My life lately:

Sis and I at our first day back at school
Oh just munchin on some rainbow lolli pops is all.
At our friend’s soccer game
Our jean collection is getting intense.. (lauren has more of course)
Found this old pic of Lauren and I as tots and instagramed it because I thought it looked sweet
Freaking parking tickets.
I was in the office waiting to talk to the lady about my tickets and I stole a couple handfuls of candy… There was more but I ate most of it before the pic idea came to mind.
Sometimes on my breaks in between classes I go into Urban to read…. I was appalled by the book on the right though.
Instagramed this gem for my papa’s birthday!! Isn’t he just the cutest man?
I’ve gotten good at driving through iced windows. Maybe I’m lazy I don’t know.
My first try at juicing was a sad failure…. it tasted way too sour for my liking.
However, my second try was a brilliant success. 

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