The other day after stats, I heard a bunch of guys in the corner talking about something that sounded cool. So of course I walk over there to see what all the fuss was about. They were all smelling some candle so I asked to smell it and it was amazing! Turns out what they were doing actually was cool.. this guy makes man scented candles and they smell soo good and different!!!! I seriously think they are the coolest things ever! I LOVE when a guy’s house/room smells good or when they have a candle lit! I’m obsessed with these! (some of the scents sound weird but they are delish I swear!)
The man scented candles come in the following scents:
-Mountain Dew (my personal fav)
-BBQ’d Ribs
-Cut grass
– New Car
-and any other scent you can think of! If you have something in mind you can tell them and they will make it! Same goes for ladies too.. I am having him make a candle out of my perfume scent I am so excited!

Small candle = $5 OR 2 for $8
Large candle = $10
Prices for custom scented candles (aka like my perfume one I am getting) will vary but around the same price as the others 🙂

If anyone would like to order one then send me an FB message or comment on this post and give me your name, phone number, how many, what size, and what scent! If you want a custom scent let me know that as well!

As for this weekend… IT WAS AMAZING! So much fun! Awful Waffle date, Park City, yummy pastas, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, some indoor golf, free gifts, fun parties, celeb hunting, SO MUCH SNOW :), sleepovers, and just so much fun.
Here are some pics:

I didn’t get to go to the gym Saturday so I was STOKED to wake up to snow and I got to shovel it all! It was such a good work out.. I’m so sore from it! First time shoveling snow and I loved it!

Me and Kier! It was Kier’s first time driving in the snow.. but she did good she was honkin at people to get out of the way.. eating pizza and driving.. she is talented, I know. We drove the Excursion and that thing was a freaking champ in the snow.. no one messed around with us!

SOOO HAPPY it finally snowed!!!!! SO PRETTY!

I was taking pics left and right haha so fascinated. It was like I had never seen freaking snow before or something.

Me and my Lauren!

I did a subtle color melt on this girl’s hair the other day and I’m loving the color on her! She is such a beauty.

Finally got to wear my new Sorel’s that I spoiled myself too!

Bookstore.. Charging my dead phone and getting creepy pictures taken of me.

Playing with kittens in the store!


Our pretty drive

My free Skull Candy headphones!!!!! They have my name engraved! I love them. I have always wanted some but they are so dang expensive! So needless to say I was stoked.

Fire dancers. (I have NEVER hated a facial expression more than I do his in this picture.)

The fire dancer grabbed Kier and started flailing fire all around her!!!!! Twas quite the scare.

LOVE Davanza’s

Num num…

Loved our gift!!!!

And that was my weekend 🙂

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