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Over the weekend I read the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and now it has me wanting to give 90% of everything I own away.. which I know I have said about 10000 times. Remember when I talked about wanting to be more minimalist also 10000 times? I REALLY still want to but find it soo hard when I do love clothes so much grrr. I need to find a balance somehow. But what I really loved about the book (some parts were a tiny bit much for me haha) but I loved that she talks about how each item has its purpose. If there is a shirt we bought but a year later haven’t worn and we don’t want to get rid of it because we spent money on it.. maybe that shirt’s purpose beyond just being a fun thing to buy at the time, was to show us what type of clothing doesn’t suit us or what we don’t like. That was it’s purpose, it has done that, and now it needs to go. That might not make sense having not listened to the whole book but I just like how she puts things into perspective because I am totally a clothes hoarder.

Did anyone who lovvves clothes and a million beauty products become more minimal?! Help meee. I told myself I am not going to shop the rest of the year and now look at me! I am back with a new outfit post wearing a NEW leather jumper. Freak. For now I have made our kitchen more minimal – we had so many random things including a tea kettle that has sat on our stove in NYC for a year and now here in AZ and has yet to be used, ONCE. Why why why. Time to declutter and I know in the book she says not go room by room but I think that is definitely better than deciding not to do it at all which is kinda the alternative right now soo.

Okay I promise now that the next time I bring up this topic I will have made strides in the right direction – k?!

But I do love this leather jumper….


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  1. I AM WITH YOU. I’m a house manager in Scottsdale and I’m working with a family on becoming more minimalistic. I think a big thing is releasing emotional attachments to objects. Experiences are more important than things, so collect memories. I tell their kids with 1000 stuffed animals to pick 10-20 each that mean the most and give the rest a big hug and send them off to another child who maybe doesn’t even have one. That’s been key in helping kids let go of things they hoard – teaching them about giving to others who are less fortunate. I’ve read both Marie Kondo books and while I don’t practice everything she preaches, I have been able to do weekly goodwill trips to get rid of more than I ever thought I could. I have one keepsakes box, one holiday decor box (yes – for ALL holidays), one craft supplies cart and one small closet that is filled with all of my favorite things. I don’t LOVE clothes. I like clothes and I like to dress simply, so that’s not what I make room for in my minimal life. You can customize what minimal living means to you. If you love books, keep your library of books. If you love clothes, keep your library of clothes as long as you LOVE every single piece. Letting go is so much easier once you realize that you could live just surrounded by all of your absolute favorite things. Hope this helps!

  2. I have a clean out once ina while. I usually pick stuff that I haven’t worn in a year, outdated or just cheap but I also clean out anything that has been used too much. I love it! I have also cleaned out the kids stuff too, it’s nice to reduce what they have and they love it too, although I don’t tell them. I keep their most treasured items, the ones I love the most and what can be used creatively like play food, dress up etc. and they are really happy with less to choose from. Seems weird but it works! It’s a nice feeling to donate clothes and toys so someone else can get enjoyment out of it.

  3. If you do figure out how to become more minimal, please do share! It seems so difficult to do when you love clothes and makeup. ugh! Love this leather jumper! You look beautiful as always! 🙂


  4. Hey, I can totally relate and the jumper looks great! I don’t mean to come across as rude but I’ve been meaning to ask for a long where you got your boobs done and if you did a blog post about that? I am considering an augmentation and would love the read about the whole process etc. as would a lot of people I reckon. xx

  5. I am a notorious clothing hoarder too! My friends are constantly on me about buying new clothes every other week. Some of us just can’t help it, we like to wear new fun things! I have made a goal for myself though, every time I buy something new I have to get rid of something else in my closet. I then take those things I have decided to get rid of and donate them (more expensive things I will sometimes sell online but then you are still just holding onto it until it sells). I don’t always follow this rule but when I don’t it is because there is a purpose for everything in my closet, which is a great feeling!

  6. I love hated that book! It made me want to go through my entire house and clean it out! And then as soon as I did, I realized I didn’t actually want to get rid of a lot of it 😂 and then it was a huge mess! Maybe one day I’ll actually go through with it! Also I’m loving the dark roots and the braids, hair goals as always!


