Podcast Discussion : Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations with Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams

Our first podcast/book club post yay! So (for those who didn’t listen) the podcast we are talking about today is Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast and this one was the episode with Mariel Hemingway and her husband! Mariel is the granddaughter to Ernest Hemingway. Ernest and six other family members were drawn to addiction and ended their lives in suicide. So Mariel talks with Oprah about how she dealt with it all and created a new life for herself.

January Podcast & Book Club

My Thoughts on this Weeks Podcast

The reason I really loved this episode is because I know all of us either are from or know someone who is from a long line of depression or addiction or abuse or maybe its even just a long line of poverty or unhealthy lifestyles or complacency. And I really love that she chose to every day live consciously to make sure she can do the opposite, learn from their mistakes and make a better life for her family. Because could you imagine SEVEN suicides in your family? I can’t even comprehend it. So I really admire her strength. When she says she felt like the baton was being passed to her, I think I would feel the same way!

She acknowledges that you need to tell your story, but I loved when she said “tell your story – move on – and make a new story for yourself.” What I took from that is don’t dwell in your past and blame your problems on your childhood or what happened to you, acknowledge it happened and that it hurt and then find a way to make your life better.

My Favorite Moment on the Podcast

Do you guys have morning rituals? I loved Mariele talking about her daily rituals and it had me wishing I drank tea every morning in the same slippers or something ha. She said she believes daily rituals or ceremonies bring mindfulness to your day. I was trying to think if I have any rituals .. I don’t really start my morning with any rituals except cuddling my babies on the couch for a few minutes before we start our day. And we end our day with song and prayer. I loved how she ends her day.. specifically how she said she does her daily reviews and asks herself “did I accomplish what I wanted? Was I kind? Could I have done anything different?” because I do think its important to evaluate our days even if it just takes a couple minutes. And my favorite part was how she said she visualizes what she wants her day to look like when she wakes up and visualizes how she wants to feel and she said she will wake up feeling those exact feelings. I for sure believe in the power of the mind and how our emotions and mood reflect what we tell it so I loved this. I don’t think I have ever done this so I want to start trying it.


What I Learned After Listening

“To learn when technology is serving you and when it is working against you.” This one I think 99% of us probably need to be mindful of. And to be aware of everything around us especially in nature. Even if it is just paying attention as the sun sets. And to use the 6 Dr’s .. Dr. Air, Dr. Sun, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Rest, Dr. Water, Dr. Exercise (I had never heard this before had you?) And I definitely need to go enjoy nature more — I seriously feel like I was in nature more in NYC because we were so close to Central Park! We definitely need to make more of an effort to go appreciate it. What did you love about the podcast? Or maybe nothing and you didn’t like it – which is fine too. Leave any thoughts in the comments!

The next podcast we will be discussing is Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation with Cheryl Strayed. Keep an eye on the calendar to make sure you show up for our podcast & book discussions this month.


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  1. I love Mariel’s emphasis on living in the present moment and setting all of those rules and guidelines aside, but at the same time I like how there was some realness in the conversation with her and her husband about how she is still controlling in some aspects…It lets the rest of us know that we can strive for a certain type of mantra, but that no one is perfect and it’s a constant effort and to not beat ourselves up when we have our failing moments. I also like the “6 Dr.’s” reminder. It’s easy to remember and to check in with ourselves to see what we’ve been missing in our week and how those things can help heal us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Thanks Amber for starting this book club

  2. I absolutely agree with everything you said! I personally feel last year I tried to be more mindful of things that I was doing or thinking and made more of an effort of being there for myself. I definitely got some more insights though on how to do a better job at that. I try to treat myself naturally as possible whenever I’m sick and the seven dr. Was a good point that there are other ways of curing ourselves. I love being outside so I definitely want to incorporate more of that as well. Being in Houston though not that many options but fortunaly are getting more trails and stuff so it’s great just have to commute. Also I really want to be more mindful of my technology use but like everything is there to be used (like podcasts and music and sometimes tv shows) to get relaxed buuuut my eyesight has definitely take a toll bc of these things haha so I feel like I need to take bigger breaks then I do now. I reallllly appreciated this podcast club bc it’s easier then books are nowadays please keep it going!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this Amber! I listen to a lot of podcasts as my commute to work is an hour each way, but this was the first one that I re-listened to because the message was so powerful and I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any tidbits of information. I just had my second child in October and prior to having her I realized how much stuff we have an how I didn’t have time to maintain everything and would have even less time with a second child, plus I want to spend time doing fun things, not cleaning, putting away and organizing all of my stuff. This realization started me thinking about how my husband and I could simplify our lives. Its a big struggle, there are so many distractions and so many things that need to be done, but I’m determined to try to figure it out. Anyway, my point being that their discussion about paying so close to time that you miss out on the life around you because you are so busy getting to the next thing really struck a cord with me and made me realize that we really do need to try to cut some of the unnecessary “to do’s” from our life so that we can just enjoy it. Trying to figure out how is another story, but this is really my hope (resolution) for 2018.

