Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^Me and my lopsided belly watching the boys play in the nurseryBarefoot Blonde^^His wagon is his ‘spot’ he always climbs in there and reads his books and plays… sometimes even grabs something soft as a pillow and just lays down in thereBarefoot Blonde^^Teachin dad to play the harmonica 😉Barefoot Blonde^^My belly has been the weirdest shapes lately haha! I think she has like.. zero room to move around so I can see all her different positions. Which of course means my belly ends up looking like a sack of boulders or something.Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^This was him right when he woke up from his 3.5 hour nap .. he was soooo groggy so he had a lil popsicle to wake him up 🙂Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^It takes him so long to get up on this chair by himself because there is nothing to grab on to .. so when he does he is pretty happy about itBarefoot Blonde^^Atticus gripping onto my legs with a hysterical laugh while Chauncey tries to come lick him ha. and a baby bump.Barefoot Blonde^^babies on their tip toes!!! heart eyes.Barefoot Blonde^^This looks like maybe he is kissing me or something adorable but he is just shoving veggie straws in my mouth… forcefully hahaBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde^^Reaching for his Annie’s. I am also kind of obsessed with these ezpz bowl mats I found on pinterest.. they make it so they cant pick them up or tip the bowl over because it suctions to the surface. We always have this on our coffee table with his lil snacks.Barefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

PAJAMA BOTTOMS: Splendid // T-SHIRT: Gap // David – HOODIE: ASOS // Atticus – HOODIE: Purl Lamb // DIAPERS: Seventh Generation // Home – YELLOW ACCENT CHAIR: Overstock // PAINTINGS: One Kings Lane; here, here, here, and here // RUG IN NURSERY: Lulu and Georgia // COFFEE TABLE: West Elm; (love this similar one) // GOLD LAMP: One Kings Lane // MIRROR ABOVE DRESSER: One Kings Lane // SCONCES: One Kings Lane // YELLOW LAMP: One Kings Lane // WHITE AND GOLD DRESSER: Vintage; similar here and here // PINK COUCH: Vintage; similar here, here, and here

Truth be told this was me ALL day yesterday! Greasy top knot…. my only clean pajama pants that don’t cut off my circulation…. and a maternity tee that has dog hair and fuzz all over it. I did finally leave the house that evening once David got home which felt real good. We found this MASSIVE pile of leaves that had been raked and kept throwing Atticus in them. Then Chaucney started jumping in them too and they just played in leaves together – it was pretty adorable to watch.

I am so so so glad that I have 5 pregnant friends right now.. it is so nice to sit in a group chat and be able to complain to each other about all the pregnant things without bugging our husbands too bad…. or tell each other the embarrassing things that happened that day (I would tell you guys a couple but they may be TMI or something.. although David did walk in on me in my nursing bra and underwear with the fridge open dousing cookie dough with whipped cream and drinking milk out of the jug the other day… hahahah I was embarrassed and proud all at the same time) oh yeah and of course telling each other the shocking amounts of food we ate (in the end its like…… whats an extra couple pounds?) and planning vacations for post baby for motivation to get in shape. Okay longest run on sentence is now over. But really pregnant friends have saved me this pregnancy, its sooo much more fun!

My doctor and I have scheduled my induction date for this coming Wednesday so she is definitely not coming any later than that! I am so so so unbelievably excited to meet this chick!!! AH! It gives me major butterflies thinking about it. I am really hoping that the next few days fly by. I really don’t think she will come before that because I haven’t dilated any more BUT I am using my “honey I want the baby to come!” excuse to get all the reflexology and massages until then 😉 it is sooo cheap at these asian massage parlors scattered around nyc (they are everywherrre) – the other night I went and got a THREE hour massage! It was heaven. And so cheap. David thought I had died because I just told him I was doing reflexology and he said he never anticipated me being gone for over three hours haha! Me and my friends were talking about how long the perfect massage would be and I think we settled on 5 hours lol. Enough time to REALLLLLLY enjoy it, possibly take a nap, wake up and still be getting massaged, and then feel satisfied. Anyways, that is it over here… just taking it easy and being pretty lazy!


