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I am the absolute worst with ordering anything on time so today’s post is for my fellow procrastinators. I always end up ordering from Shopbop or Amazon because they both have free 2 day shipping so here are some things I love for Valentine’s! They could be gifts for sisters, friends, co workers, or….. yourself. I kind of need to get that yoga mat because I think its awesome ha! And the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is my FAV – especially since their caps twist on … makes it more “Atticus proof”. He got into my matte liquid lipstick and it got evvvverywhere… it was kind of hilarious.

Want to know what else is hilarious? My night tonight! So I had some fittings for shows I am attending for Fashion Week and I walk in and its all models standing there. I had to try on some clothes and all they had were size 0 and 2 .. I knew they wouldn’t fit but decided to try them on anyway. I ask “where is the dressing room?” and they look around and say they don’t have one. So I am immediately thinking, “oh cool I have to change in front of models in my nursing bra (with dry milk spills because heaven knows I am too lazy for nursing pads at this point) and my jeans that I can barely button ha!” Needless to say, nothing fit. Fine fine.. so I go to Sak’s to grab some things to wear and I am trying on a Zimmermann dress in the dressing room. It went on fine but it was too short so I go to take it off and it. will. not. budge. I started panicking because it was so tight that there was literally no way to get it off. Like not kidding no way was it coming off. The lady helping me comes by and asks how I am doing and I said “I think I am stuck in this dress…” I am sweating and freaking out at this point. She was so sweet and came in to help me. After like 10 minutes of us trying different options and failing and cracking up, she finds a hidden ZIPPER! It freaking had a zipper. Then it came right off. I asked her if that was a first for her, and sure enough it was – and me too. Me and David have been busting about it all night!

Have a good day everyone!! XO

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  1. Your so funny- i have totally been in that position where you think: i may be stuck in this dress for the rest of my life, start panicking and yup, sweating. glad you found the zipper and made it out! have so much fun at fashion week- i already love your snaps so far! Xo, Tara

    1. Haha too funny!! I was definitely nervously sweating!! Hopefully that won’t happen again 😉 But I am sure it will haha! Thanks so much for following along Tara!! xo

  2. Love your site!! Its awesome….I’m a Canadian mama with an Atticus too.
    I see you love tanning products and that you already have a favourite. Have you tried Arbonne? Amazing products!

    Till next time,

    1. Thank you Erin!! I am so happy to hear that 🙂 And no way?! How cute!!! They must meet haha! And I haven’t heard of it before, I will definitely check it out. Thanks!!

  3. Can I share this on my blog if I give you credit and link to your post?! It is SO cute!

  4. This post is cracking me up and it’s happened to me before to. Well, NOT the models part or a fashion show but getting stuck in a dress in a store dressing room and not seeing the zipper and having to ask for help to get out of it. I panicked thinking they’d make me buy it too because of all the sweat from trying so hard to get out of it. Too funny!

    1. Okay good!!! I am not the only one haha!! I was so nervous that I would have to rip it off haha! Thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  5. That yoga mat is awesome! I was at a photography retreat last weekend where we did yoga in the morning… and the smell of bacon was wafting out from the kitchen. It was a special kind of torture, haha! Looking forward to seeing all your awesome NYFW photos!

    1. Right?! So so cute!! And wow that sounds so fun besides the tempting bacon haha! 😉 Thanks for your comment Alice!!

  6. Amazon is my go to as well because of their 2 day shipping. And that story is too funny! I have put on rings and stuff before only to get them stuck, but never a dress haha! Glad you found the hidden zipper. And I’m sure you looked great along with the other models, but I totally know what you mean. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. It really is the best!! We love Amazon! And haha that is too funny!! I am glad I am not the only one with an embarrassing story like that yikes! And oh you are too sweet!! Thanks Rachel!! xo

  7. perfect valentines day gifts! i have been wanting to get that camera for a while now! *hint hint*( hubby) hahah

  8. Hi Amber! I just love your blog… as I always say lol.
    What is your favorite nail polish color?

    1. Thank you Kayla!! 🙂 And I love OPI and Essie brand nail polishes and as far as colors, I love bright pinks, reds, oranges and soft purples, pinks!! I honestly don’t own a lot of polishes so I don’t know specific names so sorry that isn’t much help! xo

  9. I seriously love you – thanks for being so real!! Can’t wait to see your NYFW outfits!!! xoxo

  10. I first saw your post and was like “oh my, how gorgeous” with all the fun pink things. Then I continued to read and was laughing out loud at work. I got stuck in a dress once in a fitting room…was not a pleasant experience and I too broke out into a full sweating panic hahah. Glad to see you will be attending NYFW again this year. Hopefully one day I will make it to the ‘invite’ list lol

    have fun!