  4. I listened to the podcasts and found hem to be so inspiring. Listening to these intelligent women talk about beautiful and life expanding topics and made me feel at ease about growing.

  5. Just wanted to pop in and say I love this virtual podcast/book club idea and have enjoyed reading all the comments.

  6. I was listening to the episode while working and taking care of a sick baby, but still took the time to jot down “ritual encouraged mindfulness”, so that was definitely key point I wanted to take away and implement into my daily routine. Each day since I have found myself saying that quick quote and trying to find a little bit of a routine that feels authentic, easy, and good for the soul. I used to be really into drinking tea, so I loved your idea about having a cup every morning in the same slippers! :). My husband just put a window in our bedroom behind a cozy rocket and that’s exactly what I envisioned myself doing in that spot! Xo

  7. First of all, thank you Amber for starting this book club. It is so inspiring to see you are interested in cultivating your mind and soul in addition to your sense of style. Mama Oprah would be proud! She has a book club too you know 😉 I loved your insta story about Oprah, btw. She is queen.

    So I started this podcast in the car on my way to and finished it on my way from work. Yes, I’m that girl who is always scheduling and rushing to the next thing. Mariel’s story about getting annoyed at her husband pulling over to the side of the road to appreciate some pretty scenery really resonated with me. I am totally the girl who says “let’s go, we don’t have time.” But why? Life, I suspect, is so much richer when we can stop and enjoy a moment without feeling guilty or pressured about all the things we should be doing instead. I have resolved to improve this about myself and let myself stop in my tracks to appreciate the beauty of nature.

    Mariel and Bobby’s message of living the life you want to live is nothing I haven’t heard before but I loved that they gave specific ideas on how to do so. I really liked how they described self-love as setting aside time for yourself and engaging in little rituals. I particularly liked the ritual of setting aside a few minutes at the beginning of your day for a coffee and meditation or a hike with the dogs, and then setting aside time at night to evaluate how the day went. I agree with you that the power of the mind is so strong and our emotions and mood reflect what we tell it. I’m not currently one for meditation but I’ve seen you recommend a meditation app on the blog a few times. I wonder how busy working mamas like you and I can possibly make the time for meditation and ritual, but there’s my training kicking in again to rush and schedule! I think I’ll give it a shot!

  8. Sorry I’m late. Asia time zone 😉 This was my first Super Soul podcast and now I am hooked! So many powerful lessons in this podcast. Love all of their advice on being mindful, having rituals and taking time to be present. I had already started this plan for 2018 where I am going to be BALANCED and I came up with this… : Body, Attention, Lifestyle, Alcohol, Nutrition, Career, Education and Day. After listening to this podcast I tweaked my acronym a bit because there are so many great points I wanted to remember! ( “Day” I changed after hearing the podcast, stands for daily ritual, review, and intention) Loved how they talked about attention, being present, turning off technology ( going to bed without my phone 😉 I also loved what he about the 6 Doctors and that is going to help me focus in with my “Body” ( not just working out and staying fit- which every other NY resolution has always been about) but all my “Body”: everything from flossing, taking my make-up off at night, stretching more! I have also been telling everyone since I listened to this that we live less than 30,000 days in our lifetime!! Ahh, that was powerful. I made myself a cute calendar ( taking inspiration from your cute calendar) and I have all my reminders of BALANCED and I am going to reflect on it every night! Woooo here we come 2018. Thanks!

