Barefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and Spa^^David’s drone pic!Barefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and Spa^^Atticus lovvvved all of the hotel’s golf carts and tried to hop in them any chance he got. He was even lucky enough to get some rides from some of the nice workers 🙂Barefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and SpaBarefoot Blonde in Lake Como at Casta Diva Resort and Spa^^The view from our front porch in our villa!

SWIMSUIT: Seea (also love this one and this one in the same style) / DRESS: Anthropologie (old, love this similar one so much!)

We arrived in Milan last week and rented a minivan from Avis and drove straight to Lake Como! Everyone makes fun of minivans but I secretly can’t wait to have one.

So on our drive out of Milan, we were on the highway and turned a corner and all of the sudden you see the lake and me and David both blurted out a big “woah” at the same time. It is STUNNING! We pulled up to CastaDiva Resort and there was the prettiest view of the lake with a floating pool and pretty roses lining the walkways. It was so quiet there and it honestly feels like you’re walking around in a dream. I’m actually shocked at how little you see/hear about Lake Como (at least in the states! or in my circle of people 😉 ) When people talk about Italy they talk about Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast etc, but you don’t hear much about Como, which is partly why we wanted to stay there. It didn’t disappoint. We had the most breathtaking view from our room, with the cutest little terrace and archways covered in honeysuckle. It was so nice because during nap times when we wanted to be out and about, we could just relax on the terrace and take in the view and fresh air.

Some of you who have been following for a long time know about our first trip to Europe the first summer after we got married. We were gone a total of 6 weeks and lived on a SUPER tight budget, which actually included bringing a lot of food with us, ha! We had this amazing trip planned, but knew we couldn’t afford it yet, so we cut corners and packed David’s carry on with quick meals (pasta and rice packets etc) which meant we ate very little actual authentic Italian food on our trip. We were so excited to come to Italy again because I love fresh pasta and couldn’t wait to really experience Italian cuisine. The restaurant at CastaDiva was so good. We had fresh pasta, delicious pizza, and David loved the seafood.

I have more from Lake Como coming soon! xo

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  1. Love that your family travels so much with two precious kiddos. Maybe I’m late to the party, but do you have any entries on lifestyle design (to financially enable your travel) or traveling with young kids (logistics, how to not be scared of it, etc)? You are inspiring me to take my husband and two kids under two back to Italy. 🙂

  2. Love these photos- you guys have the cutest family. Every single snapchat and Instagram post that is posted is absolutely adorable!! I was wondering what type of drone does David have? Looking to buy one and wanted to get one that has really good quality!

  3. dreamlike! or how we say it in German “traumhaft”! you are definitely a source of inspiration. love your posts, they are full of energy and laughter, looking forward for what’s next to come!

    Greetings, Madalina.

    1. Aww well thank you!! That is so kind of you to say!! I appreciate that 🙂

  4. I loved reading that you guys came at first with nothing! Just makes you feel even more relatable if that makes sense?:) sounds like an amazing trip!! Do you guys often get invited to the trips you take now, or do you just have a bucket list of places you want to visit? I always LOVE looking at all your photos!! You are just stunning!! And you have such cute kids!!!

    1. Wow thank you!! And yeah totally!! I feel like a lot of people didn’t know that, so I wanted to share 🙂 And I would say our trips are some of both. A lot of destinations we go to are places we want to go but also, we revisit places because of certain jobs and whatnot.

  5. You should post about traveling on a tight budget. Would be great for young couples (like me). Love your blog so much, seriously is my bible. xo

    1. We definitely want to do a post about that!! Thanks for the great suggestion 🙂

  6. Atticus is sooo cute!! How could the workers possibly say no to him?! And Lake Como is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been so jealous watching on snapchat! I’m looking into places to take a trip to in a few months 🙂 Love your dress too!!

    1. Aww thank you Cat!! And it really was so stunning there, we loved it!!

  7. Hello! This place is gorgeous! I’m actually getting married in 3 weeks and my Fiance and I haven’t planned our honeymoon. We saw this place and fell in love. We both have never traveled abroad, so we were wondering if you had any tips or advice regarding airfare and hotels? Considering that we’re on a tight budget after the wedding is over. I would really appreciate all the help! Thank you in advance!