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  1. Hey Amber! Congrats on your new addition to the family! You should do a post or video about your favorite baby products. (Maybe you’ve already done one and I just missed it.) We love the seventh gen products at our house too! I’m glad they’ve added some more softness to their diapers because they used to be a bit scratchy compared to other brands, in my opinion!

  2. Hello,
    can you please provide your contact email address ? can’t contact you Through the blog contact page.

    thank you
    Gilad Gil

  3. Cute!! How do you edit your photos?? And how and what did you use to create your blog???

  4. Hello Amber, excuse my poor english, i’m a french-parisian-mom! I follow you on instagram and your blog for a few months, and I wanted to tell you how I love your blog, your feed and the way you share with your readers. I love it because it’s always very generous, how you open up in your words, but also with all the stunning pictures (and I know you share a LOT, but I just never get enough of them! so perfect!)
    Pretty, elegant, simple and stylish, even 9 months pregnant… What an inspiration! And i am sure your little girl will perfectly complete your beautiful family. Hope you both are healthy and happy… Can’t wait to see your next blog post 🙂 and you will for sure see me around in the future. Lots of love from paris

  5. The day has finally come when soon enough you get to hold the beautiful baby girl of yours ( can’t wait to find out the name 🙂 ) I hope everything goes well tonight and best of luck to you and your family. <3

    1. I agree! They are my favorite days!! 🙂 And aww thank you!! You are the sweetest!!

  6. Bahaha!!! I love that story, David walking in on the cookie dough, underwear fridge open!! That cracks me up! I’m sure it was just perfect! Ah, super excited for you guys and little miss!

    1. Haha!! I am glad you found it humorous too 😉 And thank you so much!! We can’t wait for her!! 🙂

  7. I think some of your most casual posts are your best. I love seeing the boys in action. The look of satisfaction and pride on A’s face after climbing that chair is hilarious. I’m so jealous of all of your massages!! They are pretty expensive around here. Best of luck on Wednesday! Prayers headed your way.

    Sara Kate Styling

    1. Aww thank you so much!! That is such a nice comment 🙂 I am so glad you liked the post!! And thanks for the well wishes!! She will be here soon yay! xo

    1. They are!! I am enjoying every last one of them before the baby 🙂 Thanks for reading Erica!!

  8. So excited about this baby girl! Now we are going to meet her pretty soon!
    I’m so glad to watch David and Atticus hang out together. They are so adorable! Just like a dad and son should be. Xxxx

  9. Omg, I used to babysit a little girl for the longest time, and she always had Annie’s! I would eat them when she would nap because they were so good! haha. And I also have heart eyes over A on his toes!! <3

    1. We love Annie’s over here!! And because Atticus is picky it is nice that he loves all their stuff yay! And aww thanks!! I just love him 🙂

  10. Hi Amber! Do you edit and filter all of your pictures before you upload them onto your blog? Or is it all natural from the camera? Beautiful photos by the way
    xo Kristen

    1. Hi Kristen!! I use a filter on them 🙂 I use a program called Lightroom!! The raw images are great but sometimes the color needs tweaking!! xo

  11. Hi Amber! I love your plaid PJ pants. I have been looking for a pair just like them. They look so cozy and are super cute! It’s okay to be lazy and just relax around the house. After all, you are in your last few days of pregnancy haha. I hope all goes well with your delivery. Prayers sent for you and your family <3 Can't wait to see photos of baby girl and I'm also excited to see what name you and David chose for her! xoxo

    -Bryanna 🙂

    1. They are so comfy!! I hope you find a good pair 🙂 And yes!! I am just soaking up the next couple days until she is here!! We are so excited!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! Your support means the world!! xo

    1. Thank you so much Cylia!! And aww that is so sweet!! Thanks for following along 🙂

  12. Baby is almost here!!!! Enjoy the last days with your cute pregnant belly, and with one child only!!! I totally agree with the 5 hour massage, nothing better than to fall asleep and then wake up and still have someone massage you. Best of wishes and prayers for your upcoming labor!!!