  9. After finishing this podcast, I let myself to all day really think about what they were discussing and how many important topics these three people discussed, can you imagine if the whole world thought the way they do? So by participating in this discussion I feel like we are all making progress for humanity and self importance. I loved seeing that Amber talked about mindfulness because that’s the first topic thay stuck with me, because I find myself surface living sometimes and not taking in all the good and beauty around me. My morning ritual is alot like hers I love waking up and drinking my tea, checking up on this blog and other blogs I love is apart of that. But sometimes I forget it’s ok to just sit with my tea really taste it and look out the window. I stumbled upon this article that this 27 year old wrote before she died and I just feel like it was so appropriatly connect to the podcast and how to live life. Hopefully you all get a chance to read http://www.samanthawillsfoundation.org/contributors/2018/1/6/holly-butcher-1990-2018

    1. Kailey! Totally I think we all surface live a lot and I love the way you put that! We all definitely have to decide to be mindful and remembering to do that is half the battle! So I love when we all get to talk about this and find ways to remember each day. I will go read that blog post now, thank you for sharing! xo

    2. As much as it made me so sad that this lovely 27 year old girl lost her life so young, she left so much wisdom behind for us. I love what she said about the little things not mattering and how getting a new dress is really not that great compared to what you could be doing. Making a difference to someone else, for example. So true.

  10. Hey Amber, I was so excited to get started with your book club, This first podcast I loved! I really have been trying to improve my mindfulness and trying to be more present each day and also trying to be the best version of myself more often. I know we can’t always be the best 100% of the time so this really help- I like how she said that being present with will a challenge each day which is completely true. I am also now going to start setting an intention for each day the night before and I also like the part ‘Take time to allow yourself to approach the day with a sense of ease’ as I find some days i just rush into everything, just need to slow down and again Be Present! Oh I also had never heard about the Drs so going start incorporating it more, although I am luck to live in New Zealand, with our backyards pretty much being in nature, always so close to a beach or the mountains or just a place to take a hike!
    Thanks so much and can’t wait for our next discussion!

    1. Ahh loved all these points too! Approaching the day with a sense of ease is hard – I love that she talked about that. And holy cow you live in New Zealand?! How beautiful. You have no shortage of opportunities to be in nature over there you lucky girl!!! Thank you for commenting! xo

  11. I really liked listening to this podcast on my commute to work. I feel like it put me in a good mindful place for the rest of my day. I often found myself checking myself throughout the day with “did I accomplish what I wanted? Was I kind? Could I have done anything different?”. I’m really trying to be more mindful this year and be more in control of my emotions and my mindset, so I think this was a good listen to kick off the year.
    I also love her points about laughter and love. I think those are both really important things to value in any relationship.

    1. Kaycee! Thank you so much for sharing! Those are definitely my goals for this year as well. And I loved their relationship so much you can tell they have a special connection 🙂

    2. Kaycee, I never thought to listen to the podcasts wile driving to work but you’ve given me a new thing to try. I drive quite far every day to and from work and I also spend a lot of time in heavy traffic which sometimes results in bad days and bad moods but I’ve been trying to make a point this year to not get frustrated and upset with anything or anyone while driving, mainly because the people in the other cars don’t even know your upset with them so there’s really no point in ruining my own day this way.. I think listening to this podcast while driving is going to make a huge difference in the mood I start my day in so thanks for sharing.

      1. Shannon, I have a long commute too and I definitely think it makes time go by faster when listening to a podcast. Glad I could help! Could luck with your daily commute, drive safely 🙂