  8. Atticus is just an angel! And I know we only see snippets but I hope you know your a wonderful mother full of an adventurous heart

  9. Beautiful photos and you’re so right como is majorly under rated. We interrailed there as part of our honeymoon three years ago and it was one of our favourite spots!

    Rach //

    1. Thanks so much!! So glad you love it there too!! It was a dream 🙂

  10. Hello Barefoot Blonde! This is mine & my Hubby’s first baby on the way. Almost 5 months with our bump starting to show, we are just thrilled! Unfortunately, I lost my job a day after revealing to them I was pregnant so we have been tight on funds. Your expierence sounds amazing, and we would love a chance to get away to relax one on one. Like you said it’ll be one of the last time to enjoy each other with quality time until the arrival of our first born. Thank you for the chance of a lifetime!

  11. Dear Amber,
    I want to go italy for one week holiday with my newborn baby. She is 2 months old. Which area you recommended ; lake como or amalfi coast. What do you think this places is suitable for little baby? thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Amber!! Love this post so much. Quick question – I am graduating college next May and my bf and I have been saving up for years to go on a 5-6 week long trip to Europe before we start working! I have never been before and he has only been to Paris. Neither of us are big into tourist traps (and we on a budget)! I was wondering if you had any advice on must see places??

  13. Welcome to Italy, Amber! I love all the photos, Atticus and Rosie are so cute, we would love to have a playdate with you guys 🙂 my daughter Lizzy is 3.
    Enjoy your vacation, I can’t wait to see where you will go next!


  14. Love the pictures! So beautiful. Your blog is such an inspiration <3

  15. One of my favorite places in the world!!! I was there this past October and was blown away by the beauty…. and the pistachio and cherry gelato!

    I’m so envious you went with your beautiful family though! I was alone because I was there for work, and missing the hubby a lot. At least Italy isn’t going anywhere…! 🙂

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  16. Atticus is looking so big!
    That view is amazing! Im dying to get a little summer over here!
    You look so good! I am pregnant with my second child and every picture of you is GOAL.
    What do you do to be so fit?

  17. It is so gorgeous, and I’ve heard of it a lot. Where are all the other people? You seem to have the place to yourself. Beautiful dress!

  18. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful, I hope you all are having a blast 🙂 I’m going to Italy next summer and I keep saving different places I want to stay on Pinterest haha! I’ll have to add this one to the list 🙂

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  19. So beautiful!!! This is actually one of the first places I’ve always wanted to travel to when coming to Italy! Could you possibly share some tips for what you can do around there? Thanks! 🙂

  20. What beautiful scenery! I am definitely adding Como to my list of places to visit in Italy. It must be such a blessing to share these amazing experiences with David and your beautiful children!
    Love, Rowan |

  21. Lovvvvve your family A LOT. OH, and i love the way atticus always bring his dog (doll) everywhere he goes, what is it name??

  22. I didn’t realise Atticus was already potty trained! I’m struggling with my boy who is 2 1/2. Can you please share any tips!!!

  23. So incredible!!! I have been dying to go to Europe (and particularly Italy) ever since I was a little girl. I’ll have to add Lake Como to the list! I’d never heard of it before, but wow! So stunning!

  24. Amber I dont know if you have already talked about that but I would love to know what did David do to have his hair so great now???…. I have the same problem here and would love to have some help, thanks a lot

  25. Beautiful! How do you deal with the time difference with the kids ? Wondering if you could share a tip or two

  26. these are so great Amber! Sometimes I just love to look at your pictures and day dream about what kind of life it would be like to be able to do this and to travel around the world. you are truly blessed my friend. you seem like the sweetest and most down to Earth person and that is one of the reasons I love to check your blog. 🙂

  27. Yes, the lake area is beautiful! That’s amazing that Atticus is potty-trained, too. Must be a big relief, especially when traveling.