  7. I have heard SO MUCH about that Magic Art of Tidying Up book! I wonder when I’m going to give in and buy the book myself to read hahah. But just think, donating is a good thing! Other people may need your clothes more than you 😉


  8. Hi Amber,
    If this isn’t too personal question I would like to ask you if you shave your bodyhair and if you ever tried brazilian waxing? If you did, could you tell if it hurts a lot? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  9. I am always looking to get rid of stuff haha, moving across the county with only my honda civic made me get rid of a lot of things but I already see myself getting more things. It’s tough but you always feel lighter when you get rid of things you don’t need =o)


  10. Omg I just read that book too! And…. I’m going through my clothes and like pretty much everything sparks joy to me 😂😂😂 I’ve also promised myself not to buy anymore clothes until black Friday but ASOS have a Halloween sale…. so ooops! Please keep bringing this topic up so I don’t feel that crazy wanting to live a more minimal life coz I really need some tips!!


  11. Hey Amber, I’ve been quietly reading your blog since you were just getting married! Always loved following you on your adventures and the growth of your little family. I myself am a mother of four boys 🙂 We dream about starting our own adventure too. Would you mind sharing our funding page? I’m not very internet savvy, don’t do social media, Facebook ect. Would appreciate it!


  12. Hey Amber! My mind was wandering today and I was wondering about why you chose to live in Arizona apart from somewhere in Europe/not in the United States? I am still quite young and haven’t traveled much, but the idea of living outside the United States sounds so appealing to me and was wondering how you and David came about staying in the US. Love your posts!! Hope all is well <3 <3 <3

  13. I literally just want to be your best friend and get mocktails and discuss podcasts and books!! You’re awesome. (Also if I looked that good in the jumper I’d never wear anything else- so cute!!)

    1. Right?! I am totally on board with making changes towards minimalism and it feels so good!

  14. Not that my opinion matters, but woman, I say embrace your love of clothes and popular style! To me it seems like a big part of your job and brand. You are good at picking out chic clothing and it gives others an idea of pieces that are popular, then they can buy maybe one thing you feature each season that they truly love. You could always consign your last season clothing and then donate the $ to something you believe in. You could adopt minimalist ideas in other areas of your life to help bring peace. Embrace it, you are good at it!! I think it’s okay to have a few non minimal things in life, just manage them well and smart. Have a minimal kitchen, own minimal vehicles, keep toys minimal…. you got this! After all, hair extensions probably aren’t a minimalist thing, they are a splurge (to me), and that’s awesome!

  15. Hi Amber, I used to have a fashion blog and I was becoming very trendy with my clothes, buying things because I thought they would make a good blog post, I never thought about wearing them beyond that post or if I genuinely liked the piece. I have since quit blogging, it was not me on so many levels. I have now become somewhat of a minimalist, maybe mediumalist, and my closet was the first place I started. I only kept my favorite items, I wear a lot of the same clothes often, but it makes me happy because I feel like I’m always wearing my favorite items. Before I was so stuck on trends, that I was ignoring my favorite pieces, I feel like we’ve been reunited (and it feels so good haha!). My closet was also massive, that it was hard to get dressed everyday, I wasn’t sure what “look” I wanted to be that day. Today I feel like I’ve honed in my personal style because the only person I’m trying to impress is myself. My clothes don’t really change, but I try to keep routine outfits fresh by changing the accessories, like adding a head scarf one week and next time it will be a pony and colorful earrings. I still shop, but I try to visualize how I will incorporate it with my existing items. If I can quickly picture 3-4 outfits AND I absolutely love it, then I get it, but if I am hesitant at all, it’s usually a no.

    Good luck with your journey, I realize it’s challenging, but doesn’t have to be an all or none situation, it can something you slowly incorporate until you are at a place that feels just right.

    1. Love love loveeeee this. I love Amber’s blog and her endless style posts, but I catch myself wanting to own everything she wears! I need to find my own personal style and stick to it while taking away key style tips and tricks from fashion bloggers we love!

  16. Hi Amber! I totally share your struggles with minimalism! One of the best minimalist advice I have heard (from Sadia on pickuplimes.com) is that you define what minimalism means to you. It should not mean getting rid of the things you love (whether it be the clothes you use, or camera equipment etc), but rather getting rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. It is the best place to start I think, and it has really helped me not feel so overwhelmed by the amount of things I would need to throw away, haha, but I am making progress.