    1. Finally!! I can’t believe baby girl will be here so soon!! We are soo excited! And thanks for the well wishes! It means a lot to me!! xo

    1. Thank you!! And no, it is vintage!! And aww thanks so much!! I am so excited for her 🙂

  13. i love your blog, and was wondering if you could do a post about how you organize your family into a small apartment. we live in los angeles, and though its not as bad as new york, we have small apartments too! we are expecting our first child, and i am a bit OCD about organizing, but am having trouble with all the new stuff. your home always looks beautiful, so just wondered how you do it!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that suggestion!! Great idea 🙂 And congrats on your pregnancy!! Yay! I hope it’s going well!!

    1. Luckily no!! Unless Atticus feeds him some haha! And ohh yess they are entertaining to say the least!! 😉 Thanks for reading love!!

  14. Love this!! How do you edit your pictures?? Love the softness to them & soft depth of field.
    Also, I’ve followed you for, I don’t know, I few years now probably but love following you even more now bc I’m also now pregnant so it’s fun to hear your stories & see your cute bump as well! UGH, I just adore ya.

    1. Thanks so much!! I use a program called Lightroom 🙂 And I just want to say thank you so much for following along over the years!! It means the world to me! xo

    1. I know huh?! It is the cutest!! And aww thank you!! I am so excited to meet her!! 🙂

  15. Can’t wait for this little girl of yours to make her appearance! I’m sure she will be absolutely beautiful like her mama.

  16. I’m with you on the massage. Love them and it never seems long enough to be fully satisfied! I just wanted to wish you the best with your delivery. I can’t wait to see this little princess. I’m sure that she will be as precious as your little Atticus. Love reading your blogs and it’s always a pleasure viewing your pictures. On a side note, I now know what camera you guys use, but I was interested in the size lense you usually use for your photographs! Take care and enjoy these last days!

    1. I 100% agree!! It is never long enough for me either haha! And thank you so much for the well wishes!! That means a lot to me 🙂 You are the best!! And we use several lenses: 24-70, 20mm, 200mm and 50mm. I hope that helps! xo

  17. Your family is so precious and beautiful! Makes me so excited to have my own one day 🙂

    I was wondering what camera you use to take your photos? They are so perfect ! ox

    1. Thank you so much!! That’s such a sweet comment 🙂 I appreciate it! And I use a canon 5d mark iii! xo

  18. Haha I think those TMI stories are the best and they’re understandable/excusable because you’re pregnant and it’s natural! I’m so excited for you! I hope everything goes smoothly 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures of her!

    1. Okay good 😉 I am glad it wasn’t too embarrassing haha! And thank you so much!! You are so sweet! We are so excited for her! xo

  19. That sounds like a perfect day to me! most weekend I’m home doing homework, doing blog stuff and having a big cup of tea! nothing seems better to me than being relaxed and not having a worry in the world

    1. It was pretty dang amazing haha! And now I feel so ready for baby girl to come 🙂 yay!! And that sounds like a perfect weekend to me! Glad you enjoyed it! Have a great rest of your week!! xo

    1. They are the best of friends!! I love it 🙂 And thanks so much!! I appreciate that!! xo

  20. I’m glad you are able to get some rest and just relax. We all need those days 🙂 And my heart melted when I saw A’s little chunky little legs in the first picture! I love baby legs! So cute!! Praying all goes well with the baby too 🙂 Take care girly!

    1. Thanks Hannah!! It has been so nice and much needed!! Now I am all ready for baby girl!! 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comment!! xo

  21. Oh my goodness!! Is she comes on Wednesday? I can’t believe it… SUPER FANGIRL TIME. Love ya. <3

  22. LOL it is not TMI!!! Share the pregnancy stories with us! I am just melting over the pictures of Baby A and David and cannot WAIT to see pics of your new little one! You have a beautiful family, hope y’all have an amazing weekend! xo

    1. Okay good 😉 I was worried haha! And aww thank you!! I love them together and we can’t wait to add baby girl to the mix yay!

  23. So excited for you!! My water broke the night before my induction date, I hope your little girl comes sooner though!! Question – I am OBSESSED with your gorgeous couch, where is it from?


    1. Thank you so much Colleen!! And no way?! I hope that happens for me 🙂 If not, I will see her Wednesday and we are so excited!! And it is vintage but I linked a few similar ones above!! xo

  24. Hi Amber! I’d love to chat about a design collaboration for a new line of products, but the captcha field won’t let me submit. 🙂 Please email me when you’re able. xo

  25. so much cuteness in this post!! cannot wait for your babygirl to arrive!!