  28. I have the same tie-die denim dress and just realized I’ve been wearing backwards!!! Oh my gosh 😉

  29. What kind of camera do you use? I’m looking at getting one and I love the way your photos turn out!

  30. I can’t get over the edits you do to your photos, they are always so great! Atticus is going to be a world traveler before he is five years old, i’m jealous haha!!

    Ashton | Instagram

  31. Looks so lovely! Lake Como is on my travel list for sure! Do you have any tips/posts on what you pack while traveling abroad? Like basically what you HAVE to have when you go on a trip? xoxo

  32. Oh my goodness when did atticus get so big! He looks like he’s having a blast! You look breathtaking in the pictures with that halter dress

  33. Your trip looks so amazing! Italy is such a beautiful place to experience!! I love your photos, curious to what presets do you use when editing? They are so crisp and clean! Love them!

  34. Italy is just so stunning and David’s pic are always so amazing! We were in Italy ourselves 10 days ago and I so enjoyed returning to this lovely country, the Italians are warm and so children friendly! Lake Como is well known in Europe, lots of people may have heard about it since George Clooney bought a property round there too and I was told it’s really worth visiting. Your photos certainly make me wanna plan a trip down there asap! And how good are the Italians with their pasta??! The kids are in heaven between pasta, pizzas and gelato and…so are we;)!! Enjoy the rest of your Italian jaunt! Julie xx

  35. What a dream! I had never even heard of this place, but now it’s on my list! How gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!! xoxo

  36. This trip looks like a dream! My husband and try to plan a trip to somewhere exotic every year. This year we went to Iceland which was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I will definitely keep this place in mind for our next trip!

  37. this looks like such a great relaxing time! i love all of the photos 🙂

  38. It is my dream to visit Italy! These are gorgeous pictures and I LOVE the drone picture!!

  39. amber! I absolutely love of family loving david&you are. love seeing these cute pics. also hip dress!!

  40. I’m so in love with your blog! Your family is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and the photos too. Lots of love <3

  41. WOW!!!! That looks like a dream! I may have to up Lake Como higher on my list! I’ve heard of it, but never realized how gorgeous it is!! I love that its not quite as popular as some of the other places but still super authentic and stunning! I can’t wait to see more pictures!

    xo Angela

  42. I’ve heard of people going there bu thad no idea it was this gorgeous! I like that you were doing everything fresh and local – so key! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures babe!

  43. Como is a dream holiday destination of mine! Atticus looks thrilled!

  44. I had never even heard of Lake Como before seeing your photos from the trip on Instagram and Snapchat. It looks absolutely stunning and I’ve added to my list of places to go. Hope you guys are enjoying Italy!


  45. Wow, I’m literally falling in love with this place! I just visited Cinque Terre and Lucca but I’ve never heard of that lake before. How did you came up with it?
    I’m looking forward to some more pics!

  46. Love all the photos! Lake Como looks amazing! I want to go someday. xo Mom

  47. Love these photos! My boyfriend and I just got back from Positano on the Amalfi Coast – most beautiful town on the coast and Capri is only a 30 minute ferry ride away! Definitely recommend it, even if it’s just for a day trip! Enjoy Italy, can’t wait to see more pictures/snaps 🙂

  48. Absolutely stunning! Love how y’all bring the drone with you on your trips so we can really see what the scenery looks like…and little Atticus is too cute!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  49. I hadn’t heard of Lake Como before this and you are so right – it is GORGEOUS! The view is just amazing. Atticus + Rosie are getting so big, they look just like you! Adorable. Also I am so glad you finally get to experience all of that Italian food! Sounds like another amazing adventure xx

  50. What a gorgeous place! so happy you guys had such a great time!! Where are you off to next? Love hearing the story again about your first European vacation. My husband and I travel like that a lot right now (rice packets and bringing food along with us, sleeping in our car, etc.) which makes for a beautiful adventure together! But I am so excited for the day when we get to travel in style. It’s encouraging to hear you guys had to do the same once too. You and your family are so very lovely. Thanks for sharing! Big love to you! ❤️