  12. Hey Amber 🙂 I really like this. My mom brain needed some adult thoughts beyond kid stuff I do all day.

  13. Sorry I’m so late- had to work all day ugh lol.
    I really really really really liked certain parts of this podcast so much I had to listen 3x! However, certain parts I wasn’t the biggest fan of…I really liked how they focused on ‘where they feel God etc’ and for them it was nature. However, I want to feel mindful, spiritual, connected, and present everywhere and that is a such a goal of mine! I especially love working on mindfullness in really crazy busy spots and focusing on trying to feel God because it helps connect me out of the chaos and its a super great test of your ability to be within yourself. That being said, I live in Montana so obviously nature is my thing as well lol! I also liked the review idea, ALOT! Although everyday is a hard thing for me for some weird reason. I really like to do this on a Sunday. and make goals and check in for the whole week. It helps me see a bigger picture and I totally make time for it. Its one of my “rituals”! The ritual part was also so so so cool. I have been trying for like over a year to really nail down a morning and sunday routine that is so special to me and helps me grow in all aspects. I am so going to do a new thing where I turn off my phone on Sundays and just focus on me time and my puppy! I also noted the questions at the end and tried to answer them for myself…it was a really cool check in with myself. I’m studying to be a physical therapist and I was obsessed with the Dr’s idea! As a soon-to-be Dr. I am so excited to use this concept with my patients 🙂

    Thanks for this Amber- you are bringing so much light to so many women through this xoxo

    1. Congrats on being a soon to be Dr! Thank you for putting all your time to people in need. I love what you wrote and Sunday check ins are super important and better than no days at all!

    2. Brittany!! Congrats on almost being a Dr. wow how exciting for you! I love that you make Sundays so special because I too agree that Sunday should be an extra special reflection and family day! I want to start putting my phone away on sundays too – that is a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing all of this!!! xoxox

  14. I loved listening to this podcast! The whole super soul Sunday series is awesome, Oprah is just the best! I had no clue that the Hemingways had such tragedy in their family- it made me think about how creative, intuitive people tend to feel all emotions on a deeper level which can be both a curse and a blessing. Mariel’s story is so inspirational, I love that she decided to pave the way for her own life despite her family’s circumstances. She definitely made me want to start drinking tea in the morning too haha! I also love how she said to pick out things about yourself that you like, and also that it’s important to be able to ‘play’ every once in awhile even when you’re grown up. Can’t wait for the next podcast 🙂

    1. Isn’t Oprah so amazing?! I am so happy she has a podcast and her legacy can live on because I was thinking how sad it would be if the generation below us didn’t know who she was or how amazing she is! And I guess you and I will have to go buy a tea kettle now haha! xo

  15. I’m a senior in high school and I love listening to podcasts but unfortunately most of my peers don’t so I’m really excited to have a space to discuss! I loved this podcast mainly because it was something I could relate to. For the past several years I’ve been really into mindfulness, meditation, yoga, self improvement, etc. so I really liked some of the ideas they gave that could help me expand my current practice! I really liked where she talked about acknowledging that something bad happened and that it was sad and then taking control of your life and moving on. It’s so crucial to acknowledge but it’s even more important to put it behind you. I want to be better about not dwelling in the past and living in the moment more like she talked about. In addition, I loved her overall sense of positivity about being empowered to solve her own problems and better herself. I think that sometimes it’s really overwhelming to think that you have to solve your problems for yourself but her positivity made it seem more empowering than stressful and I love that outlook. I also really liked how she talked about setting your intentions for each day and then doing a self evaluation. The past few weeks I’ve been recognizing each day three things that made me happy because it helps me look for the small joyful things in life instead of getting hung up on other things. Then, every night, I tell myself that the next day is going to be a great day and it helps because the next morning I don’t have an opportunity to be negative because I’ve already decided that I was going to be happy and positive. It’s been amazing and really changed my outlook. I would love to adopt the idea from the podcast of thinking about my day each night and seeing what I can do to improve the next day. I also loved how they talked about their spiritual connection with nature. I’ve always loved being outside and feel most at peace when I am. Even during the winter, I’ve tried to take my dog for a walk every afternoon and it is such a great time for me to reflect on my day, unwind, and refocus my thoughts.Thanks for the awesome podcast recommendation! I’m looking forward to reading Big Magic!

    1. Lexi! I am so so impressed that you are already thinking about mindfulness in high school! That is really so impressive and makes me so happy to hear. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the podcast. Love all of these points you make – and soo true that walking the dog gets you out in nature. When we lived in NYC we would have to take Chauncey out 2 -3 times a day rain or shine and snow or sun – sometimes it was exhausting but we always loved that it got us outside and into the park! Thanks again for sharing and I have a feeling you have a very bright future ahead of you.

