan Beach and saw you guys several times when I was riding my bike on the beach. I didn’t want to disrupt your vacation to say Hi but it looked like you were all having a blast! Hope you come back to visit soon!! Xoxo


  7. I LOVE your top and pants!! Looks so cozy and comfortable. Mind sharing where you snagged them?

  8. Ugh same about the hair thing!! It’s not a vanity thing for me either. My friends are always giving me a hard time for shaving in the winter, but I literally can’t stand the roughness/itchiness when my legs are prickly and I always wear shorts to bed.

    Sofia x

    1. Honestly, I find that when I allow more time in between shaves (past the prickly stage), my legs (or wherever) feel super soft. And when I do actually shave, it’s as smooth as a baby’s butt and it lasts longer (no next-day prickles). Over time, it’ll actually grow in thinner. Plus, to me, “shave day” is more rewarding because of the contrast.