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Back in Japan!! Remember when we were here back in April for their cherry blossom season?! We are back for their fall leaves now! You might have heard me mention how we found cheap tickets – I am going to do a big insta live about how I find cheap airline tickets and basically our whole booking process. You won’t want to miss it so I will announce when I do this. Anyone I show they love it.

Zara and Free People had sooo many amazing kimonos I had a hard time narrowing down which ones I wanted to bring with me! We weren’t there long enough for me to wear them all. I had planned to change a couple days so I could wear another outfit but with kids that idea isn’t so practical. It ended up being that I just didn’t care to wear another look haha. In theory things sound nice and then you get there and you’re tired from traveling and staying up late to work and it just doesn’t work like you planned but thats okay because I still love the pieces that I did wear! Even if this kimono is wrinkled to the max haha. I also love hats like this — what is the exact style called? I feel like everywhere they are called different things so I don’t really know.

I flew out Tessa and her friend Mary and Tessa is taking some pics for me! On trips it is hard to get “outfit pics” or hair content for Barefoot Blonde Hair because we are entertaining the kiddos so I brought her out here so I could sneak away and snag some pics! For these pigtails I used my snake braid method — if you watch my snake braid tutorial on youtube then you can see the technique but that is what I did to make these pigtails look messy! I am also wearing one weft of extensions on each side.

Pics by Tessa!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to get a nice kimono. They are so comfortable and versatile too. Love how you styled this one!

    Japan is such a wonderful country. Safe and beautiful, and filled with kind and intelligent people. The temples are incredible too. I went to Nagasaki with my husband on our honeymoon and we visited a castle. What an amazing experience! I constantly dream of going back.

  2. I love this pigtail braid style! I’ve been wearing a similar style and it’s my new favorite…as well as these types of hats! I never know what to call them either, but they’re def a new fave 🙂


  3. Ok why are you so darn pretty?! I love seeing these pictures and the pictures of your family traveling together, so cute!!! I can’t wait to order my extensions and try to learn how to braid my hair! xoxo I second Kendall’s comment about getting cheap tickets. My boyfriend and I would love to travel to either Ireland, Spain, or Italy!

  4. So beautiful! I love the dreamy feel to these photos. I know I never feel like changing into all of the outfits I brought while traveling either! Sometimes it’s better – and easier – to just stick to one. Love this look!!


  5. Absolutely love all the outfits we’ve seen from your trip to Japan! Stunning. After both of your Japan trips… I can’t decide which season I would rather visit in! Maybe I’ll have to do both eventually as well 🙂 Looking forward to your tips on booking cheap tickets!

  6. Japan looks like A DREAM! & You are the cutest! I love love those pics of you in the cab — cutie!

  7. I love this! Japan is so amazing!! I can’t wait to see your live video on how you get cheap tickets!! I really want to find a good deal to Thailand!!! Ps I applied for #bfbeverywhere I am so excited to hear if I am one of the applicants you picked!! Do you know when your team will be announcing? I’m so excited to find out!!!
    Jenessa Sheffield