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Happy Monday!! I had a fun weekend with the kids – lots of swimming and playing. I am back on track working out and it feels soo good. I hate having to take a day off (I usually take sundays off) but I was sure craving a gym session today. David gets home finally tonight – yay! It has been good for him to have some time with brothers and whatnot because he has kinda had a hard year. David will do a guest post when he is ready and update you all on what has been goin on this year. (after some emails I realized I may have worded that weird – I didn’t mean anything with us, just meant with his brother passing and his dad has been really sick 🙁 we haven’t mentioned it until now.) But we are glad he is coming back! I am not going to lie I do kinda feel like superwoman when he is gone – I have to be nonstop because I have the kids and work so I end up going nonstop all day and it always feels really good at the end of the day. I was so happy when one day me and the kids did meetings with architects, picked out details for the warehouse reno, went to the gym, went swimming twice, deep cleaned the house, interviewed potential new employees, made dinner, and movie night! Like holy cow I was so proud of myself that day haha. Sometimes I do get overwhelmed when I have a lot on my plate but when I know I have no one to watch the kids and I am on my own for everything I end up not having any time to get overwhelmed and I love it. Our babysitter has been sick so we haven’t had anyone the past couple weeks. Luckily my mom and sisters were able to tag team watching the kids while I was in L.A. though.

Anyways I wore this leopard dress in NYC – I got it just before we went on the trip and its already sold out I am so bummed because I wanted people to be able to snag it. Its soo soft. But all of Rachel Pally’s pieces are really soft. She always uses really nice fabric. This bag is maybe my favorite I have borrowed from Fashionphile. The color!!! Sometimes I want to buy designer bags and then I remember that my sis in law owns the biggest luxury consignment store and then I just call her and borrow some ha its pretty sweet! Sarah my sis in law who started it needs to write a book because I love her story of how she started it – she started selling them on ebay forever ago and it grew into what it is now!

I just got the kids to bed and the house cleaned. For a while I got out of the habit of cleaning the kitchen and family room after the kids go down but recently got back into sweeping, mopping etc every night after they go down and it just feels so much better. I currently have my Leaves candles burning (best fall candle ever!) and am going to put the computer down and watch Vikings 🙂

Hope you had an amazing weekend xo

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  1. You ARE Supermom! I’m so impressed with all you can manage to get done in a day sans the hubby – and all with a positive attitude! And I’m going to have to start making myself to a nightly kitchen/family room clean after we put the baby to bed… I’m sure if we got into a daily routine it would be easy and quick!

  2. I just love that feeling when you get so much done in one day! But before I actually get up and start moving, it sounds awful haha. I’m so proud of you lil mama! Atticus and Rosie are so lucky to have you and David!

  3. Those candles are my FAAAAAV! Love that you love them too!

    Chelcy | charmingchatwins.wordpress.com

  4. You are superwoman!! I find that on busy days I feel so great at the end of the day too! It’s nice to accomplish so much, especially with David out of town 😉

  5. Aw Amber, you are supermom! I’m sorry to hear it’s been a rough year for David, but I know your little family is strong and is a great support system. So fun he will be back tonight for you and the kids! Love this leopard outfit – too cute for fall xx


  6. This dress is so adorable! I love the pop of pink from the bag with it too!
    What you said about feeling like superwoman when you have the kids to yourself all day is so true! It’s definitely such a satisfying feeling to be exhausted at the end of the day and know that you worked your butt off.
    P.S. I had no idea that Fashionphile was owned by your sister in law, that’s so cool haha

  7. Hope everything is okay with you guys!

    Wow – definitely a busy schedule and I’m sure you’re doing a wonderful job. I wish I had the motivation to sweep and mop every night on top of everything else you are accomplishing! And I don’t even have kids! Lol


  8. You’re such a hands on mommy, wonderful wife and also a very inspiring entrepreneur which can be a lot to handle and balance at times.
    Thanks heavens for parents, siblings and great friends that are willing to “jump in” and help when needed and for supportive spouses which
    know how to step in and when to not put pressure on us.
    You’re looking beautiful in this leo printed dress! 🙂


  9. You definitely are Superwoman! Iove a day when I get all my errands done too, it feels so nice. I think that’d be awesome if your sis in law wrote a book or even a guest post about how she did it! I’m so interested in that! And I love Leaves flavor from B&BW! Sooo good, you’re right! 🙌🏼 xo Holly

  10. That leopard dress is so cute, and I love how you styled it with sneakers! And you are definitely a superwoman. I don’t know how you manage to be so productive while also taking care of the kids. I hope your workload is much lighter once David is back home!