DRESS: J. Crew

SANDALS: c/o Windsor

SUNNIES: Karen Walker

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Cut a Caper’ (my most used lipstick)

Tomorrow I am back to my regular outfit posts! Jessica and I have been working together and I have some fun shoots to share.. But I had to show you guys some pics of this dress from a luau I went to in Hawaii first 🙂 I love J. Crew but almost never buy things full price because I find that they almost ALWAYS go on sale. I snagged this dress for $14.50 during their last sale and I was so happy! J. Crew is having 25% off all shirts right now with code SHIRTS25


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  1. Amber. Your a babe ! Love looking at the blog.! My lil sis lives in Kaui. You need to visit there sometime. You and your hubs are so cute!
    Just thought Id let you and everyone else know. I recenlty orderd two swimsuits from Spiegel.(I know there old school) but were heading to powell and they were having a sale. Anywho, they sent me the wrong size. So for two weeks now I have been calling them it goes striaght to voice mail, haven’t returned any of my emails . well it turns out they went bankrupt so I guess Im out my 60 bucks!!! I don’t know how they can still take my money if there bankrupt. Grrrrrr!!!!
    Buyers Be Aware of this company. 🙁
    If your a size two Ill send them to you! Hugs Michelle

    1. Yes you totally need to go visit!! And oh my gosh!!!! UGH that is SO annoying! I would be so mad! I had no idea! I am going to take down all Spiegel links right after this.. I can’t believe that! I am so sorry girl, don’t you hate when annoying things like that happen? While I was in Hawaii my car got towed and I had to pay an arm and a leg when I got back I was so sad.. so maybe that will make you feel better? haha 🙂 thanks for letting us all know!

  2. 14.50?! What a steal! LOVE that dress! Perfect for Hawaii. I’m seriously thinking about coming on Saturday, but can’t decide yet! If I go I’ll probably bring Courtney (Campbell) so we’ll have to stop by and say hi! It’d be awesome to finally meet you!


  3. That is such a pretty dress—love the vibrant colors! I agree about JCrew—they always have great sales. Looking forward to seeing your shoots with Jessica! xo

    1. Yes they totally have the best sales and so regularly too!! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments!

  4. Amber you look flawless as always! Love this look on you 🙂 What a trip of a lifetime with your man.
    I love a great sale! Beautiful dress 🙂


  5. Hi Amber! I have really enjoyed all of your pictures from your amazing trip to Hawaii, almost felt like I was tagging along with you there! Thanks for sharing : ) I wish I lived near Utah, I would have LOVED to meet ya at the shop your favorite blogger’s closet.

    1. Aw thanks Michelle!! I am glad you like the pics! 🙂 And I so wish you were in Utah too, would be so nice to meet you! I always love seeing your comments! xx

  6. I love that lipstick but I tried to get it at Nordstrom and they said its a limited edition. Where do you get yours?

    1. AHH are you serious?!?! I didn’t know it was limited edition that is so sad because I am almost out!! Hm.. I will try to find out one close to the color and share it in a blog post!