I still remember the first day I bought my very first lip stick. (not counting the day I snuck my mom’s lipstick in my backpack and put it on right before I got my picture taken for the yearbook… in kindergarden.. I was such a diva). Anyways. It was 2.4 years ago. San Tan Mall. Mac counter in Macy’s. I bought “Snob”. Which still remains my favorite lip stick.. I use it almost every day.
Lip stick makes you feel so much more grown up (at least it did the day I bought my first.. now it is just a normal necessity. I literally don’t know how I ever survived 19 years in this harsh world without it.) (exaggerating obvvvs)
If you don’t wear lip stick yet… that is SUCH a tragedy. Please go get in your car, and go to Mac and buy some. $14. Lasts so long. If you are using the excuse that $14 is too much for a silly lipstick.. well that is why I am here. These are my favorite lipsticks ranging from $5-$15:
(in no particular order)

Photos from lip without lipstick? NEBER!!!

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