Lake Powell was amazing. It kind of always is.. it is just so pretty. It was so nice not wearing an ounce of make up for a few days. The Corley family invited my fam to come but only me, my sis jamie, dad, em and carl could go, ash and mom had to stay home for work and what not! Their boat was…. amazing though and the food was the best part. Fairly positive I gained 5 pounds between all of the hot dogs, homemade ice cream, cobbler, waffles, cookies, etc.
Oh, and the boys all put on a surprise firework show for us.. and not kidding it was so amazing. Not just bottle rockets and bumble bees it was a legit firework show!
Secret: I kind of went insane not having service.. it was so freaking pathetic. Like I was having anxiety about it haha, wtf wrong with me?! I need to snap out of this and go on a technology fast……. or not.
I love technology.
I sleep better knowing I can send a text message.
Its sad.
Now I am in Arizona for one of my best friend’s weddings! Can’t wait to see her marry her high school sweetheart. I am kind of excited to go back to Utah and start back up in my regular work out routine.. I always feel kinda gross on vacations when I just eat anything I want and don’t hardly work out. 
But anyways here are the pics from my trip!

Criss cross back one piece: Mara Hoffman {similar style: here}
American flag shorts: Forever 21 {similar style: here}
Neon green tank: H&M 
Hope everyone had a good weekend and didn’t get sunburned like me.. whoopsie!

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  1. Joining the bandwagon to say that swimsuit really is fantastic! By the way, since coming across your blog for the first time at the beginning of the week….. I have put some sugar on my bathroom vanity! X

  2. erica: yes you must get it if you ever see it! I have tried finding it online but I am pretty sure it is sold out now! All Mara Hoffman suits are amazing though!

    Danielle: Oh my gosh you are so sweet that makes me so happy!!!! 🙂 🙂 totally made my day! The water wasn’t too bad when the sun was out but when it got windy it was fuhhreeezinng after you got out! hope you guys have so much fun on your lake powell trip!

    Jess: ughhh I know it is seriously AMAZING. I am shore we can make a belly pouch for baby h!! anything for that princess! love you!!!

  3. Lake Powell is easily one of the best places on earth. Love it! And I love your swim suit. Seriously, do they make that with a belly pouch!? haha love you!

  4. Hi, I’m one of your blog stockers. 30 something mother to three teenage girls. We love your blog! Anywho we are headed to lake Powell in about 10 days. We’ve never gone this early in the summer before, just curious if the water was frigid when you were there? Your pictures made me excited to go regardless (: thanks for sharing! Danielle