  17. I have been working to minimize for years now and it is totally a process. Never read the whole book because I found parts to be hokey too and I didn’t care to finish it. It does feel good to recognize that something served a purpose and now it’s done and you can let it go or realize that it was something you never really needed and to be more discerning in the future.
    I found that cutting myself off from buying things is a recipe for disaster. I have to allow myself something here and there or I go crazy and splurge on things that I regret and can’t return. So I made a financial plan that maps out my money 12+ months in advance and I’ve worked in allowances for purchases. I like seeing where my money can go if I choose to invest it in other things, not just “I want” purchases. I mean you can still have all the pretty things….but do you really need another pair of jeans in a slightly different shade than all the ones you already own, ya know? Also, for me, a lot of it is ties to this feeling that if I don’t get that pretty thing right then, it will be gone forever. With time, I’ve learned that there will always be beautiful clothes and nice things out there and just because I like it doesn’t mean I need to have it. Parting with that scarcity mentality has given me more balance and that feels so good.
    Love the blog and your beautiful photos and hearing about your business endeavors! I also loved the promo you did to bring awareness to domestic violence. Way to use your skills to bring about good things.

    1. “there will always be beautiful clothes and nice things out there and just because I like it doesn’t mean i have to have it.” Well said Rachel! Words to live by!

  18. Haha I love you Amber! Now I want to read this book! I don’t live a very minimalist life, but I do live in an apartment and we move a lot which requires getting rid of stuff all the time! About every season I go through my closet and donate clothing I did not wear. That helps me out in keeping my closet de-cluttered.


    1. Yes! That is the most challenging part of it all.. I am trying to find a good balance somehow 😉 Thanks for reading!! xo

  19. So I am a total hoarder too, but I see how my mom and grandma keep stuff, and I’m like I do NOT want to be like that. SOOO. I recently got rid of HALF of my entire closet. And even though it’s still sitting outside waiting to be sold or donated, I have not missed one thing (except one shirt that I need to find that I think accidentally got put in there lol). I feel like I can find stuff easier in my closet now, I’m more likely to clean up because it all has a place to go, and I’m actually wearing the clothes I have! I have not made a commitment to stop shopping because I know that is NOT gonna happen (I mean hello, already want the jumpsuit in this post), but I do realize now that I can just enjoy things for little and then get rid of them, and that’s ok! Because I love shopping and sharing my outfits, and it’s just part of my life and what I love. Even though it can feel frivolous sometimes! That’s ok! So now I’m just going to make sure I don’t just refill my closet all at once and make sure I get rid of stuff along the way! And I also have noticed I buy more pieces that I wear ALL the time which is what i want! Ok haha rant over. Also love that bit about the clothing piece serving it’s purpose and now byeeee cuz I have a hard time getting rid of things I spent good money on but never actually wore.



  20. What I do is every time I buy something new, I have to give something else away! That way I end up with only pieces that I love 100% and I can still fit everything in one closet haha


      1. I am all about this! For every one new piece I get, I give one outfit away to a someone who would really appreciate it… Just an idea, maybe doing outfit giveaways on your blog would be fun!

  21. hey amber, I think I said this in another comment, but for me having a 1-in-1-out policy works. If I want a new pair of boots then I need to get rid of a pair of boots, or see that there is a gap in my wardrobe that warrants them. We also instituted a strict monthly spending allowance for ourselves because we are both in grad school so expendable income on food and clothes is at a minimum! But, it’s helped because now I think “do i reeeallly want that shirt? enough to take $45 out of my budget for it?” if its not a yes, then i leave it…

  22. I can relate! I’ve started selling clothes on Poshmark because there are so many I love but in reality, will probably never wear. I also tell myself that if I sell a few things I don’t wear, I can invest in a quality piece of clothing I can wear time and time again.

  23. I love you and bought your hair extensions. I also love the tidying book and read it a few years ago. Sorry, but that jumpsuit is the ugliest piece of clothing possibly ever made.

    1. Not my favorite either! It reminds me of those rubber things fishermen wear to go wade out into the river. Also, I can agree that leather is best for shoes and belts but not for a large piece of clothing that looks better in fabric. Can’t win ’em all! Love Amber’s normal boho-chic style.

  24. I do a big closet clean out every season! It’s a great way to purge the old and make way for the new. That’s what helps me, is knowing that for everything I take out I know I can fill it one day with a piece I really REALLY love. Also, my motivation is always organization. Like, there’s nothing better than having a clean closet with lots of space to see. As for beauty products. I also do a big donation to a local women’s shelter for all my unopened/unused beauty products that I’ve been sent. It feels so good to help others with makeup/products they might not be able to afford themselves and that’s a big drive to always get rid of things I don’t need!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  25. Love this post! I am in the process of going minimal. With two toddlers.. all the constant ‘stuff’, piles of laundry and just mess was exhausting to deal with. What I did was bag all the clothes I never wear and toys I don’t see being played with often and set them out of site for a month. If no one thought to go get something out.. then it’s not missed and it was donated. I went back twice to get two sweaters (I did this challenge in the summer lol) but four huge trash bags left not missed 🙂

