I am home from Hawaii!!! My sister and I had such a fun and relaxing time. I am in bed writing this on my phone and it’s 1am! I am either on Hawaii time or just incredibly anxious for it to be morning so I can talk and hang out with my kids and husband! I want it to be morning already. Not sure I will get much sleep tonight.

The other night I went through and booked tons of fun dates for david and I. I realized it has been a while since we have done date nights and I wanted them to be in the calendar so they happen once a week. I planned fun things like casino night, symphony, the ballet, cooking class, and other stuff. I’m so excited.

Today was our one year anniversary from when we started barefoot blonde hair!!! That year FLEW by! Holy moly. Such an incredible year! I did a newsletter and blog post on the barefoot blonde hair blog if you want to check it out. But just another big, huge THANK YOU for the support we have received. You guys are incredible!!!

This week I planned fun fall activities for the kids and then this weekend is my littlest sisters baby shower which we are all excited about. It’s also our week to bring snacks to A’s soccer game which will be fun! I think I’m going to do fruit kabob sticks and maybe a soccer cookie. This last Saturday Atticus scored 3 goals and I was so heartbroken to not have been there. I was having major major mom guilt that day 🙁

okay now about this outfit! I love the 70’s vibes to it and just love this jumper! You’ve probably seen me wear it multiple times on insta stories – it is one of my fall favorites!!! And I love tying scarves around ponies or top knots. Zara has tons of fun scarves right now.

I actually have so much I want to talk to you guys about but I’ll save it for another post! Excuse any errors – it’s tricky doing blog posts on the phone!


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  1. Okay, I am obsessed with the jumper dress!! Love Love Love so much

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Pocket squares are also great for tying around hair dos, and they come in sooo many prints and colours! A fun thing to check out should anyone get sucked into suit shopping 😉

  3. You are always so creative with your clothes!!! You should do a post on how your find inspiration or why you put certain pieces together. Does that make sense? I just love everything you come up and it’s always things I would never think of!!!!
    Fondly, Emily

  4. saw this in the morning when I woke up, stressed and anxious for my college midterms (lol), but I saw the first photo and kept scrolling because the outfit is STUNNING! this is by far the best example of a dress over a sweater that I’ve seen. I’m in love!!!


  5. I just bought this sweater dress a few weeks ago! I love putting it with turtlenecks! This is so adorable!