Loose Braid Tutorial

STEP ONE: Take three sections

STEP TWO: Begin doing a Dutch braid (basically instead of putting the outside section on top of the middle section, you put it underneath the middle section in a braiding motion.)

STEP THREE: Pull out each loop quite a bit to make the braid look thicker and looser.

STEP FOUR: Repeat on other side and connect both braids in back with an elastic and hair spray.

Loose Braid TutorialFor other tutorials, check out my YouTube channel here

**Photos by Jessica Janae Photography


Photos from Loose Braid Tutorial

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    1. Thank you!! So glad you liked the tutorial 🙂 And yes, definitely try to loosen your braids up by pulling them apart. xo

  1. Very pretty braid….
    Can’t wait to try it out….
    Q: what color lipstick are you wearing?

    1. Yay I am excited for you to try it! And yeah try doing it under and see if it works better for you, I personally like the look of a dutch braid better than a french!

  2. thanks so much!!!! my question is how would you do this with clip-in extensions??

    1. You could just do the single clip extensions about an inch and a half down from your part and maybe just do two of them! You can see my Side Braid Tutorial and how I put them in for that style would work for this! xx

    1. Thanks!! And ahh dutch braids are my favorite and so so easy! You will have to try it!

  3. First, congrats on that sweet little baby bump! You’re absolutely luminous!!! And of course the hair, ahhhh-mazing, but it always is! I was wondering if you ever might consider making a video of this so it’s more tangible and it would be awesome to see how/if you use extensions in this look (and others for the future). You inspired me to try extensions and now $400 later I’m still a fumbling idiot! Haha but I’m trying so I need some more tips and you have a knack at making these looks accessible! Thanks for inspiring us! You’re truly a doll! Xx

    1. Hey girl! Aw thank you so so much!! And yeah I can totally do a video tutorial on this look! You can put in the single clip extensions the same as I did in the Side Braid Video and then for the long ones with 3 clips you would just do them straight instead of on a slant! 🙂 but I will definitely try to get a tutorial for this look! xx

  4. amber i love this! i was wondering- what program do you use to make these images? btw your twisted braid from forever ago is my GO TO always lol love it xx

  5. I am so glad you are back to doing hair and makeup
    posts and tutorials 🙂 Love this look xx