  26. I am in the middle of moving right now, so this post speaks to me! I’m finding it SO hard to get rid of clothes. But some things I seriously haven’t worn in years – yet I want to buy more new things! I’m right there with ya, Amber. If you start to declutter could you do a post on how? PS: This leather jumpsuit is just so chic – you had to get it 😉

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  27. Love this post because I can totally relate!!! I definitely feel like once you start purging the junk/unworn clothes/random stuff, you kinda get on a roll with it and you realize how freeing it feels so it becomes easier and easier. Clutter makes me anxious so that’s a pretty good motivator. I do it about 2-3 times a year, especially when the seasons shift. I’ll fill up a bunch of trash bags of clothes and accessories to donate to the Goodwill or a local second hand shop. If there is a shirt I’be had since college but haven’t worn it since I ask myself, 1) do I need this? 2) do I even like this? 3) when do I see myself using it next? I found at the beginning, I was making up all sorts of excuses like oh I can wear this as a costume or if xyz comes back in style I’ll wear it haha and I literally never do! Once I get rid of something, I never miss it or regret it. Starting room by room is a great idea and has me thinking about all the stuff in our office and kitchen that we need to clean out. Thanks for the inspo!! Being conscious is the first step towards living a more minimalist life.


  28. Omg Amber don’t declutter too much….you are one of my great fashion inspos and I am just not sure how much inspiration I can take from a capsule wardrobe! Ha! I mean I guess as long as you keep buying adorable outfits for your kiddos I can deal….your Rosie fashions are so good and I really feel I need that in my life! But really all of your fashions spark joy (for me hehe).

  29. Haha – loved this. Decluttering is so hard to do, especially with something you love. I’ll sometimes put myself on a no shopping spree for 2-3 months and it always feels SO GOOD after. It usually comes during a time like then, when I’m totally disgusted with how many things I have or how much money I’m spending on them. Try it again and stick with it – it really makes you feel a ton better!


  30. I did this earlier today! I went through everything in my closet, drawers, drawers in the living room etc, and cleared soooo much out! Felt amazing!! 🙂


  31. Oh so relatable! Isn’t it frustrating when you don’t realize until well AFTER you buy something that it doesn’t actually suit you? Why is it so easy to fall into that trap? Haha! But I do LOVE that leather jumper. Just gorgeous! And it’s not tight fitted, which makes me think it would be so comfy !

  32. I was a minimalist once when I was a missionary for a yr, so kind of different, but it taught me a lot about life, love, god, ppl and myself. It’s a beautiful way to live and I gave away everything I had prior. I will say for me, it was very hard and this may not make sense, but I had accept the parts of myself that loved beautiful things. Sure, I don’t have to own them all, nor can I. I had to grapple with the freedom and confinement of minimalism and my attraction to its asthetic too. And I love the concept of only having things that bring you immense joy. I try to stick to the rule about not just buying stuff, but buying things one truly loves. Anyway, there is no perfect way to be a minimalist. Everyone has different versions of enough. I will say I still hate clutter! Gah

  33. I love reading your writing! What app do you use to listen to your audio books?

  34. Have you looked into capsule wardrobes? The whole idea is having less clothes, but making sure you love them all. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who do a new capsule every few months. Most advocate reusing the pieces from capsule to capsule, but it is an excuse to get a few (or a lot) of new, intentional pieces every few months. I’d check out the blog Un-fancy.com if you’re interested! Also I feel like you could definitely resell a lot of your clothes on eBay or posh mark!! Hope this helps.

  35. Hi Amber! I used to shop ALL THE TIME for clothes and beauty products and then I read the blog Un Fancy all about capsule wardrobes and it was exactly what I needed. Now everything I buy is with purpose and I find I that only shopping for clothing/shoes etc every three months has had a flow on effect in every other area. Also check out The Anna Edit’s YouTube series on capsule wardrobes its amazing. Hope this helps 🙂 xxx

  36. I have also read the book last year…and I made strides..huge ones! And I am the largest hoarder among hoarders…but when I did it in the order she suggests and in the “gather allllllll things and put it in a pile” method, the instant shock, really does something for ya! I got rid of bags and bags and bags which amounted in a huuuggee pile in the middle of my living room and required a truck to haul off to a local resale charity location; and it felt good! It felt so good. To this day I do not think about missing what I had got rid of and everything is still sorted, folded and saved as per her instructions, a year later!!! I’m somewhat staying in the right direction 🙂
    Once you have a made up mind, you can do anything!! And it becomes fun and refreshing; I say GO FOR IT! Do it as the book laid it out

  37. I’ve often wondered what bloggers/influencers do with alllll of that stuff that gets sent to them all the time. Honestly just wonder where you fit it all haha! I find that I often feel guilt about all of the material things I have when there are so many in the world with so little. I’ve found that that helps me avoid consuming so much.

