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SWIMSUIT: Nordstrom (also available in a bikini and I love this similar one!!!) / SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster / RO’S SUIT: Mini Boden / RO’S BONNET: Briar

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when we drove to Makua Beach for the day!! It is a really fun beach.. it has tide pools that the kids loved playing in and is surrounded in these beautiful, green mountains! As we were sitting on the beach, pods of spinner dolphins surfaced and started doing these amazing jumps and twists out of the water! It went on for almost a whole 45 minutes. It was beautiful!!!! I could not believe it. We got this dinky umbrella at the store and it broke within minutes of using it haha. It blew away every 30 min and at one point it was so windy it blew into the water before I could catch it and got completely washed away in the waves and I thought, well that is the end of the umbrella. And then some nice girl jumped in to save it and fixed it for us?!?! It was so nice of her because I was not looking forward to jumping in the cold water. I am a wimp. The kids had so much fun playing on the beach that day. We are already wanting to go back to that beach and hopefully see dolphins again.

I saw this suit a ton on different people on insta and finally bought it! I am so sad that it sold out in white because it is such a flattering suit.. I kinda wanted it in two colors! But I also love it in this similar style and that style has three colors.

My family left today and I am so sad I want them to stay forever! I love being around them because they get my creative juices flowing. Me and my siblings love to talk new business ideas. Even just for fun. We have done this since high school! So anytime we leave we all have these new ideas and our wheels are spinnin. It was so fun having family time. We took them to our favorite beaches, ATVing at Kualoa Ranch, Pearl Harbor, a bounce house by the beach for Hud’s bday, an ocean trampoline, lots of swimming and shave ice!!!

We finally found a gym out here on the North Shore and it feels good to have finally gone to the gym tonight. I was trying to do at home work outs but I much prefer to bust out a 30 or 40 min work out at the gym. The kids are always climbing all over me and it ends up being a 90 minute ordeal to get a 30 minute work out done haha. Although I have learned some good ways to work out at home with kids and really want to film a couple but I am so uncoordinated and look so lanky working out haha so you will have to excuse my form and awkwardness!

Have a good day! xoxoxo

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  1. What a beautiful swimsuit!! Gorgeous pictures of your littles 🙂 Glad you found a gym!!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a looong time and after I started blogging I became more obsessed with your posts and videos and David’s photography, because you are my inspiration! So the other day I dreamt that I met you somewhere and you were too nice and we instantly became friends and David and my boyfriend also bonded over their love for photography. All the while I kept wishing Atticus and Baby Rosie were also there. I know I sound mental but the dream was too nice that I was super pissed to wake up lol.

  3. Hi Amber!

    I loved this post about Makua Beach, it looks so beautiful. It seems as though you had the whole beach to yourself for the day! What a dream. I love when I am traveling and I stumble upon beaches that are not totally overcrowded so that I can truly enjoy the beauty. I haven’t wanted to go to Hawaii but now that I have been reading about how much you are enjoying it I am definitely going to add it to my travel list.

  4. Go to costco on the island and buy a Tommy Bahama umbrella! Cheap and long lasting. It is also easy to put in the sand and will not break! I lived on the island for many years and the Tommy umbrella was always the best. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Love your blog and how you capture moments and memories with your family and translate them into words. Also your fashion is always on point ?

  6. These photos are beautiful, I love following your exciting journey! All your snapchats are so fun to watch! You should definitely do a workout video, no one will judge haha – we all look awkward while working out!

    Lauren Lindmark

    1. Thank you Lauren!! That’s so nice of you 🙂 And okay good! I will try and make one soon! xo

  7. Hi Amber! I love your blog and think it is so inspiring! My fiancé and I hunt, and you have inspired me to start photographing our adventures and blogging about them! Our blog is

    I also ordered your hair extensions in melt my heart, today, and I cannot wait to receive them and wear them!

    1. I love hearing that! Thanks so much Cassie!! And yay! That color will be gorgeous on you!! xo

  8. this may be a long shot, but now that you’re in Hawaii if you meet any Demartinis (Becky and Doug) they are my cousins 🙂 so tell them HI

  9. Love love love all your posts!!! Makes me want to go to Hawaii (I’ve been there once).
    I have a silly question, but do you have any recommendations on how to protect the camera from the sand? It would be great to have our camera with us at the beach and capture such beautiful moments as you guys, but I’m always worried I will ruin our DSLR!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that! And we don’t do anything special with it at the beach but right after we snap pictures we just make sure to put it back into our camera bag and zip it up 🙂

  10. Seriously loving these beach photos while it’s winter here – major inspo for a getaway! I love love that suit it is adorable. YES, the white one is so good too. I love talking business with my family too. It’s so fun and inspiring every time. I would love to see some workouts, yes, plz!


  11. I am coming to the north shore feb 11-21 with the hubby and have a six month old baby girl! Any chance we can meet up for a play date?! (From Vancouver, Canada)

  12. The kids look so cute in these pictures!! I am in love with your swimming costume I love the colour!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  13. Oh Rosie what a sweet little bean. <3
    My love, I'm wondering what plug in you are using to make the masonry instagram feed in your footer?

  14. I’m so glad that your family could come! And yay for finding a gym. I can totally relate to having kids crawling all over you. I swear both my kids either want to join me or they start crying ha. Busting it out at the gym is much more effective.

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  15. i absolutely LOVE this beach, we visit family near by all the time. these photos are so cute! atticus and rosie are going to love looking back at all of them.

    enjoy your time in Hawaii, nothing quite like it!

  16. This beach is STUNNING! I love the view of the mountains. I also have a hard time working out at home…it seems like it would be convenient but it’s not…lol! I can’t wait to hear more about your new home build! <3

  17. Oh my gosh …I love your swimsuit!! It seems kinda revealing though when I click on the link …did you feel like it was when you wore it? I love it though & the color is killer! Adorable pictures of you and your family always 🙂 Thanks for sharing …when do you guys move to AZ?!! Can’t wait to see your home!!!

  18. Looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Your blog will be such a great way to look back at all these moments and remember things you did each day with the kiddies! I try to keep a journal when I travel to remember the little things. I need to get better with recording great memories on my blog!


  19. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a great time at the beach. Sophie x