dont you hate when you start a diet and then you accidentally eat like ten pumpkin cookies an hour later? grrr. i feel like this is always happening to me. totally dreadful. so here goes my diet take 2. hopefully since i announced this on a public forum i will be more motivated.
i finally got a credit card.. and im buying a new laptop on it tomorrow..
everyone keeps saying, “oh my gosh amber dont do it.” “youll be in sooo much debt and go crazy with it.”
im slightly nervous but considering im pretty good with my money (humble brag) i dont think it will be a problem.. right?
i mean my last two emails have said “this week you spent $0.00” soo.. i dont know we will see! but im ecstatic to have a new laptop!!!! see ya later dell!

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  1. okay see thats what i was thinking!!! always can count on you to make me feel better about everything/anything! and so true.. they are at the top of the food chain for sure.

  2. Building credit is good, and you always keep track of your money. You will be fine!! Nbd. Also, I crave pumpkin cookies. They are bomb and should be part of everyones diet:)