bought my new mac. wahhh i cry of excitement inside every time i look at the thing.
this is how the obnoxious purchase went down:
me: “hi yeah i just want to buy one of these (while simultaneously pointing to the laptop of course)”
mac man: “oh yeah for sure well you know this one here is only $400 more but it is much more efficient.. (you know the whole shabang)”
me (in my head): uhh yeah all i heard from your little mouth was “blah blah i want you to spend more money you dont have blah blah freaking blah”
me (what i really said): no no, all i want is this one.. thanks
mac man: “well you can also get a printer for $250 and use the $100 mail in rebate.. which you being a student and all, you definitely deserve this”
me (in my head): i deserve this? what did i do? do you even know me? grrrrr you demon. just. want. da. laptop. gimme gimme.
me (what i really said): no thats okay thanks though!
(similar conversation continues for the next 30 minutes as he tries to sell me one billion more things)
then at last. im free. just me and my new computer. hallelujah.

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  1. i literally laughed out loud reading this. shared it with drew. hilarious and so true about those dang sales men. love you!