  16. I will have to go and listen to her podcast, but I can completely understand where she is coming from. While I don’t come from a long line of depression and suicides, I come from a long line of bad choices and poverty and I remember around the time I was 12 saying this will not be me! I studied families around me and sucessful people and made choices that took me away from my destiny being the same. It is sad, but I remember a conversation my dad having with me in college after a boyfriend broke up with me. He was an Ivy guy and my dad said to me, did you think he was going to marry you. He comes from a wealthy family and honey you may be pretty, but guys like that don’t marry girls like you. I was shocked and didn’t no what to say at the time. I got off the phone and the anger began to brew inside me. A few days later I called my dad up and said that I did not like his comment at all. That just because we were blue collar did not mean that I had to settle for a looser or a mediocre life. Yes, of course I number one wanted to marry someone for love, but that I would continue to shoot for the stars and dream big. And it happened! A few years later, I met the most perfect guy who dreams as big as I do and we have an incredible life together!

    1. Kelleyn! That made me so sad to read that! Things like that really stick with you. Even with a million nice things parents say the bad ones sting so bad it just stays. I am so happy that there was a happy ending and you have the man of your dreams. So so happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing. xoxox

  17. I absolutely love this idea of a podcast/book club Amber. Thank you! I truly enjoyed the podcast for numerous reasons. As we start a new year, I become more acutely aware of what I did wrong or didn’t accomplish in the prior year and look ahead as to how I can change those bad behaviors, etc. in the new year. This podcast taught me to look at change on a much more micro level than a macro level (day vs. year). I think taking the approach of evaluating each day before bed will greatly increase my chances of actually being successful at how I want to live my life and will assist that much more in achieving my goals and dreams!
    I cannot wait for the next podcast discussion!

    1. I loved that too! Making the micro changes! Love this so much Amanda! Thank you so much for sharing this thought. Such a great thing to keep in mind especially with all the New Year’s resolutions everyone has on their minds.

    1. I honestly love all of the Super Soul episodes – there hasn’t been one that I didn’t have a takeaway from! Worth a listen 🙂

  18. It ok got so much from this podcast. I loved the different doctors they mentioned that are free and at our disposal. The very next day I was feeling very stressed out, and thought about the “doctors”. I decided to walk to the neighborhood mailbox, which I usually drive to on my way out to run errands. It seems like such a small thing, but I made a point of feeling the sun on my face, listening to the birds, and the breeze in my hair. I’m not saying it’s a cure all, but it did help me come back to present time and if significantly improved my mood for the rest of the day. Can’t wait to listen to the next podcast!

    1. Jessi!!! I have thought about the doctors too – I always forget about these simple things. I love that a walk made your day feel better – it is so true that just fresh air and little exercise can change your mood. Thank you for sharing how it helped you 🙂 I loved reading this.

  19. Thank you so much for spearheading this great podcast/book club Amber! I always tell myself I need to constantly read or be learning more but the idea just slips away. Thank you for creating a calendar and a space for us to all develop more. I really appreciate it!

    My biggest “ah-ha” moment from the podcast was also the Dr. Air, Dr. Sun, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Rest & Dr. Water. Just makes everything seem so simple, right? Something to think about often for sure. Thanks again!

    1. Kelly! Thank you for participating, I am so happy people are up for this book club! I just really want us women to talk about things other than fashion or latest trends and this seemed like a good way 🙂 I loved the doctors as well! Such a great thing to remember on those down for no reason days to just get some sunshine, drink some water, and maybe go for a run (or take a nap because rest is one of them riiight 😉 ) thanks for sharing.

  20. Sooo I totally listened to the wrong podcast episode because when you first posted the calendar it only had the episode number and apparently I don’t know how to count haha. I instead listened to the Episode with Glennon Doyle – don’t know if you have listened to this one! If you haven’t it was phenomenal as well – she talked about how she was always told “you’re such a pretty girl” from a young age and how she felt being pretty was her identity and that she needed to maintain it. It definitely made me reconsider what words I chose to use when talking to young growing girls. I can’t wait to go back and listen to the correct podcast this time and will come back and reply to my comment once I get the chance! Thanks Amber for starting this monthly club I’m so excited to see which ones you pick for Feb!

