oh man i really miss my cutest roommates….
bree and emily left for california on wednesday and will be there all weekend.. they are at disneyland today! i was going to go with them but i thought my mom might be mad and i had a lot to get done for my trip to fiji so i stayed.. then i called my mom after they left and told her and she said “oh why didnt you go?! i wouldnt be mad at all!” UGHHH!
lauren is also in california at disneyland this weekend which leaves me.. home. alone.

sooo…. ive been trying to have a lovely day all by my lonesome. i made cd’s, went to barnes and noble and read books (because why buy a book when you can read it in the store on a comfy couch for freeee?! thats what us poor college students do) and ran lots and lots of errands!!!

all of that ^ works… until you see your shiny cute blue bike (my absolute best purchase ever) sitting in the corner of the family room (yes we keep our bikes in our apartment because we ride them multiple times a day) just wanting to be ridden to the frozen yogurt shop.. however i always feel stupid riding bikes alone…

my conclusion: on a friday night home alone i am going to..

1. get in pajamas (of course)
2. do crafts
3. have a dance party by myself
4. bake yummy things
5. look at pictures of FIJI and wish i was there already
6. last but not least BLAST my heater!!!! since my roommates usually scold me for doing so i can make this apartment as hot as i want and pretend im home in az 🙂

Photos from lonesome weekend !

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