    1. Haha!! I am so glad you liked the post!! And I am so happy to hear I am not the only one this has happened to before ha! Too funny!! The sweating panicked feeling is spot on! And yes! NYFW has been amazing so far!! I can’t wait to share pictures 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to see your pics from Fashion Week! I’m obsessed with that Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment too!

    1. I can’t wait to share them!! Follow me on Snapchat (amberfillerup) too if you want to see some videos of the shows I go to 🙂 And right?? I love it too much!!

  12. This post is gold. You literally described my worst nightmare (getting stuck in clothes in the dressing room). I’ve almost gotten stuck in a few things and that initial panic is SO REAL – like they’re going to have to call the fire department to cut me out of whatever I’m wearing or something equally ridiculous – haha.

    Also – I’m really into those keychain puff ball thingies. My inner 90s girl is just squealing!

    1. It really is so real!!! I was sweating like crazy because I was so scared/nervous haha!! I am hoping that never happens again 😉 And yes!! Aren’t they so cute?! I totally want it!

  13. Oh god, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a dress!!!! Especially when you are in hurry!! Glad the lady helping you was nice!!! Off topic but are you and David going to have more than 2 kids? I understand if you don’t want to answer!! Love you!!!

    1. No kidding!!! I hope it never happens again haha!! And yes! We definitely want more 🙂 Not sure how many though! Thanks for the comment Sandra! xo

    1. Thanks so much!! And yes! I am definitely a pink lover if that wasn’t obvious haha 😉 And oh good! I am not the only one! I feel much better about it hahah!!

    1. The cutest!!! I think I might actually go to a yoga class if I had it haha 😉

  14. omg, I would die without a dressing room! You’re so brave, I hope you have a great time, can’t wait to see all of your pictures on insta!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

    1. I was totally thinking “umm are you kidding me!!!” haha! It was definitely not my finest moments 😉 And thanks so much!! Can’t wait to share pictures from NYFW! xo

  15. love that yoga mat! hilarious!

    i once got stuck in a peplum top at zara so i definitely related to this post. it probably took me 15 minutes to get out of it and i was sweating the whole time! haha!

    1. Haha too funny huh?! Glad you like it!! And oh thank goodness! I am so glad I am not the only one that has had this happen 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Laura!! Glad you liked the picks 🙂 And yeah, there’s no way I could squeeze into that size pre or post baby!

  16. Love these ideas for Valentines Day! Also, that story is absolutely the BEST! Ha! I also loved your snapchat yesterday with Atticus in the gymnastics class! As you may know, I am on the BYU gymnastics team and it makes me so happy to see little ones having so much fun!

    1. Yay! I am glad you liked the picks I chose!! And haha! too funny! Glad you liked it 😉 And of course! You are amazing!! I think gymnastics is such a great sport to start at a young age, and I love seeing Atticus so concentrated on the beam haha!

  17. Oh man I am cracking up over that dressing room episode…mainly because I’ve been there too !!! After my first was born I went perusing around Anthro for a new dress, and decided to give my pre-preggo size a go…yeah. When I tried to get it off it. would. not. budge. except you were smart and had the sales lady help…I was too busy freaking out and responded ‘yeah everything’s fine!’ as I was panicking and sweating bullets trying to get that thing off. All I can say is thank goodness for hidden zippers! 😉

    1. Haha it’s too funny/embarrassing!! I definitely will never forget it 😉 But I am happy to hear I am not the only one that has had that happen ha! Thanks for sharing!! You are too cute!

  18. Hahaha you are too funny!! Things like this happen to the best of us lol I have a sister and two sister-in-laws with kids so I’ve heard my fair share of nursing bra mess-ups and stories. And oh my god, I need that yoga matt!!!

    Have a Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Hahah you are too nice!! I am glad I am not the only one with stories like that!

  19. Haha this is a great story! I saw David’s tweet and I was really hoping we would get the story on this situation somehow 😉 Thanks for the list because I’ve definitely procrastinated, it’s what I do best…
    Have a great day!

    1. Haha seriously!! Too funny!! 🙂 And thank you!! I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day too!! xo

  20. Omg Amber the same thing happened to me so many times! I don’t know how they hide the zippers so well. Once I got the dress one size up because it was too tight to put it on and take it off but it was all because I didn’t see the zipper. lol.

    1. No way?! I am glad to hear so many other people have had this happen before haha! And I agree! Those sneaky hidden zippers ahh!

  21. That is absolutely hilarious! It happens, it happens; this is real life! I’m sure you’ll look stunning at the shows. Your experience reminds me of a similar one I had… 4+ friends, trying to get my dress to zip back up in the Macaroni Grill restroom!! Cringe.