    1. Shoot!! I totally didn’t realize that the episode numbers change as she uploads more so that was our mistake! But I am glad you listened to that one because it sounds great and something I want to listen to! I hate to even say this because it sounds conceited maybe but I too was always told that growing up – I never remember anyone saying I was smart or fun or anything .. only ever “you’re cute or pretty” I think that is why I never thought I was good at anything and just focused on make up and appearances. So I definitely want to listen to that. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  21. Shoot for some reason my comments aren’t going through.. do they need to be approved? Help I would love to contribute!

    1. I approve comments!! So that is why they don’t show up at first! But I have been trying to moderate at least every couple hours! xo

  22. I was sooooo excited to see you start this! My goals for 2018 included becoming more spiritual in both religion and life, as well as reading more so this was so perfect. I actually listened to this podcast 2 times so that I could participate in today’s discussion. Once I heard it, I really wanted to listen to the other ones. I didn’t want to get confused haha, so I listened to it again on my way to work. I really appreciated what Mariel had to say. Despite all of the negative things she had happen in her life, she remained strong and brave. Something that really stuck out to me was the aspect of nature and how Godly it can be. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and because of that I found this particular note very interesting. When i venture into nature (which is not really often haha), I do feel such clarity and stillness. When we are able to remove ourselves from the world, I feel like we can be closer to Heavenly Father. We can appreciate right in front of us the things he made, rather than staring a screen for hours. I liked the Mariel and her husband removed themselves from the Internet to just reconnect with themselves. We heed to disconnect to reconnect. I always think about how much time we spend on our phones watching other peoples lives, rather than fulfilling our own.

    So excited to discuss the next podcast. And also, I know I’m jumping a bit early- but this Big Magic book is amazing! I think it ties everything together nicely. Thanks Amber!!

    1. Fayth!! I loved what you said “we need to disconnect to reconnect” soo true! I have especially been feeling this lately as I am with friends or family members and as I am talking they aren’t even listening and just on their phones.. I feel like we have all taken technology to an unnecessary level so I am happy that we all got to listen to this and have this reminder! I am so happy you are participating in the book club and are sharing your thoughts with us all 🙂 Thank you!

  23. I really enjoyed this episode and have been needing to feel more spiritual lately, maybe more in touch is a better description. But I loved hearing and hope I will remember to “be present. Don’t worry about the past or future. Just be present”.

  24. I also loved the part when he spoke about the six doctors, so simple and yet so profound. And I also recognize the power of the morning ritual: for me making the tea, letting it steep and enjoying it during the 20 minutes I dedicate to myself has a great power of setting the mood for the day!

    1. So true, so simple and profound. I loved that part! And love that you already have a morning ritual!! Thank you for sharing Tamara 🙂 xoxoxo

  25. Another great Super Soul podcast! I think what I loved the most was just the reminder to be mindful and to focus on the little aspects that so often get overlooked, but are the most important. My job doesn’t define me, but I want to be remembered as kind. I want to love my husband more and be more patient. I’d be so interested to watch Mariel’s documentary, what a family she grew up in. It’s amazing that she’s come to this point in her life so grounded and centred, it’s very inspirational. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for the next one!

    1. I agree – I think it is so amazing that she had every excuse to just be sad and depressed but decided to be strong instead. And that she did it through nature and being mindful because those are things we can all begin doing today! I agree too I need to be more patient. Hard sometimes 😉 thank you for sharing Chelsea! xoxox

  26. Hello beautiful!! First off, I love this idea. I just happened to be in the book store when I got the email of your book club post. I picked up BIG MAGIC there in that moment. As for podcasts I have always loved listening to them here and there but never really found any that spoke to me or really challenged me to pay attention and listen. Oprah’s Supersoul was such an amazing choice. I think what I really enjoyed the most about this specific podcast, was all along knowing what Mariel Hemingway’s past was all about..yet hearing her speak and how she carriers herself now. The self growth, and the choices she made to be the person she is, its truly inspiring. A quote that stuck out to me that she said was mentioned in her book was “a daily ritual is a way of saying I am voting for myself”. For her it was having her morning tea in a quite kitchen. For her husband it was getting up early with the dogs and going for a hike, just being in nature. It puts in perspective that everyone is so different and we all have different things or aspects of life we enjoy. With the new year approaching I love the idea of setting new goals or habits, and I think making a daily ritual and making sure I MAKE that time out of the day to do it will be very beneficial for my spiritual growth, and just overall self love.

