Barefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in AmsterdamBarefoot Blonde celebrating King's Day in Amsterdam

LIPSTICK: NARS ‘Heat Wave’ // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker 

One of the highlights of our trip was getting to celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam! Koningsdag is Holland’s national holiday where people wear orange, party on boats listening to music and riding up and down the canals, and people sell all of their used clothes and items in markets in local parks! It was really fun to get to experience their holiday and wear our orange 🙂 everyone was laughing and noting how cute Rosie looked in her little orange hate with pigtails haha! So funny.

We went to Vondelpark and got pancakes, walked around and looked at all of the little markets set up, took a nap at the apartment, and walked along the canals watching boats packed full of people in bright orange blasting top 100 hits floating by!

Thanks to all of the sweet people of Holland who let us celebrate with you! xo

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  1. I love this post! Amber you have such a beautiful figure! Just wondering if you are naturally thin or what do you do to keep thin and healthy and fit?

  2. Do you guys have dutch heritage? Holland is on my bucketlist for sure. Your family photos are so beautiful. How special to have these memories so beautifully captured to treasure forever.

    1. I think we might, it may be distant though! But I have always wanted to go and it was just as amazing as I expected!! I hope you can go someday 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! And I got it at a local shop 🙂 I hope you have a great trip there!! xo

  3. Too cute can’t get over Rosie! This seems like so much fun Amber! I’ve never been to Amsterdam but would love to go someday..! <3

  4. Pictures are so precious, they gave us a tiny sensation of how we felt at that exact moment, Beautiful pictures, love-able family I wish you guys nothing but long health and happiness ????

    1. Thank you for that sweet comment!! That was so nice to read 🙂 I appreciate it!!

  5. Tour d’abord les photos son magnifiques, j’adore regarder toutes les photos de vos voyages, et suivre vos aventures dans le monde entier !
    Vous êtes une famille génial, vos deux bout de choux sont à croquer.
    Merci pour tout ce rêve que vous nous faites partager.

    1. Thank you so much Alice!! I am so glad you follow along with our adventures!! xo

  6. My boyfriends brother is currently in Europe and was in Amsterdam on King’s day riding around in the water on one of those little boats! I remember watching your snapchat and seeing the boats, literally two seconds after we facetimed his brother while he was on the boat hahaha. Small world! <3

    1. hahah no way!!! I wonder if it was the same one!! That is too funny! I am sure he had fun 😉

  7. I love seeing all the unique places you go and things you do there, especially with your kiddos! You definitely give me crazy travel fever and inspire me to travel with my little one!

    1. Thanks so much Juliet!! That is such a nice compliment 🙂

  8. Wow, Atticus is getting so big! I was looking back to when I just started following your blog and he was so small!

    Anyway, I’m heading to Amsterdam this month, i’m super excited!

    Ashton | Instagram

    1. He really is!!! I can’t believe it!! And no way?! How fun!! You will love it!!

  9. Hey Amber! I love the fun colors! What a fun celebration- looks like a blast! Your family is so adorable… I love Atticus’s big smile!! Where do you get pants like those?! I have a pair of yoga pants, but it’s hard to find those comfy cotton ones:) Love your blog!

    1. Thank you!! That’s so sweet of you!! And yes!! Try ASOS 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

    1. It really was a blast!! I hope you can go back sometime!!! xo

  10. Adorable! Where did you all stay while in Amsterdam? Any recommendations?

  11. Hi Amber!
    I’m from Brazil and I just love your photos, your lifestyle, your travel diaries, and all the tips you post on this blog. Have you ever thought to come to Brazil one day? I live in Rio and I can imagine beautiful photos of yours in Rio’s landscapes haha.
    By the way, you mentioned sometime that you would be sharing more about your camera equipment in a post. I’m very anxious for it!

    Xo Isa

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much!! That is so sweet to hear 🙂 And yes, we definitely want to visit Brazil someday. We just aren’t sure when! And yes, we had plans to do an equipment post but it got pushed off, so I don’t know when that will be happening 🙁

  12. What a cute photo’s! You have such a happy family! I was so bummed you were in Holland, just when we were in Portugal for a holiday. What are the odds haha. We went to a lot of places in Portugal, but Sintra was Magical. You have to pinterest it and put it on your bucket list if you will come to Europe next time! Our one and a half year old babyboy loved it in Portugal.
    Greetings from the Netherlands ;-)!

    1. Thanks so much!! How sweet of you!! And no way?! Darn!! Sorry we missed you! I am sure you had an amazing time in Portugal though!! We would love to go someday 🙂 I will keep Sintra on our list!

  13. Yay Koningsdag for the Clarks! You look like real Dutchies here haha. Rosie is rocking those pigtails (‘vlechtjes’!), too bad I didn’t have those for my daughter’s first Koningsdag here in the Netherlands! So nice to see you had a good time in our country. Did you see our queen Maxima on tv by any chance? She is só stylish..! I think you might love her style.
    Love and ‘groetjes’ xx

    1. Aww thank you Nele!! We had an amazing time!! It was such a blast!! And yes! She is so lovely!!

    1. Aww thank you!! We loved getting to celebrate with everyone in town!

  14. At first I thought this was a Halloween post… after reading further I now know what this is all about! What a neat holiday! You learn something new everyday! How fun is it to experience these things with your family! Looks like you’re having a fabulous time in Europe!

    1. Haha I can totally see why you thought that! Thanks for reading!! It was definitely fun celebrating a different holiday 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah!! So nice of you!! And it’s definitely a must-see place!! Add it to your list 😉

    1. Thanks Katie!! It was so fun to celebrate with everyone!! We loved it!!

  15. Love these! What camera do you use??? Your pictures are always so bright and pretty!!

  16. So sweet and looks like a ton of fun


  17. Omg how cute is Rosie! Changed so much
    Congrats on those beautiful babies Amber. I’m still debating if we go for #2 but looking at you it looks like a piece of cake (im sure it’s not haha)

    1. Aww thank you!! She really is growing up so much! And two is so fun but definitely a lot of work haha! Not a piece of cake for me 😉 But you are sweet!! xo

  18. I can’t even handle Rosie in her little headband, how cute! I have been loving all of your lip colors lately, I don’t have a wide variety of colors so I’l have to check some of your colors out next time I head to Sephora.


    1. Aww thanks Annie!! It was too cute on her!! 🙂 And yes!! It is always fun to try new lip colors! Thanks for following along!! xoxo

  19. This is too cute, can’t get over Rosie! Hope you guys had a great time over there! 🙂

  20. So cute! It’s Koningsdag not Kongingsdag. We celebrate The birthday of our king! Koning means king in dutch.

  21. I love this! So fun that you are celebrating with us although you are a tourist :). It looks like you and you’re family had so much fun!

  22. Haha I love these photos!! You look like typical dutchies on King’s Day. Glad you enjoyed yourselfs!
    P.S. It’s called ‘Koningsdag’ here! 🙂 X