    1. It’s so true!! Real life at its finest haha! Thanks for the sweet comment and sharing your story! Makes me feel a little better about it! xo

  22. These are too cute! I’m in the same boat with you about procrastinating for V-day. My birthday is actually on Saturday (thank you so much for your sweet well wishes gorgeous girl!) and then Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. I still haven’t gotten my boyfriend a present. Any ideas?! Lol xoxo

  23. Amber: Your post today made me laugh…a size 0 and size 2 ONLY samples are why ordinary women out in the working world roll their eyes at the world of high fashion…thanks for keeping it real on your blog and thank goodness a nursing mom, such as yourself, finds sizes 0 and 2 too tight for her figure…hope you know YOU ARE GORGEOUS exactly the way you are right now!

    1. Speak for yourself. I’m a full time working mom and mange to take care of my health and am a size 2. Some people are genetically thin and others take health to a serious level. Don’t hate on people who are different or say that people roll their eyes at them. There’s nothing wrong with being a size 0/2 just like there’s nothing wrong with having curves.

      1. Kristine, you are absolutely correct…women of all shapes and sizes should be celebrated by other women…my sincere apologies for offending you…it was not mind intention…I will be much more mindful of my word choices in the future, blessings, Susan

      2. I think you both bring up great points!! There are definitely women who are naturally thin (size 0-2) and others that strive to be that thin. I am happy at the size that I am now but would love to get back to my pre baby size. Regardless, I think the important thing is feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Thanks for the comment ladies!! xoxo

    1. It really was haha!! I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon 😉 And thanks love!! Can’t wait to share pictures!!

  24. I love your honesty! It makes it so easy to read your blog and relate. I am still trying to loose the baby weight and you look so amazing already. But funny story! That once happened to me, but i didn’t miss the zipper the dress just didn’t fit haha. And my husband and I don’t exchange gifts anymore we just did a massive seafood dinner @ home every year. This year 19 degrees in NYC, so def staying in!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you liked the post 🙂 I appreciate that! And hahah that’s too funny!! I am happy to hear I am not the only one to get stuck in a dress 😉 You are too cute!! Oh and that sounds like such a fun Valentine’s Day tradition! love it!

  25. atleast you can laugh about this stuff, maybe its being a second time mom? I had my first last year ( a boy) and I had to try on bridesmaid dresses when he was 6 weeks old, my boobs from milk were 2 full sizes bigger than my norm and I got stuck in the dresses and honestly I nearly resigned being bridesmaid because fitting the dresses made me cry- post baby body is so hard! thankfully we got different dresses in the end that were more stretchy, but man I”m NEVER trying anything on that soon after a baby EVER AGAIN so you are way braver than me hehe.

    1. Haha totally!! I will definitely never forget it 🙂 And oh my goodness that is too funny!! Thanks for sharing that, it makes me feel a little less embarrassed about what happened ha!

  26. sounds like an embarrassing but funny day!
    I am thinking of getting that incredible yoga mat, it’s soooo great

    xo Charlotte

    1. Haha seriously!! That’s exactly what it was! And you totally should! It’s so cute!!

    1. Right?! So sexy and cute haha!! I love it! I am definitely going to snag a pair 😉

    1. Haha seriously!! I couldn’t help but just laugh afterwards haha 🙂 And oh you are too nice!! Thank you love!

  27. Haha what a story! if it gives you comfort: you do look like a model 🙂 I have had situations like that where I was so afraid I would break a dress and have to pay for it even though I’d never be able to wear it haha.

    1. Haha no kidding!! It was definitely embarrassing to say the least 😉 And oh you are too nice!! Thank you so much!!! You definitely made my day!

  28. Hi Amber! I have a quick question. Do you ever get hate comments and how do you manage it? love you and you’re my favorite blogger<3

    1. Hi Naomi!! Thank you so much!! You are so sweet 🙂 And yes I do. I try to address the comment if I feel like it is something that I can explain or if I can address their concerns. A lot of times I just ignore them. For all the mean comments I get, I have A LOT more positive and uplifting comments so I focus on those instead! xo

  29. Hi Amber (and cute fam), I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m going to be in NYC next month for my spring break and would love to meet you! I know you probably get these emails all the time but I figured, hey why not at least ask. Hope y’all are doing well and enjoyed your vacation.

    1. Hi Briana!! Thank you so much!! I am so glad to hear that 🙂 And I would love to meet you too! However, because of my busy schedule, I don’t do meet ups one-on-one. I am sorry! But I hope I run into you on the streets or something!! Have a blast!!! xoxo

      1. Thanks for replying anyway!! Anything you would recommend doing while in the city? Or places to eat?

        1. Yes of course!! Some of our favorite places to eat are Sarabeth’s, Jacob’s Pickles, Norma’s and Joe’s Pizza 🙂 I would definitely recommend going to the Top of the Rock (a gorgeous view from the top of the Rockefeller Center), seeing a show on Broadway, riding bikes across Brooklyn Bridge, walk around Central Park, just a few ideas 😉

  30. Funny, but you’re probably a size 2 anyway! You look amazing after giving birth, before giving birth, while giving birth – basically probably always. <3

    xo, Irina Bond |