Rosie Belle! Some of those faces she is making in the photos just show her personality so perfectly. She is a happy and giggly girl with a lot of sass haha! She learned to roll her eyes at me and does it and then giggles – its so funny. My kids are obsessed with lipstick – are anyone else’s?! They always want to help me put it on and then put it on themselves. We all know what happens with Rosie and lipstick though (see here if you missed it) so I have to keep my eye on that one.

The kiddos and I had so much fun swimming tonight. It was cloudy and really nice weather this evening and the pool was perfect temperature. They are super comfortable around water now too which makes it fun because we can jump off the diving board and play fun games. Rosie is almost too comfortable in the water though and doesn’t really know how to swim like A does so it does scare me. I can’t take my eyes off her for sure (well either of them obviously). We have been getting these storms in Arizona and I lovvve Arizona storms! The weather drops to low 90’s with wind (which is perfect summer temp in my opinion) and it gets all cloudy and the smell of rain here is my favorite! Except it does remind me of early mornings after a storm and having to go to swim team at 6am and the pool always feeling so cold from the rain — I never liked that haha. I can’t wait til the kids can do swim team and we can go to their meets! Swim meets are so fun.

I think I already said this but Atticus is doing soccer this fall and I am so beyond excited. Like getting custom shirts made for the whole family to wear to the games kind of excited. He is actually kind of a natural at soccer. Especially when we were in NYC and he would be playing in the park and people would come tell us how good he was haha! (wait is this bragging?! I can’t help it.) anyways, he really is good and I love to watch him play. I am gonna be a legit soccer mom in my mini van – what what!! Our van gets here next month and I am super excited. Now the big debate — do we get a Barefoot Blonde Hair sticker for the back?!?! Haha!! David wants to.

Anyways, off to bed! I have an early morning work call tomorrow and I am hoping I don’t have to mute too much while kids and hanging on me haha. xo

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  1. What is this lipstick color? The red one! I am always in love with your lipsticks, you should start including them as a link!

  2. Hey girl! Longtime reader, first-time commenter. 😀 Loved reading that you too are crossing over to the dark side and getting the minivan! I got one a couple months ago (I have 3 kiddos, so we got ours right before the new baby was born) and let me tell you, that ish is BOMB! All my friends made fun of us but it is seriously the best! Wanted to share this blog post I wrote about it to make you laugh. 😛

    1. Yay!! I am so glad to hear that! We have a rental right now but will be getting a minivan soon!!! I am way too excited! And thank you for being a loyal follower!!! xoxo

  3. Hey Amber! I love all of Rosie’s little expressions! On a different note, I had an idea recently that I’m not sure if you would ever consider, but I think it would be super fun for a lot of your readers! It would be fun if you did super affordable outfit posts for like 2 weeks or a month straight! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, but I’m just a regular girl with not a lot of extra cash flow. You are such a style and life inspiration to me and I would love to see a bunch of really inexpensive outfit posts! Just a thought! Thanks for always brightening my day! P.S. I love how all your photos are so full of energy and real- not super posey, posey! Haha!

    1. Yay!!! I am so so glad! I tried your link but it isn’t working for me 🙁 I bet you made a stunning bride!

  4. Aaaaahhh!! Is it possible to be even more cute than Rosie?! Her smile is just so adorable and she seems to smile the whole time 🙂
    And I am also very exited to see pictures of Atticus playing soccer 🙂 He is getting such a big boy!

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  5. These photos of you two are so darling! Brag on girl isn’t that what parents are suppose to do? I’m excited for Atticus to get to play soccer and make new friends!
    Keri Elaine

  6. Hahaha that Twitter picture of Rosie!!! That made me laugh! I’ve been very careful with my 2.5 year old daughter – she hasn’t gotten into my cosmetics bag yet! (is it bragging? :-)) She loves the little compact mirrors though, I’ll have to get her one of those just for fun. I absolutely love the dress you’re wearing. Just fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Rosie!!! She is just the sweetest thing!!! Ever since she was born and I see all your pics of her, I’ve been so excited to have a daughter of my own!! I just want a little sassy bestie <3
    Love these pics, Amber!!

  8. My babies love my lipstick too! Many times has stains of pink and red been all over their faces. I love how Rosie is trying to put your make-up on. Seriously so cute. What makeup brushes are your favorite? Much love!

  9. Rosie is so cute! What color is your lipstick ? It’s stunning!

  10. Haha! Same thing over here with lipsticks… I love these photos, you two are so cute together 💕

    1. No way?! What is it that makes babies want to basically eat them haha. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  11. Aw such sweet pictures! They look like such great swimmers from your insta stories. It’s crazy how such little babes like Rosie can jump and swim around without a floaty! When I have kids one day I am so putting them in swim classes early on so they can be like that too! Can’t wait to see As soccer pics this fall! He will be so cute and you will be like soccer mom goals!
    Courtney ||

  12. A sticker would be cool, but then everyone would know it was yours and your might get some stalkers haha!

  13. You two are ADORABLE. When I have my contour half done my 2 year old little girl will tell me I need to “blend Mommy!” Haha! These storms have been so fun, they’re our favorite too. Are you going to do another BFB hair pop up shop anytime soon now that you’re back in AZ?? I need some! Maybe get that sticker on your van so we fans can hunt you down easy and buy em straight off of ya. 😉

  14. Ok…first of all!!! You’re little girl’s hair!! Ah! I have total hair envy – those pigtails!! I have a 16 month old and we are waiting for it to come in so I can do just that. And for her not to be mistaken as a boy…. Although some days I don’t mind 😉
    Loving that dress you’re wearing. So feminine and pretty! And I love what your doing on here.

    What type of swimming lessons did you have your children do? I feel like its not the typical/normal route…Is there a special name? I’m from Canada and would love to find a program similar.

    xox Andrea

    1. You are too sweet!! Her hair took a little while to grow but now it’s long enough to do more styles and I am loving it 🙂 And we did private lessons through an Infant Safety Resource (ISR) instructor. ISR lessons are more based on infant survival in the water as well as swim instruction so they learned to roll over and float on their back and lots of other things to help them. We loved it and the kids are super comfortable in the water now.