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I finally made it to the Madonna Inn!!!! I have been dying to go for sooo long and this is where I am supposed to be. I first saw the Madonna Inn on instagram and made a mental note, and probably dedicated an entire pinterest board to it. Finally, it made sense to go. We were driving from San Francisco down to LA and it is about half way there. We stayed two nights but I couldn’t commit to one room for both because every room is uniquely designed, and no two are alike! If you’ve never heard of it or seen it, it really is something you just have to see in person. It’s almost like a piece of Vegas frozen in the 50’s. We stayed in the Merry room the first night, and in the Carin the second. I’d try and describe their difference to you but they were both pink and glittery. We ate at the cafe there, so good by the way, and then just spent the day on the grounds, or pool, or tennis court, almost all of which are pink. I was worried that it wasn’t going to live up to the photos I’ve seen, but everything is so thought out and perfectly placed, right down to the carpet.

And yes I must confess that I wore my Wildfox sweater to bed after we went to the pier – haha it is too dang comfy.

We have kind of been all over the place this trip, we are now in Santa Barbara doing a fun campaign that I will share in the near future. We got to our hotel last night and went for a swim and then put Atticus to bed and then I got a text from a friend that said “why did you delete your personal instagram account?!” (I have/had a personal account @amberfillerupclark with only photos and videos of Atticus) and I was so surprised when I got the text because I didn’t delete my account… I tried logging in which brought me to a page that said my account had been deleted for violated the Terms of Service agreement and that this action cannot be undone. I literally felt sick to my stomach. Apparently too many photos of a baby calls for termination of an account without notice yet all of the filth, porn, and trash I see on Instagram regularly is just fine. It really really irritates me and makes me so sick to my stomach. 🙁 has this happened to anyone else? Let me know if it has and if you have any advice what I should do! Thanks as always!

**^^Update! Just got an email from Instagram and they said they reinstated my account!!! YAY!! So apparently if yours get deleted and you contact them, then you are good to go! 🙂



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  1. i go to college right near madonna inn at cal poly! you make it look so glamorous 🙂

  2. Loved this post so much!! I really want to go visit Madonna Inn now, totally on my bucket list!! Great post!


  3. So glad you got your personal account back! I agree – there is way too much ‘trash’ on Instagram. I don’t see how pics of our precious babies are grounds for management to delete an account! ??? What the heck ??? Happy to hear it isn’t gone for good cause I too have a ton of my littles ones on my account. Hope you have a fab weekend and I LOVE your hair! 🙂
    -Kate from Canada <3

    1. Oh my gosh I am too I was so stressed! It’s amazing how some trash goes unblocked but the most innocent photos get flagged?! Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  4. Those rooms! The sparkle! Your family! I love everything about it. We went right through SLO a couple weeks back! I am wishing I would have seen this place before then! Definitely on the list for next time. So glad to see you had a great trip.

    1. Yes put it on the list! You must! Thanks so much, you’re too sweet. I’m glad you liked the post!

  5. Omgosh, I am obsessed with this place just by looking at your stunning photos. I want to visit! Thanks for sharing.

    Jess X

  6. WOW! I am surprised that they deleted your personal account. So weird! Especially if naked pics are all around IG!

    I love this hotel. Thanks for sharing the pics! You and Atticus look so lovely!


  7. I’m so glad that instagram reinstated your account, I can’t imagine how sad you must have been! I had no idea this inn even existed! We happen to be in or near San Luis Obispo once or twice a year so it is defiantly on the top of my list of places to visit! Where are your favorite places to visit in San Fran? It’s by far my favorite city.

  8. I LOVE the Madonna Inn! I stayed there this summer in a room very similar to that one, in the sense that it was decked out in hot pink, all the way up to out private look out tower. You look beautiful, and I especially love your dress!

  9. That hotel looks amazing!! I wonder if someone reported your personal Instagram account thinking that someone else was pretending to be you? That’s the only reason I can think it was deleted … I’m glad they reinstated it for you!

  10. Wow! I am in complete awe of those glittery walls, red doors, and those sinks- OMG! Thanks for sharing your stay at the Madonna Inn with us! As far as Instagram goes, that really makes no sense to me because why the heck do they allow others to post sexually offensive photos and not allow cute baby pics?! So weird!

  11. This inn looks so adorable! I love anything pink and sparkly I would love to stay in either of these rooms!!! I’ve been watching your you tubes all afternoon and enjoyed them so much!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Dimples of Dixie

  12. That hotel looks like such a fun places to stay at! I am sorry to hear about your Instagram account! The thing about these big websites or apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, ect. is that in their terms of use they put a clause where they basically say they have the right to terminate any account they want for any reason without notice.

