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A perfect piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe this season is an a-line skirt and what better way than to make one yourself! You might be thinking you can’t or it’s too hard but as long as you have a sewing machine and basic knowledge of how to use it then you can for sure make this. It’s very easy and looks like it was bought straight from the store.

Ready to learn how to make the skirt? Let’s do this.

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Supplies List

Fabric (mine is from Joann’s – similar here)
Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine
9″ Invisible Zipper (in matching color)
Tailor’s Chalk
Iron-On Adhesive
Paper, Pen, & Tape (for the pattern)

Step #1

Make a pattern using a skirt you already have that you know fits good. Pay attention to where the seams are. My skirt that I used has buttons in the front and is made of three pieces. It’s also a bit stretchy, so since I was working with a fabric that’s not stretchy at all, I added a bit of extra space to my skirt pattern, seen above. This skirt works for the pattern because I wanted to have a zipper in the back so I just pretended that the buttons were on the back of the skirt. For the pattern, I used printer paper and tape. You’ll make one piece per section of skirt. You’ll figure out the sections according to the seams.

Step #2

Trace your pattern pieces onto the fabric using the tailor’s chalk, leaving space for seam allowance, ¼” is about what I added. I have two back pieces and a front piece so far.

Step #3

With the right sides together, sew the back pieces to the front piece like above.

Step #4

For the waistband, cut out a rectangle that is 5″ high with the length being the size of your waist (or wherever you want the waistband to sit on your body) plus an inch for seam allowance. Cut out a piece of the iron-on adhesive that’s the same length but only about 2″ high. Place the adhesive on one side of the fabric and then iron it down. Fold the fabric in half (hot dog style) and iron it again.

Step #5

Pin the waistband (right sides together) to the middle of the top of the skirt. Sew this down. I had a lot of excess fabric on each side of the waistband so I cut it off while leaving about 1 cm on each side for the zipper’s seam allowance. It’s better to have too much fabric than not enough fabric!

Step #6

Now to add the zipper. I followed this guide exactly. I also used a zipper foot on my sewing machine which makes it easier to sew zippers!

Step #7

Hem the bottom of the skirt and it’s finished!

I am so in love with this DIY a-line skirt! I mean how can I not be? It turned out SO good and looks store-bought. I hope that you got inspired by my skirt and try to make one of your own! Clothing is so much more special to wear when you make it yourself.

Article and images by Jenny Bess. You can view more content by Jenny on her blog and on her Instagram here

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