Llamas & Apple Picking

On our last day on our way towards the airport we stopped off at this alpaca farm! We were just looking at them through the fence but then the owner came out and invited us to come back and meet the alpacas. She introduced us to all of them by name which I thought was so cool (there were literally SO many!) She let us feed them their treats and by the end Rosie was hugging and kissing them. They were so gentle and sweet with her too!

Atticus was a little nervous and wanted to be held the whole time but honestly there were so many I didn’t blame him because with them being so small I can see that being really scary which is why I was so surprised Rosie was being so friendly with them. If you missed the videos I posted of her you can see them here. If you are ever in Vermont the farm is called Moonacre Alpaca Farm! She took us back to be nice but make sure you tip her good if she does the same for you.

Shop My Looks

After we went to an apple farm and picked a bunch of apples that we took home to AZ and made apple pies and crumbles with. I wish you could see my full outfit because I actually really liked it and am def going to wear the exact outfit again because this sweater is so so soft. Below are outfit details.

What I Wore: Striped Sweater, Coat, A’s CoatRo’s Coat

A Rainy Day in Vermont & 12 Things

Life Update

Hope everyone is having a good week! This is a goooood week. It started off yesterday (Sunday) where I seriously had an epiphany that I can’t stop thinking about and it made me realize that everything happens for a reason – ah I wish I could tell you guys more (I will later) and I hate being secretive but am only mentioning that because it is like crazzzy on my mind. Then today was just a good day – I got to see baby at the doctor and baby is healthy and good.

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  1. I am just so in love with how passionate Rosie is about food. What a gem she is!