If you know me, you know how much I love Dwight Howard. The Jazz were playing the Lakers and it would be the only time they played in Utah this season so I was dyyying to go. So David found us some last minute tickets and I was so stinking excited. My plan was at half time to go down to where they all come out of…. you know what I am talking about right? I was going to stand there and cheer my little brains out and pray that he high fives me or something. K so we are walking down to do just that………………..
We miss it by a literal 2 seconds. Ugh. The players were already warming up again. I was so so sad. It didn’t help that heart ache from Mitt’s loss was still lingering either.
Lakers lost.. not that I really care since I only care for 2 players on the team.
David and I are taking off for Huntington Beach tomorrow to go stay at a beach house with some of our close friends! Two of my best friends, Sheridan and Adam (they are married), are having their baby boy in just a few months so we are going to have a baby shower and celebrate! I am the baby’s Godmother and I could not feel more honored.
Anyways… here are some pictures from the game.

Photos from Jazz Game

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  1. I went to the Jazz/Lakers game last night too, but was totally devastated when the Lakers lost!! Dwight could not make a free throw to save his life, so sad :/ Have fun in So-Cal, I sure do miss living there! 🙂