    The 7 doctors aspect you mentioned was also really interesting. I have also never heard that being said before yet it makes so much sense. I instantly have moments of feeling better when I do eat right or after a good workout, or stepping out into the sunlight. You have to treat your body like a temple and part of spiritual growth is taking care of your temple.

    Loved it overall! Cant wait to discuss the next one! ( and starting big magic tonight!!)

    1. Christina! Yay so glad you got the book!!! I have so many pages with highlighter all over because I have loved it so far. And I loved the “because I am choosing to vote for myself” too! Such a good way to look at life and taking care of yourself. I can’t think of what my morning ritual is going to be yet but definitely want to think of one! Thank you for sharing everything you took away from this – you can tell that you and all these other women commenting are strong women who know the important things in life. xoxoxo

  27. I usually read your blog on my phone but I had to whip out my laptop for this post hahaha anyways first I must say I Love this idea because I am constantly looking for was to grow so you having this series inspires me to put into practice the woman I want to become. this pod cast hit home for me because I was born and raised in a dysfunctional family. my mom says since she had us so young (she had 4 kids by the time she was 20) she didn’t have time to raise us so her main priority was to provide. I always believe there are two kinds people in this world. 1. those who look at there past and say I want better. or 2. those who blame their past on who and why they are the way they are. this pod cast made me think of something. I always wondered why my family is the way they are, generational karma is REAL! I call it a generational Curse I now know its because of thing not being dealt with, bad habits and there lifestyle. this pod cast put words to what I am doing (breaking a generational curse) I make the conscious decision everyday to be different and live my life! and it never crossed my mind that is what I was doing. O.K can we talk about the part where they count the number of days not the number of years crazy good!! I mean I have a totally different perspective on life now. I mean you have find ways to maximize less than 30,000 days of your life. and how comforting is it to know as I continue to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and as a mother, sister, and a spouse that I have 19,240 days to get it right. (I did the math). being aware of every moment of your life is hard but you can always try again tomorrow.

    1. love this! Totally agree, I love the fact they count by days over years. Makes you look at your time spent so differently!

    2. Jenny wow I really really loved your comment. You are such a good example to everyone else in a similar situation because I am sure there are others who will read this. And yes totally a new way to look at life!! I need to go do my math now haha and maximize those days! Thank you so much for sharing!!! xoxoxo

  28. Loved the podcast, Amber! Thanks for recommending. After listening to this particular podcast I listened to the “happy” series and Elizabeth Gilbert series- I’m HOOKED! Anyways, my takeaways from this podcast was making more of an effort to be in nature and working on my “rituals”. Prayer is my form of meditation and I usually do it before bed. I’m thinking of more “rituals” to incorporate in my daily life….as a mom living thousands of miles from family I definite need to excercise more self-care and do more things for myself.
    Xoxo, Liz

    1. I love all things Elizabeth Gilbert so I am sure it was amazing!!! And I am glad I am not the only one hooked to this podcast! Thank you for sharing what you took away from this one – I think we all need to share our new rituals and maybe I will do a blog post about everyone’s suggestions! xoxox

  29. I love the concept of evaluating your day, so timely given that many people just made new year resolutions and won’t revisit them until the end of 2018! This year I have a list going where each Sunday I will jot down my favorite things that happened during the week. The hope is that I can stay more mindful instead of just reflecting when I remember! Great to do with my boyfriend too, interesting to hear what he enjoyed about the week compared to my answers. I also found the 6 Dr.s to be such an obvious and great idea that I have never heard before! Will definitely try to look for the missing pieces when I’m feeling a rough day, many times it is Dr. Exercise and Dr. Air that make the difference for me!

    Again, love this idea and so excited to participate!