    Sarah Jessica
    The Laws of Beauty

  13. The Madonna Inn looks like something you would see in a dream – so colourful and Vegas-like!
    The Instagram thing makes me so sad. They really need to reevaluate their Terms of Service if pictures of a baby is what caused you to get your account deleted. That’s horrible. I really hope you do get it back!


  14. I am so sad for your deleted instagram account- I so fear that. Were there by chance breast feeding photos? Instagram is weirdly stingy about that.
    Good luck getting it back! xoxoxo

    Ps You have definitely inspired me to add this place to my bucket list- OH MY GOD, those rooms!

    Dakota Barber

  15. I love wildfox sweaters too!! so so so soft. but I washed mine and it got not soft 🙁 how do you wash yours?

  16. That’s weird about your insta! I heard they deleted accounts if you posted naked pictures of children, but I’ve never heard of too many.

  17. OMG! This is why I follow religiously, you share these rare gems that most people would never think of or see. I am going to be out in California for work in MAY and I have this on my bucket list now. Thank you for sharing , this is amazing!!!! Beautiful pics of you and A as well. So awesome. have a great day! xoxo Tiffany

  18. Oh my gosh!!! Are you serious, Amber??!!!! That is AWFUL. I can’t even believe it… I loved following along on that one too! I keep hearing people talking about stuff like that happening, and it worries me so much! I would DIE if that happened. I’m gonna pray by some miracle you get it back. Lots of love. P.S. Totally going to Madonna Inn now….

  19. |I love this hotel and love all your pictures! I’m sorry about the IG account, that’s a real bummer. Glad you are having a great time here in CA, we’ve had some amazing weather this week! My fav pic is the one of you nursing A…there’s never enough mommy/baby bonding online! Have a nice week! xxAshleigh @SimplyWright

  20. OMG!!! I can’t believe they did that to you!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! I loved seeing all the pictures of your little and your beautiful family! I am with you!!! There is so much trash on INSTA yet yours is so sweet and adorable! Shame on them! Can you start another one? We’ll all follow it! What a joke on their end. But the hotel looks awesome and I saw the picture of you with the cake. Ok, I’ll admit….I’ve been craving cake now ever since that post!! HAHAH!!! Chin up sweetie! You’re doing awesome!

  21. LOVE your perfect!! Atticus is such a great baby and you are such a great Mom.

    I would contact IG – ask them WTH and don’t stand for that. The amount of crap on IG is crazy and to delete your account without contacting you is wrong. They are so backwards. It’s one of my most fav IG accounts…love the vids of Atticus and your pup!

    Have a great day and keep your chin up!

  22. The moment I saw this place on your instagram had to go look it up. These photos look incredible and you look like you fit in perfectly with the place. I can’t wait til I can plan a trip there now,

    xx Alicia
    Between the Pearls

  23. Oh no that is terrible about your Instagram account! On another note I love the white dress and sunglasses you wore. They look fresh and fantastic together 🙂


  24. Looks so fun! I am sorry your account got deleted, that is so sad 🙁 hopefully you didnt loose all those photos. That is so weird that too many pictures of baby, the most innocent thing, could cause for deletion. Best of luck getting it back!


  25. I reaally want to stay at that Inn now!! I think I’ll book a room with some friends and go! Btw, SO sorry to hear what happened to your instagram.. I honestly don’t know why they would delete yours but keep porn?!?! That just makes me so mad!

    City Fashion Girl

  26. The fact that your personal Instagram was deleted makes me absolutely sick! Especially after constantly seeing naked girls, boobs, butts, etc. (including recently seeing one that strips out of her clothes, in slow motion, to only be covered in three small pasties…HOW IS THAT NOT PORN??) I can’t wrap my head around it. I’d try reaching out to Instagram. I heard Jenna from KiddKraddick in the morning (a radio morning show) talking about the same thing and she got her’s reinstated. Good luck and I love following your blog account.


  27. That’s so weird that your account got deleted! I wonder if a lot of haters complained about your obsessive baby adddiction was cause for termination.. lol. but have they seen those CHEEKS?! *heart eyes*

    For some reason I’ve been banned from commenting on anyone’s instagram that has over 100K followers… which is really weird. Because apparently saying “cute hair”, “OMGeeee I love that dress, buying it now” is spammy so now I’m banned until MONDAY to interact again. I hope this isn’t the first step of them deleting my account! I’d be so angry!

    Did you reach out to instagram to have them reverse it? Hope it comes back! PS dying over that cake you snacked on at the hotel, it looked amazinggggg.


