I just adore the little things.
Second day hair. {twist sides, bobby pin. pull hair in a pony, take out bobby pins. fishtail pony. wear all day. sleep in it. wake up. voila.}
 improvising for pony tails when they are mia
 pretty colors
 lovely windows
 flowers in random places
 getting tickled by this kid
 walks in town
 paint testing
 the colors kill me. too charming.
 morning giggles in bed
cute brothers {missing antoine}
 seriously killing me with his cuteness
 beach time
 my boys will wear speedos like the French kids.
 play time.
 getting caught taking a little pee in the lake haha
 messy ponys
 virtually watching my man play in his show… sigh. sad I missed it. thank heavens for technology.
 going to the skate park. to watch, not skate.
 but I try.
Friday night dinners for one 🙂
oh yeah… I am that awkward person eating alone in restaurants.
i mean….
 why not? haha


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  1. What are the boys’ names? Seriously, get them into movies (“Home Alone in France”)

  2. Haha, that last picture was too cute! Your blog is so inspirational and makes me think of so many ideas I want to start trying myself!! Keep doing what you do, you’re amazing.

  3. i was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you do your make up.. especially your eye liner, thanks 🙂 PS: love your blog

  4. Aw those boys are precious!! Who took the picture of you at dinner if you were alone?? Or did you have the courage to ask someone random 😉

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and can I just say it’s so refreshing to find one that is both fun and interesting while still being wholesome and tasteful.. Thank you for being a bright spot on the internet! I’m most def a fan 🙂

    1. They already are seriously cute! Put them in movies as child actors! They’ll be big stars.