  38. When I was in my early 20s I needed to pack for a six month trip to work abroad. I could not bring what I could not carry – and that was a game changer! It helped me realize just how little I actually need. Now whenever I travel, it’s a real reminder to keep an organized closet and small make up bag. Try cutting back a little at a time on beauty products and you’ll start to see what you can easily do without. Remember, a smile is always your best makeup!


  39. I totally feel you on wanting to declutter! Our closets are busting at the seams with clothes and there are only two of us. I haven’t worn some of them in forever, but I keep thinking, well I might wear this again someday. I have no concrete advice on decluttering. I will say though that your outfits always look adorable on the blog! So at least they are serving a purpose there!

  40. Lovvve your post. I can totally related. It’s so so hard. I have like 10 highlighters and use like one. Then I read about another extraordinary highlighter, i’d Go out and buy it, use it a couple of time, then it sits in the back of my drawer with the other ten ☹️☹️

    1. For a second I thought you meant a highlighter like for books 😂 I was like wow, what makes a highlighter so extraordinary?! 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

  41. I really really like the shape of this! I’m not usually a fan of leather stuff but I have to admit it looks amazing on you, and I really like the bodysuit you’re wearing as well, the color is amazing!
    Lucie, xx


  42. The minimalists put it well when they said if it makes you happy then don’t get rid of it. I think if you really find happiness and contentment in clothes and beauty products you’re fine. When I watched their documentary I made me think of the stuff that I find and I’m like “why do I have this… well maybe someday it will come in handy, even though it’s not really something I would buy again.” That’s where I have to stop myself if I wouldn’t buy it again then I don’t want it. However, I would totally buy all my lispsticks a million times again so they are staying else I will just buy them again in a few months😂 but I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not easy and the kitchen is a hard one I know it was for us

  43. My take on being a minimalist is that there’s not much in my house that I don’t use almost every day. I don’t like having stuff around that I don’t use often. With clothes it’s the same way. I love shopping and buying clothes and after I wear them a few time (and deep down know I’ll probably never wear it again) I’ll sell it or give it away! That way I always have new clothes I love to wear without the clutter! Hope that helps 😘😘😘

  44. Such an inspiring book! I read it a couple months ago and felt the same way as you and I actually went thru a huge purging spell! It felt sooooo good, my house honestly felt lighter! I didn’t do exactly as she says but i tried to go through a whole bunch of my stuff and asked if it sparked joy or not. It seriously works, I haven’t missed a thing! Buuutt… I also love fashion and home decor and projects, etc.. so I didn’t do it completely. It feels good to be able to straighten up your living/kitchen/toy room in 10 mins if need be, just because you have so much less stuff! Anyways, I think it has good points but you still need to do you and life isn’t perfect so I think some mess is still okay! Good luck!

  45. Looking at fashion and consumerism through its environmental impact helped me become more minimalist. Although I still like looking at clothes and shopping, I don’t buy as much as I used to. 🙂

    Once U started getting rid of stuff I started getting that same great feeling you get when you buy something new or do something good for you!

    Also… clothing/item swaps… helps with downsizing without feeling like things are being wasted.. + you get that “new item” fix if you do find peices you like… a clothing swap could make a cool blog post!

    1. Oops I see A bunch of grammatical errors and typos lol… hope what I said still makes sense!

    2. You are right. It takes time to think if you need and want something really. I mostly dont buy fashion and beauty thinhgs on first look. I think it over and then decide. I like this blog but when you are sponsered by fashion and beauty industry it is difficult to talk about minimalism because this blog ist mostly about new fashion and beauty products .
      And i think it is more animating women to spend money than to minimalize

      1. I too bought the book and barely started it and found myself having great anxiety! After thinking about it for awhile I realized the minimalism is a trend in itself. It may suite one persons personality, yet perhaps not everyones. I do donate clothing, I also sell some things on line, but mostly I hang on to things for quite awhile. It’s funny because I’ve noticed that the longer I have something the harder it is to let it go. I do give/loan a lot to my middle daughter and that feels great. i like myself and the way I am. This trend just isn”t for me