  28. this hasn’t happened to me but i think their new terms and agreements only allow one instagram per person. so if you had a personal and a public maybe that’s why? so dumb though! hopefully you can get those pictures back!

  29. If you’re still in Santa Barbara, don’t miss going to Los Agaves for lunch or dinner! Their food is absolutely incredible!

  30. I got so excited seeing your Madonna Inn photos but then the comment about Instagram is seriously heartbreaking! I hope you had those photos still on your phone or computer, I lost a couple months worth of pictures of my oldest son and was beside myself. I agree though, that filth on Instagram should be deleted before your sweet pictures ever should. Atticus is just too cool for Instagram, obviously 🙂

  31. That’s seriously the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard about your instagram account! Especially if it’s a private account! People put tons of pics on facebook of their babies and I doubt those get deleted. I agree with you….I see so much filth on the most popular page. Also, just a side note but the youtube link on your blog is broken, the logo on the right hand side of your page. I think it’s just missing the ‘h’ in ‘https’! 🙂

  32. Heyyyo. Pretty, pretty pictures! That kid is an absolute doll.

    I’ve heard of this happening to Insta accounts of people with a large online presence and influence. Apparently, if enough people report a picture/pictures, Instagram just cancels the account. I’m not entirely sure why your personal account, that consists of baby pictures, would be deleted. It seems like a fluke. Anyways, Slut Whisperer – obviously COMPLETELY different from your online presence – gets reported a lot for obvious reasons… Recently, he posted some picture and a caption that said something along the lines of, “My account was deleted, but now it’s back blah blah blah). So apparently, you can get them to reinstate it somehow. But I just went to look at his account before writing this comment, because I wanted to make sure that I was correct and it looks like the account is gone again. So, who knows?

    It seems very unfair. Good luck, gal!

  33. I followed you on your personal account and wondered if you decided to make it truly “personal” and not so public. Ugh! I can’t believe they would just delete it!!! Cutest pics of Atticus on there! I hope you have them saved elsewhere AND they can bring your account back! I am so sorry! You should Google it. I am sure you aren’t alone!
    XOXO Ann

  34. ARE YOU JOKING?! Well, it happens. People get jealous thinking you have the perfect life (and you really do), but the photo of you above feeding A, that’s real life, and they should cherish the fact that you’re showing and sharing everyday life as it comes and have the art of making everything into a beautiful occasion. These were my favorite set of instas/snaps/photos every btw. My fav was the #babycleavage hahaha <3

  35. This hotel looks amazing! And I love, love, love that you included a pic of you nursing. It is such a beautiful bond and as a mom, I know nursing isn’t always easy, but I am glad it is working out for your little family. I’m sorry to hear about the instagram account, I was thinking the same thing as I read this post……why don’t all the accounts with naked pics get deleted? Makes no sense to me
    Dresses & Denim

  36. I used to live in SLO, it’s beautiful there and the Madonna Inn is so much fun! As for your Instagram, I had a friend who’s account was deleted because of pictures of her breastfeeding her little baby, absolutely ridiculous! I don’t know what you had posted there but it’s possible that’s why it was deleted 🙁

  37. So fun! Great place for a girls weekend.

    Sorry to hear about instagram. That sucks. I read about this happening to a ton of people last year too. There’s rumors that instagram needs more room so they randomly deleted people but I’m not convinced it’s true. I also heard about another blogger who’s instagram was deleted because a picture of her little girl poking out her belly was flagged for being inappropriate. I think she contacted instagram and they eventually reinstated it. Hope they do the same for you!


  38. that place looks like something out of a dream!! i have been loving all the photos of it you’ve been sharing!

    i saw your tweet last night about your account and honestly cannot believe it. i’m with you 100% that all the other trash should be removed before innocent pictures of a sweet little baby! i follow one girl who that happened to, though she is a fashion blogger so i have nooo idea what sparked the need to be deleted, but anyways, it took a few months and then finally it was reactivated. i don’t know if it just happened or if she had to contact someone, but her blog is called “very allegra” so you might google that and then try emailing her!! good luck to you!!!

    xo mary-katherine

  39. Oh wow!!! What an outstanding and unique place!? Love all of the photos and you look stunning. 🙂


  40. I’ve never heard of this place but it looks amazing! Sparkly walls are my dream! lol Sorry to hear about your account being deleted, I had a friend who’s Facebook account was deleted after she posted an album with pictures of rainbows. So weird what gets to stay and what gets deleted!

  41. I saw someone’s blog post on it a while back and thought the same thing!