  26. Lazy days are the absolute best! Especially this far along! Atticus is growing up so fast. So is my sister who is only two days older. Well have a fabulous weekend. Can’t wait for the baby girl 🙂

    1. I live for them haha! And aww how sweet!! It’s such a fun age 🙂 And thank you!! We are so excited for her!! xo

  27. Amen! Good friends going through the same stage of life with you make a world of difference. They make the good moments exponentially better, and the tough parts bearable. It makes me happy to my core to read that you got your group surrounding you – everybody needs that! Wednesday is going to come so fast! Every time I don’t see a new post right away, I think you’re in the hospital and the little girl is on her way!! I am just tickled with excitement for you. I hope you are able to enjoy the next few days, and that everything goes smoothly and safely for you and the little lady. Blessings!

    1. I totally agree with that!! The support from them has been so amazing!! I love them!! And aww thank you!! We are so ready to meet our little girl!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! It means a lot to me!! xo

  28. Haha, that’s so funny you “disappeared” for 3 hours for a massage. Wouldn’t a 5 hour massage be so amazing? Seriously! the regular 1 hour isn’t cutting it anymore, I usually fall asleep like 30 min in, and wake up to “Your massage is done”, what! 🙁
    Anyways, this is so adorable! Atticus is super adorable, as always! Love your family, can’t wait for the little girl to come! Thanks for sharing with us!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    1. Haha seriously!! I think he was starting to worry haha! And 1 hour just isn’t long enough 😉 And aww thanks!! We are so excited!! xo

  29. Amber!!! I have been following your blog/snapchat/instagram for soo long now and it makes my heart happy that your baby girl could have the same birthday as me! My birthday is Thursday Nov. 19th! I’m going to be 22! I’m so happy for you and goodluck to you, but I know you won’t need it!

    1. Thank you so much Sam!! Your support means the world to me!!! 🙂 And no way?! So close!! And let me just say, Happy early birthday!!! xoxo

  30. HIS LEGS! Best of luck to you with the last few days of your pregnancy! I can’t wait to find out her name!

  31. You more than deserve to be pampered! Exciting news on your delivery! So excited for you, David, Atticus and Chauncey! Dying to know her name…..????????????????

    1. You are too nice!! Thanks!! It was so relaxing! I now feel ready for baby girl to come 🙂 xo

  32. Love love love this post! It seems like the perfect day and how my Saturdays end up looking even thought I am not even pregnant!! Keep on doing what you are doing and my gosh that is so exciting!!

    Have a lovely weekend //

    1. Thank you so much Megan!! You are so sweet!! 🙂 We are so ready for baby girl!! xo

  33. So much fun to read you as I am 38 weeks, impatiently waiting for baby girl and enjoying lazy days with my men (husband and 17 months old boy) as well. Just missing the dog… All the best for the birth!

    1. Yay!! You’re so close!! I love hearing from other mamas!! I hope it has been going great so far!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

  34. I cannot wait to learn more about your little girl, so excited for her to be born! I bet Atticus will be the cutest big brother! Oh and a three hour massage, I’m not even pregnant and that just sounds SO heavenly. Amazing!!!

    1. Thank you!! We are so so ready for her 🙂 Atticus will be so sweet with her I can’t wait to see!! xo

  35. Hurray for an induction date! Can’t wait to see that lovely lady! I’m also super impressed with your ability to lay on your back while being so close to the end of your pregnancy. I always fainted whenever I tried to do that!


    1. Yay!! I am so glad! I don’t think I could wait any longer 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!! xo

  36. Yeyeye finally the baby girl is about to come excited to see her and how atticus reacts to the new member????????

    1. Thank you! We love being home together 🙂 And thank you!! We are so excited for her!! 🙂

  37. So excited for you to have your little girl, I think I check your Instagram and blog everyday to see if you have had her yet! 🙂
    I really wish I lived somewhere by a cheap massage parlor. I am 30 weeks pregnant and only go every other week because they are soooo dang expensive!
    Thanks for sharing your journey, I really enjoy your updates. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Sasha!! You are the cutest!! That’s so so nice of you 🙂 And yay! 30 weeks woohoo! I hope it has been going well so far!! xoxo

  38. Ahaaaa!!! That was me yesterday too!!! It feels soooooo good to have thos days!!! Ah! ❤️ Them!!! But you still look absolutely stunning!!! Atticus and Chauncey are just too adorable!!!!! I was hoping you would have her on my birthday which is the 19th!!! Still a November baby is the best!!!! Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ To you and your family!!!! Can’t wait for her to come! And her name!!!! ????

