DRESS (also available in this pink color) / SANDALS (old similar here)

One of our days in Maui we went to see the blowhole! I thought the blowhole was cool but I thought the coastline and trail were the site to see! It reminded me of Ireland so much!!! So pretty. The other set of photos is from our last day in Maui. I booked a later afternoon flight thinking we could do Road to Hana before if we left really early. Well yeah not so much. We started the drive and decided to just go to the black sand beach at mile marker 32. An hour and a half in we barely made it to mile marker 19 when Rosie was starting to get fussy. I was playing games with her and singing her favorite songs – nothin. She was just so sad. Then all of the sudden she threw up ALL over. The roads were so windy and I should have known that would have been trouble 🙁 I felt so bad for her! But luckily instantly after she was back to her normal self and felt totally better – she just had to get it all out. (in that very last photo is when we pulled over and were cleaning it all up ha). We turned around and went as slow as we could and stopped at a shaved ice/fruit stand and got a little treat and then headed to the airport. (also I love that the flight from Oahu to Maui is literally 35 minutes long and feels like it is 20 minutes long.)

Also I have to say how much I love this dress I am wearing here – it is one of those dresses that just looks so much better on and it is also SO soft. Now if only I hadn’t sat right on a banana and had squashed banana chunks all over it.. I probably would have worn it every day we were there.

I am going to be back in Maui today because tomorrow I am speaking on the Create Cultivate panel!!! If you are in the area then please come! It is a free event. Here are the details.


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  1. Can you tell me please, where is the blue dress from? It’s so cute.

  2. Aww. These photos are amazing! I love the white dress! It looks like you had an awesome time! I really want to attend a Create Cultivate event. I’m going to make that happen this year.
    XO, Elizabeth http://freespiritfashionista.com

  3. How cute is that kiosk? Must go to Maui one day, looks much better than British weather! Your family is so adorable, I have been reading for 2 years now & I love how A has grown so much in that time into a lovely little gentleman!

  4. Where are your anklets from? you snapped two the other day and I noticed one in this post. They’re so cute!

  5. So many beautiful memories for your family! Your bond with your kids is so heart ❤️ warming

  6. I like you and your family very much. You give me happiness and peace.😍😍😊😊

  7. I love this!! Your life is seriously so beautiful, even with the story of little Rosie lol. I was dying to get your extensions for my college graduation present, but my dad panicked (he claimed he was confused) and ended up getting me a necklace instead, lol. Next holiday involving presents hopefully! Your blog posts are so fun to read, you make me so excited to get married and have a cute little fam someday… 🙂 LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Love! You’re family is so cute!


  9. I love the road to Hana! Well, at least prior to having babies😂😂 there are so many stops that we haven’t went all the way since having small babies! Poor Rosie! My son did the same thing when we went up to Haleakala one morning. These pictures are beautiful! Such a lovely family♡

  10. gorgeous photos! everyone looks soo tan–do the kiddos use the kate somerville tan towels too?!

  11. I love seeing that you’ve posted a new blogpost! Your pictures always make me so happy 🙂
    The nature is so so pretty on Maui I really wanna visit Hawaii one day, and hopefully as soon as possible 🙂 Your dress looks fabulous on you. Very sad that there is smashed banana on it right now 😀 I also really love then you and Rosie where matching clothes. Just so adorable!
    Hopufully it will be the last time that she got car sick! Thats just so annoying and I hate it…

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  12. Wow it looks gorgeous there! I remember your pictures from Ireland and I agree that it looks very similar! Also, I totally recognize your shoes from older posts and I wish I would’ve snatched them up then because they are so cute!

  13. Aw poor Rosie! Getting car sick is the worst 🙁
    I’m heading to Kauai tomorrow! (sooo excited!) Anything you would suggest we do while there?
    I hope the Create Cultivate event goes well 🙂 Happy Friday! xo Holly

  14. Oh I wish I could make it to the Create & Cultivate panel! Sounds like a great time! If only I could figure out a way to transport myself to Hawaii in less than 24 hrs 😉


  15. Children are so funny, there was many a day I sat in banana when I use to babysit an adorable eight month old baby girl. I quickly learned not to wear fairly cheap clothing that could be thrown in the washing machine hahaha


  16. These photos are so beautiful!

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  17. We did Hana Road last summer and I totally understand Rosie! Poor thing! We were here at the end of August and all of the stands were close, so it’s cool to see them so vibrant in your photos!

  18. Yikes- poor Rosie! Love your positivity though and that it didn’t ruin your day! The coast looks amazing and I totally want to put this on my list of places to visit when I visit Hawaii this summer! Your posts are getting me so excited!!! (it’ll be my second sponsored travel trip as a blogger and I have been taking so many notes from how you do things- haha!)