Hello June & 12 Things!

How is everybody’s June going?! I can’t believe its almost July and time for our annual trip to Utah for the Fourth! We just got back from Tahiti and it was incredible – I will do a separate post on that! But today I have a 12 things for you.

1. Yesterday David made thee most bomb cake for Atticus for his birthday! Like wow I was so impressed. He whipped it up shockingly fast and it was like straight out of pinterest. #dadwin

2. Just saw a taco bell commercial and am literally going to taco bell after this. I am not kidding.

3. Watching bachelorette right now because that is my Monday tradition.. watching bachelorette while writing a blog post.

4. I got an Apple watch but keep forgetting to wear it. I thought I would love it more than I do. But I am past the return period now so I better learn to love it.

What I Wore : Top | Skirt | Sneakers | Hat | Earrings | Sunglasses 

5. I just realized that we are going to be gone when Sam Smith comes to Phoenix and am so devastated. Ugh!

6. Literally obsessed with our employees. I came in today to talk to them and had some things I wanted to ask them to do – things I hadn’t mentioned before – and before I even got to asking them, they had updated me on what they had worked on and had already done the things I was going to ask them to do! This happens all the time – they just do things and never need to be asked! Its like they are mind readers.

7. Today we had to decide if we wanted a brick or white chimneys and I think I decided on brick – if we end up not liking it we can paint it white!

8. I love looking on airbnb for cool homes.. even if we aren’t going I just like to look after the kids go to bed when we are chillin. Just got done looking at homes in Austria and WOW so pretty.

9. If you are watching Handmaid’s Tale .. holy crap!!!! How it ended?!?! Can’t wait for Wednesday.

10. I realized today that I have two separate sets of make up – same products but different colors .. one set is for no spray tan and the other is for spray tan haha

11. I hate that period of time when your spray tan is coming off and its splotchy. Once one tiny bit comes off I just want it all off immediately. I usually find that a washcloth gets it off fastest but do you guys have any tricks for this?

12. Time for Taco Bell. My order is always 5 crunchy tacos.


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  1. Loved reading this post and your 12 things, Amber! Such a great way to feel caught up on your life. I also love the outfit! The denim top is amazing.

  2. If yu ever been thinking on a trip to Austria – please make also a meet and greet – my sister and I are soooo big fans of yu! Loving your blog since the first Post!

  3. I use Loving Tan. Its an at home tanner so its way less expensive than going to get a spray tan and it lasts a while. Its so good about coming off like a natural tan fades and it looks like a real tan! Not orangey at all! I love using it, the only pain is saving time to do it myself instead of just scheduling an appointment to be sprayed. Totally recommend it to everyone though!!!

  4. i LOVED alllll the photos you posted of the houses and the chimneys!!! such a tough decision, but i thought the regular brick really added a special something!!! kind of brings a more timeless vibe, too. and you can always paint it, that is totally true!! i cannot wait to see when you share house photos!! xoxo b | http://www.lifeofcharmings.com

  5. I am following a few blogs but your blog is one of the loveliest one and always fun and interesting to read. I also like your 12 things post. If you ever think about travelling to Austria I can highly recommend Styria, especially the city Graz and if you want really nice food, beautiful landscape and go for a little hike the best way to stay is the area around Kapfenstein / Riegersburg / St. Anna am Aigen. They are small villages but very special and nice 🙂

  6. Oh man, those shoes! I can’t handle them. Everything looks good on you though. I thought I would love my Apple Watch more too. I basically only use it for running then take it off. I would also like to see a post about David’s Keto diet and tips. My husband is on it for weight loss and has lost about 35 lbs in 1 month (yay!). However, it is a struggle at times and any tips y’all have would be great.

  7. Yes Yes! The spray tan dilemma, okay, you must buy the loofah GLOVES! This is the most effective and fastest way to remove the spotty 4/5 day effect! Bar soap works then Scrub Scrub n re-apply😃

  8. Hey Amber,
    Love your 12 things posts! I would be so interested in reading about Chauncey- a post just about him! Like what happens when you travel…? And who goes for walks with him? How does he get along with the kids? And so on…
    We have a small Italian greyhound and newborn and sometimes that‘s a lot to give him all the exercise and attention, but he get‘s along sooo well ♥️
    Lots of Love from Berlin,

  9. You are just the cutest thing ever! Your posts always make me so happy – they’re so fun. Love that your employees jive so well with you! That’s so important. Enjoy that Taco Bell, beautiful! PS: Is David still doing keto? My husband has been doing it for over a month, but is considering giving it up. I was wondering if David liked it.

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  10. Korean Italy towels bring off spray tan the best that I have found. You can buy them on Amazon!

  11. I follow soooo many bloggers on instagram but your blog is literally the only one I actually read! I love how real you are – each post is always so entertaining 🙂

    1. Me too! Amber, I love your blog! Your posts are interesting and your pictures are fantastic.

  12. Just a heads up that you can watch The Handmaids Tale starting at 9pm (Pacific Time) on Tuesday nights!!

  13. #6 made me smile so big. I am so glad to hear that you love your employees so much! I hope they know how appreciated they are. How wonderful that you found a group of individuals who care about your company so much that they want to do everything they can to help it succeed. I am sure that’s a huge relief to you so that you can focus on your family while at the same time knowing that your other baby, BFB Hair, is in good hands!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  14. Amber I love these types of posts, so raw and organic – not forced. Just sharing thoughts of your day now. Also – hope you end up liking your Apple Watch, i’d love to hear how you use it, and what your favorite functions are.

  15. I’m obsessed with Taco Bell at the moment. It’s my number 1 pregnancy craving lol!

  16. I love this idea for a blog post! So often I have no idea what to write about, so I’ll have to do this sometimes 🙂


  17. Use makeup removing wipes to get off spray tan once it’s blotchy!! Works unbelievably well at removing it evenly.

  18. I loved this random thoughts post so much! 🙂 Love all your pics on Instagram; it’s an instant mood lift seeing you create memories with your family. No advice for the tanning, but how do you not get dark being at the pool with your kids? We get dark so easily even with all the sunblock. I wear a hat and then get an annoying line where the bottom of my face is darker than the top. 🙂 Have a great day, Amber!