    1. YES!! It was soo good!! It was so relaxing!! And ahh so close!!! One day before 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment Lori!! xo

  39. a three hour massage when I was pregnant would have been the greatest day of my life! lol. hang in there! xo.

    1. It was the best thing ever!! No regrets there haha! And thanks!! She will be here so soon 🙂

  40. Haha! 5 hours would be a BIT too long for me, but a wonderful, three hours long massage is something I can only dream about. Where I live at I can get maximum of 1:30 hours of massage and I have to pay a lot of money to get what I want/ need. Ahhhh, NYC, I miss it!
    Also, great that you have the induction date, now you for sure know that next Wednesday is the latest day you’ll get to meet your little princess!

    1. It does sound a bit excessive now that I think about it hahah!! And yes! Come visit!! And I am so glad we had that date set because I don’t think I could wait any longer 🙂 !!

  41. UM THOSE BOWLS ARE GENIUS!!! How have I never seen something like this before!? Omg. I’m totally hunting some down right now because seriously I ate when Nathan knocks over his food either by an accident or the more likely one, on purpose. haha! I actually did a blog post on my weirdest/strangest pregnancy symptoms or the embarrassing things I did while pregnant because let’s face it…any pregnant woman has her fair share of stories! 🙂 That’s so nice you have so many pregnant friends right now too. It makes it feel a little less stressful having another woman to vent to! Good luck with your induction! You must be over the moon excited! Wishing you a healthy and speedy delivery! Can’t wait to see a couple pics of your baby girl! 🙂

    Carly xo

    1. They really are!! I am obsessed!! I hope you find some!! 🙂 And I am glad I am not the only one with embarrassing pregnant stories haha I need to go and find that post of yours 🙂 I would love to read it!! Thanks for the well wishes with baby girl!! I am so ready!! xo

  42. And I was hoping we would share a birthday (mines the 17th)! So excited for you and your family!

  43. Well those bowl mats are probably the smartest invention ever!! Absolutely going to get one of these soon!
    Also, cannot wait to see your new little squish!! & to hear her name!

    1. Seriously they are amazing!! Every parent needs these!! And aww thanks!! I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  44. I haven’t seen you post anything in the past day or so and I thought, SHE’S IN LABOR! Then I checked snapchat and was like….oh 🙁 Hahah. It’s a little pathetic how excited I am for baby girl to come. Love following your family! I’m glad you got the induction date set, but I’m still hoping you go into labor before 🙂

    1. I wish!! Haha! But she will be here soon!!! 🙂 We are SO excited!! And you are so so sweet for your comment!! I appreciate the support!! xoxo

  45. OMG Atticus is too cute, the picture of him on his tippy toes just kills me. You have such a beautiful family. Wednesday is so soon, wishing you a healthy and quick delivery.

    1. Aww thank you!! That is so sweet of you!! I appreciate the well wishes!! 2 days yay!

  46. Ah that is so exciting that you have scheduled your induction date! I can’t even imagine how excited and anxious you must be to meet her. Such an exciting time! I am sure this weekend will be spent busy doing last minute preparations for her arrival!

    Meghan |

    1. Yes!! I am so excited to meet her!! I have been taking advantage of these last two days and trying to relax 🙂 Thanks for the comment Meghan!! xo

  47. haha oh my these pics seriously kill me!!! I would love a 3 hour massage right now! Wednesday!?! sooooo exciting!!!! thats like 1 or 2 posts before she gets here (in our world LOL) so exciting! Wishing you luck!

    1. It was amazing!! I loved it a little too much haha 🙂 And yes!! Less than 2 days!! Ahh so excited!!! 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment!!! xo