i know i already commented on my last post and said this but i seriously just appreciate everyone’s comments so much that i want to say thank you again!! honestly you all completely turned my day around. you all are so sweet and amazing and i love everyone who commented! i will add you all to the suuuper cool exclusive list! 🙂
(jk..  but i really am going to add you)
(read my last post if you havent already people! urgent.)

so a while ago me and my roommates hit an all time low. we were so bored and decided to make a formspring.
if you dont know what that is.. its a website and people can post questions to your profile and then you answer them. anyways so we made a group one and wanted people to ask us questions so we could answer them.
we thought we were funny. (by thought i mostly mean knew)
and we knew this would entertain us.
but the problem was..
so i secretly made another account and submitted provocative questions that would get my roommates going and pretended to be some stranger.
i would then go “ohhh you guys! look at this funny question someone asked us!!!”
and then we would die laughing at our hilarious responses to the “stranger’s” questions.
except i think i already told my roommates it was me. i cant keep a secret like that in for too long.
today.. woke up early.
went to the gym.
went to spin class.
went to D.I.
*it is my DREAM to go to a fancy hotel and lay in bed in some sassy night gown and order room service and eat it in bed. preferably some waffles with strawberries and whip cream with a side of cadbury eggs… maybe a yummy smoothie to go along with it. and a gold fork. dont forget the gold fork. but obvi im in college annnnd cant afford these jazzy dreams of mine soooooooo… I BOUGHT A CUTE TRAY FOR A DOLLAR!!! at di. and then i made breakfast in bed for myself. 
im honestly going to do it every day. 
i feel so sophisticated eating off a tray in bed. even if it is just chex cereal… and a glass of tap water.
maybe tomorrow ill put a candle and some flowers on my tray just to feel more fancy.
now im blogging and then will dedicate myself to school work for approx.. 6 hours.
with occasional instagram/twitter/facebook/blog/pinterest breaks.
anyways.. over and out.
i love you guys.








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  1. “*it is my DREAM to go to a fancy hotel and lay in bed in some sassy night gown and order room service and eat it in bed. ”

    and now fast forward all these years and you get to do EXACTLY that!! maybe not a sassy night gown but still. i think it’s so cool how you never know what the future holds 🙂 Maybe someday i’ll get to do that as well with my babies!

  2. Dani- thank you so much girl 🙂 you gave me your email right?! We need to all go buy some camo pj pants to celebrate getting rid of anonymous idiots!

  3. Shelby!! Haha I know right?!? So funny that she thought that was okay! I tried to give her the look like “girl…. That’s not okay” but I don’t think she caught my drift haha anyways love you and am so glad you and Ryan are doing good! Love all your cute instas!

  4. Girl in camo at spin seriously made me laugh out loud. I am always so confused when people wear weird things to the gym. It is a place for working out and SWEATING! Hilarious.