Loving Beauty Routine from the Inside-Out


Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. 

– Kiesza

I love this quote, it’s a perfect beginning to this post and something I strive to work on.

I’ve been asked many times….how do you find the time to do your makeup so well with 2 little ones?! My answers is, fast and easy with multi use products. Before I touch down on my routine, something more important than what I put on my face….what I tell myself when I look in the mirror. Instead of looking at myself with a judging eye, I try to look at myself with thoughts of love & grace.  I used to be extremely critical of myself, definitely had some body dysmorphia during my modeling years. I learned with time, yoga, becoming a mother, learning self love and self care that….the negative voice inside my head is crap and only I could stop it. One of my first steps to finding this peace and grace, a mantra every morning or on a post-it note on the mirror.

Some of my favorites…….

I am a being of light and love, I radiate that to myself and everyone I meet.

I am enough. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am loved.

I am grateful for this moment today and everyone that I love that’s in it.

Grace. I deserve the grace that I give others.

I’ve got this!!!

You can make up your own, use some of these or find some inspiration on Pinterest. I also just found Alex Elle’s page on instagram and she will definitely help you find inspiration.  So now that that’s covered, lets begin! When you apply makeup, I want you to ask yourself….what features do I love about my face? I know sometimes it’s hard for us woman to give ourselves a compliment but do it now, you know you have a beautiful feature. After you have given yourself some love now we can start with a positive confident mindset.

When choosing what makeup to use….there are so many awesome products out there and I try not to obsess over having all natural/organic products on my face but when I can put a more clean product on my skin, I try. The hard thing that comes along with that, sometimes those all natural or organic products just don’t have the staying power or flexibility when using them BUT I found some amazing products that actually work really well and will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh and glowing. I’m all about making things fast and easy so this look is just that. I even throw in some quick highlighting and contouring. Lets get started!


Face Oil

Always start with a nice clean moistured face. After cleansing I like to apply a light oil. I really rub it on my face to get some circulation going. Always apply in a upward motion and then when I’m done applying the oil all over my face, I apply the rest on my lips and my neck. Don’t ever forget about your neck, it deserves love too. I like Botnia Replenishing Facial oil or any Argon Oil works nice too.

Botnia Replenishing Facial Oil



Find a foundation that is as close to your skin as possible, you can go a shade lighter or darker depending on your taste but don’t stray too far from your natural skin tone. I usually recommend more of a yellow undertone vs pink because the yellow tones will help cut out any redness that we want to help defuse.

I apply my foundation with my fingers but you can use a sponge if you want. Always apply most of the foundation in the center of your face then move outward. I like to start in the center and move out because most redness is around eyes and nose. This is a quick makeup tutorial so when I’m in a hurry, instead of grabbing another product like concealer to conceal I go back and apply a little bit of foundation under eyes, eyelids and around nose. Right now, I’m liking Burts Bees Goodness Glows Foundation.

Burts Bees Foundation



When I’m doing a fast look, and don’t have time for powder or pencil, I use a gel to deposit color and to shape. Start with most color on the outer half of the eyebrow then go back to the inside of the eyebrow with what’s left on the brush, always stroking upwards and out. I am liking Pacifica brow gel at the moment.

Pacifica Brow Gel


Contour & Bronze

You can use a powder or cream. Since I’m highlighting more natural products I’ve found that RMS bronze cream is great or Physicians Formula powder bronzer is great. My number 1 rule when applying bronzer, only apply the bronzer where the sun would naturally tan your skin. I always put my bronzer on the sides of my forehead and very top, leaving the middle bare. Then a little on temples blending a little on top of my cheekbones and a little bit under my cheekbones closer to hairline. Then a little on the bridge of nose, leaving you looking sunkissed. If you would like to contour grab a little bit of bronzer on fingers or brush and apply on both sides of the bridge of your nose making a line on both sides (see photo below), blend and there you go! Sometimes I also like to grab a little bit of bronzer and place it on the center of my eyelids then blend outward. It’s amazing how applying bronzer to those sun kissed areas then contouring nose gives you more of a finished refined look. I like RMS cream Bronzer right now.

RMS Cream Bronzer


Dewy Highlights

Choose a highlighter where you will still see skin when applied. Remember this is natural so stay away from a highlighter that has too much shimmer or glitter. I like to use a gold or Illuminating colors like RMS beauty cream or Pacifica Rainbow Crystals. See photo below on where to apply. Apply highlighter on the top of cheekbones, bow of top lip, then bridge of nose all the way up to your forehead. Then blend gently tap product in or gently rub to finish.

Pacifica Rainbow Crystals


Bright Dewy Cheeks & Lips

I do love a cream or gel blush that has multi purpose so I can use it on my lips as well. I always choose a bright pink or coral, a color that makes me feel happy, awake and bright when applied. Always apply to apple of cheeks and blend. I don’t go crazy with blush, remember to stay natural 🙂 See photo below, I had a very cute messy helper. when I’m done applying the blush, I apply to my lips. Rub lips together and done!

I love Olio E Osso blush, all their colors are so pretty. Stila also has their Convertible Cream Blush that’s really awesome too.  

Olio E Osso Blush



I usually use black mascara so they really stand out. A couple of coats does the trick. start by wiggling the wand at the base of lash then swoop upwards. I always apply a bit more On the outer third of my lashes to give my lashes a more fanned out butterfly look.

Finding a more natural mascara was hard for me but I think Pacifica Stellar Gaze actually works. If you know of any good, more natural mascaras please let me know.  

Pacifica Stellar Gaze

I hope you try some of these tips and I hope you find them helpful on your self love journey and make your beauty routine easier!

Kind of a fun fact about me….I used to do makeup for Stila as one of their traveling national makeup artists and I also did makeup for commercials, magazines, fashion shows and photos shoots in LA and NYC. Alongside being a makeup artist, I did a little modeling so I learned a lot of amazing tricks from some of the best!

Most of my natural products are from one of my favorite shops ever, the bright and happy Spruce and Honey in Bozeman, MT. If you are lucky enough to visit, you will be greeted by Keely, the natural beauty with blonde hair and a big warm smile.


Article and images by Jessica Hetherington. You can view more content by Jessica on her blog and shop sheandwolf.com and on her Instagram here

Meet Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica Hetherington. My family and I are currently living in Montana raising our two nature babies at the foot of the mountains. Thomas and I have been married for 12 years now. Goldie is four and half years old and was born in Manhattan. River is 17 months and was born here in Montana.

I am a vintage loving, yoga mommy that loves being outside with my babies. As a family we do everything together. We thrift shop, we do yoga together, we explore the outdoors. We are rarely ever apart and I love it that way. What I am passionate about in life, I want my children to experience with me. It’s truly magical to observe them adventure day to day life, to see through their eyes brings a newness that makes even the smallest things so exciting.

You can find me on my blog and online store sheandwolf.com

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  1. Beautiful family and pictures! I am not surprised that everyone loves your makeup since you don’t skip any step!
    Great beauty routine! What step would you skip to save more time?