proposition at the bottom.


i know i blogged yesterday. and the day before, etc.
you’re probably thinking, “how does this girl have so much time on her hands to blog?”
well you see.. im home in arizona.. for a couple more weeks.
during the days.. great. i go running, bake, play with my sissies, cruise the town, walk my dog, etc.
but turns out my sisters are total babes and always go on dates at night.
which leaves me… sisterless.
jamie is on her second date of the day.
my record is four in one day. how stupid is that? that can only happen in provo i think. it happened a few weeks ago. i dont think any of the guys knew about the other guys. not that they needed to.. on the account of.. im single. but i literally got all my meals paid for that day.
BUT let me clarify that i will NEVER go on a date for a free ANYTHING.
maybe when i was a freshman..
i would say yes to a boy i knew i didnt want to ever go on a second date with because
a. i wanted free food
b. i felt bad for him
i spent way too many nights on stupid dates thinking, “honestly…. i would freaking rather be drowning in the ocean right now or having possums gnaw at my shins” to ever say yes to another date i dont want to go on again.
okay just kidding. its great meeting new people and making new friends, blah blah blah.
nowa days.. only if im interested, or if they seem like a good guy.
by the way.
whats up with people giving See’s chocolate and getting the box with only like 2 caramel filled ones? did you think someone was going to eat the other 90 chocolates filled with some pink gooey crap? people just need to stick to the original. but its the thought that counts i guess.
thanks matt, you know whats up.
(he is my friend and sends me see’s chocolates with only caramel filled chocolates. and a few mint ones of course. hes an angel.)
someone come sing me to sleep?
 i need those pants and i need that bag.



 literally though.


 what a lavish life.
 man oh man oh man oh mannnn amby likey.
 i want this in my room!
 who says you cant mix gold and silver?
 anyone know where to find these? ive been searchin high and low.
buh byyye.

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