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One thing I love about Japan is seeing all of the women dressed up in their traditional kimonos!! I think they look too beautiful and they always have the best braids. We bought traditional Japanese kimonos when we were there in April and I love them. I am not sure when we will ever wear them but I love to have them haha. Ironically before our trip I was browsing Free People and Zara and they had so many kimono inspired pieces which were perfect for our trip – this one is from Zara! I love the faux fur detail on the sleeves. Most of the temples we went to were really busy but this one we had all to ourselves. It was my favorite one we visited and I think because it was so quiet and we got to enjoy it more because of that.

In these pics I am wearing my extensions that I cut to the length of my natural hair. When I get new extensions I always keep my old set and cut them so I have one long set and one my natural length. It is nice to just add a little thickness. Especially on days like this when I have literally 2 minutes to do my hair. I left the Airbnb with it wet still and just tossed it up in a couple buns on top. I am of course wearing our color Barefoot Blonde 🙂 Speaking of Barefoot Blonde Hair …. we were keeping it on the DL that we were going to have a Black Friday sale but I wanted to tell you guys first!!! So stay tuned. We are only doing 2 sales this year and this is one of them!

I am at the office right now and the cabinets are going in the break room!!! Once those are in and we get our reception desk up then most of the renovations will be done! My brother in law and sister at Bigelow Built did the renovation and they of course killed it. We had a small budget and they made this place look brand new. I am SO excited about it. I want to finish furnishing it but have been holding off for Black Friday sales! In a few I am picking up Atticus from school and then we are headed to California! All week Atticus has been talking about getting to see his cousins so he is verrrrry excited. On the way there we are going to listen to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.. or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.. can’t decide which I want to listen to first so I will see which one David prefers. Have you guys read/listened to either of those?

Also in yesterdays post I ended my post with “have a good weekend!” I still haven’t fixed it just because I thought it was hilarious that I genuinely thought yesterday was Friday…. it was MONDAY! haha. Rosie’s birthday weekend and Thanksgiving being this week had me all mixed up. A few of our employees left yesterday for their holiday so in my mind it was totally a weekend. Life should just always feel like a weekend 🙂


*Photos by Tessa!

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  1. Hi Amber
    What is the name of this temple and where is it? I’m planning a trip to Japan and I’d love to visit this temple.

  2. I love the kimono! I totally thought you bought it in Japan haha (not Zara) but still so cute. Great hairstyle btw, I can’t believe you threw it together in 2 minutes! Serious skill there.


  3. Hi Amber,
    Glad you liked Japan! You may be confused with Kimonos and Yukatas.. the one people wear in the summer with the flowery designs (very thin material) are called Yukatas, and that’s when people have their hair braided!

    Anyways, your photos are always very inspiring and I hope you could do a tutorial sometime soon on YouTube.
    Love you!

    1. Thanks for the clarification Zoe! Good to know 🙂 Thanks for reading the post! xo

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Amber!!!! May your holiday be filled with family, joy, laughter, and love. Hope you have an amazing week!!!


  5. oh these photos are so gorgeous and I absolutely lovely the hairstyle and kimono! I can’t wait to see the final bits of the office now as well 🙂 xx

    chevrons & éclairs

  6. Just returned from a trip to Japan/China and we went to this very spot because of your beautiful photos!! Kyoto is beautiful! Thanks for the tip!

  7. always love reading your blog, Ambe!r its always so fun to read whats on your mind and day to day randoms and see what your wearing! (loving the kimono btw! Zara and free people are my go to!) and cccccant wait to hear about the black friday sale! Ive been waiting to get extensions for tooo long because i didnt know what color i was! and finally found my color through your at home try ons!! being a red head is tough!

    xoxo- have a good weekend 🙂 lol!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! It is too funny! Every time you wear that top, I have to take a double take because it looks like you aren’t wearing a top. Ha ha! So the other day you mentioned getting new extenstions. I am sure how long they last is different for everyone depending on how much they were them, but generally how long does a set last and are they washable? Also, can someone just wear the extentions as a way to make their hair longer as opposed to giving them extra fullness? I have really think hair, but as I am getting older, I am finding it hard to get my hair a longer length. It just want to keep breaking despite tryng to style it less with heat.

  9. I also bought a kimono this season. Unfortunately I have never been to Japan but I want to see Tokyo sooo much! Those pictures are perfect.