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Sooo my niece was born this morning!!!!! Her name is June Bradley Bigelow! My sis was a champ in labor and it was soo special to watch and be there. I shared a couple pics on my insta stories, she looks like a little doll. I can’t stop staring at pictures of baby June!! And I especially can’t wait for the kids to meet their new cousin.

I wore this the other night to the symphony with David. They performed Christmas songs and they happened to open and close with the two songs that I whistle daily 365 days a year – so David and I were busting about that haha. I got this dress two shopbop sales ago – I tried it on and David lovvved it. And you know how husband’s don’t often go out of their way to comment on a piece of clothing (which I have to say I kind of love – I love that David almost always notes that I look nice instead of my clothes looking nice) but anyways he loved this dress and I did too so I kept it! I had kinda been waiting for the right time to wear it and decided to wear it for our date night and to church earlier that day. This dress is actually sold out in the leopard print but available in the exact style in another print here – I highly recommend because it is so soft and fits really great. Also I wore a shirt underneath to cover the sheer part.

And here are a few random things…

  1. I got asked to do jury duty – finallllly! I am excited.
  2. Before Coco they played a short Christmas film and it was Ro’s favorite, FROZEN! I was thinking they were announcing a Frozen 2. After the short film Rosie was saying “again again!!!”
  3. There is a REALLY scary dog that lives down the street.. anytime we walk by he sounds like he wants to kill us especially since he smells Chauncey with us. I always try to lead the kids a different way because I am scared of passing that dog haha
  4. Speaking of dogs there was a (TINY) dog in Hawaii that would sit in the street and bite people who passed – well we had to pass that house when walking to swim lessons. My heart raced every time.
  5. This week is Rosie’s first dance recital!!!
  6. Also this week we are going to see the nutcracker!
  7. I am shooting a really fun campaign tomorrow that I am excited to share.
  8. Our office is coming along! The fridge for our break room arrives tomorrow yay.
  9. David just watched The Holiday with me 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay going to bed! But I am publishing this in the morning sooo goodnight and also good morning?!

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  1. Isn’t it rare when husbands go out of their way to compliment an outfit?! That must mean this dress is the bomb! So gorgeous – love the lip color. Rosie’s first dance recital – O M G! I started dancing when I was that little too and it was such a great experience – I hope she loves it 🙂

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  2. Congrats on your new baby niece! And funny thing, my elementary school principle’s name was June Bradley! So random.
    The Nutcracker is my favorite Xmas show and I can be found whistling those songs throughout the entire month of December. Haha they’re so good!


  3. You are looking astonishing in this leo dress and your hair is flawless!
    I love watching Nutcracker at theatre, it’s such a must do every December. 🙂
    Good luck with the campaign shoot tomorrow!


  4. The comment about you looking nice vs. your clothes looking nice is too funny! My fiance always tells me “your makeup looks nice” whenever I go all out with the eyeshadow and such and one day I asked him why he doesn’t just tell me I look nice and he said because “because YOU look nice ALL the time and your makeup just ‘enhances’ your beauty” and I just loved that. But then I told him, “well then you should tell me I look nice without makeup too” haha he kindly complied. Honestly when I first started following you I would note how David looked at you and quietly wish I could find a guy that would look at me that way. Now I do and I’m so incredibly grateful. Now I just hope my family will be half as cute as yours!

    Love your blog, your instagram, and your inspirational guidance,
    Manda May | mandamaytoday.com

  5. Such a lovely couple!!! I love the hairdo And where’s the tiara from??


    Martha Woolf


  6. I have been loving leopard lately. For a couple of years, I was so over it, but it is coming back and I am in love. This dress is precious and the headband is such a cute touch of gold to add to the look.
    xo, Meghan |http://tanlinesanddaisies.com/

  7. Congrats, I’m happy that you family got a new addition. This sounds magical! Btw I love your dress, the length is just perfect.

  8. Welcome baby June! Our June (June Bug!!) is 3.5 today and I love seeing that name pop up more and more.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE!! Also, you are my fave… LOVE jury duty hahaha

  10. I love this dress and you look so beautiful! 🙂 Also, your niece is soo cute, I saw your pictures on instagram and it made me want a baby haha!

  11. Congratulations Auntie and a big congrats to your sister! This dress is so fun! I love pulling things out of my closet from awhile back and feeling like they are new pieces. Sierra~ Beautifully Candid

  12. Congrats on the baby! That’s a beautiful name. I have two nieces that I adore and they really make Christmases and other holidays SO FUN. And I can’t believe you’re *excited* about getting jury duty! I would absolutely dread that haha. Good for you though! Love the leopard dress.