    1. That is such a fun thing for you and your boyfriend to do together! I love that idea. And yes I love the 6 doctors too – so easy and simple and love that he points out that they are always available!! Thanks for sharing Elicia!!! xoxox

  30. Hi Amber! I am so glad you have initiated this book/podcast club! I am cruising through the book and sad to say this was my first super soul podcast. I truly enjoyed it! As well as my first time commenting on any blog ever… big steps here!! I see that a lot of other gals had great points when reviewing what Mariel and her husband shared in the podcast. For me the biggest take-away was their mindful meditation routine. As well as visualizing what they want their day to look like. I am going on 5 days now of practicing this and it is making a big difference, especially with my husband traveling all week and having 3 little ones. I think about the items on my to do list and visualize myself carrying those out the night before and the morning of and it gets done!! ✔️➕ I also strongly agree with them on the importance of connecting with the out of doors. We recently moved from sunny green Texas to Salt Lake area and am feeling the winter smog BAAAD! I am trying to find simple solutions to getting out and when I do I can tell it helps both me and the kiddos. Here’s to keeping up good habits and getting rid of the bad!!! Thanks for leading the discussion. I’ll be there for the next one.

    1. Three firsts?!!? Love it!!! And sooo glad that you liked the podcast! I am kind of obsessed so I love hearing that other people love it just as much. I have been practicing visualizing my day too and love the difference. I am sure it is extra helpful too when the hubs is out of town and you have your hands full all day. And as for the winter weather over in SLC I loved what another reader on here said “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate outfit choices” haha so true. Now if only it didn’t take ages to bundle 3 babies AND yourself! Thank you for sharing Ashley!! xoxox

  31. Oh my gosh I loved this podcast! I thought her talk about daily rituals was so inspiring! I know for me, I have to have my quite time in the morning. I’ll have a cup of coffee and eat a lite breakfast and just enjoy some “me” time! But I don’t have any night rituals. Her talk about the daily review really inspired me though. I think we can all be more mindful of how we go about the day and reviewing how it went and what we can do better seems so awesome! Thanks for sharing this podcast!
    XO, Lauren

    1. Lauren thank you for sharing!!! I love that you take time for some peace and quiet in the morning! I need to start doing this before the babies wake up! Thanks so much for commenting! xoxox

  32. I really liked listening to the pod cast! I loved their ideas. Their ideas reminded me of a book I read recently called The Miracle Morning. Have you read that? I really liked it. Basically it’s about becoming your best self by taking time for yourself in the morning ( or whenever your schedule will allow). Thanks for coming up with the book club/podcast for this year! Very inspiring.

    1. Natalie I haven’t heard of that book but I just looked it up and added it to my list! Thank you for sharing!!! Xoxo

  33. I didn’t even know Oprah had a podcast until this club started, so I’m glad that I’m in the loop on that now!

    One thing I really enjoyed from the episode was the concept of years. If you think about your life in days instead of years, you’re more likely to actually be present. When they talked about how, on average, people have less than 30,000 days on earth, it really put in perspective how impermanent our life is. We shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, but we should definitely be more conscious of every day and every moment. Taking time to apprciate the 6 doctors and stepping away from technology when it’s not needed.

    I really enjoyed this episode!!

    1. Oh I loved that too!!! It makes it seem so much shorter. And the point they made about the death of one second and birth of a new – love it! Thank you for sharing Anna!!!

  34. Wow, what an amazing podcast! I agree with you Amber, I wish I had a more consistent morning ritual as well! It seems to make such a difference in how a day ends up being. One thing I am trying to do is start my day with inspiration – before I check my email, get to work, scroll though social media… I am trying to fill my mind first with all things GOOD. One way I have started doing this is listening to a podcast each morning and writing a simple sentence or two in a “thought journal.” Mariele talks about self love being more than just going to the spa, it’s about existing and being YOU and being happy with that. That thought really struck me because I feel like so often we tell ourselves, “I need a break,” “I need to do a face mask,” “I need to treat myself” in order to feel like we are accomplishing self care. But, in reality (although all those things are amazing & lovely haha) we should be practicing love with our existing self. She also talks about the power of transforming your life from the moment you wake up. It’s crazy how this is something, regardless of your situation, that we have Total control over! That is SO empowering! The other part of this podcast that I loved was the idea in qualifying adventures in different ways. I am someone who feels the desire to be somewhere, trying and exploring things allll the time. This was a good reminder that adventure does not always have to be that, it can be smaller things and those are worth recognizing as well. This podcast also did an amazing job at pointing out the importance of leaving room for love… we can all be reminded of that; “love more no matter what.”
    I am so excited to keep listening to podcasts and having a space to discuss them!!

    1. Elly!! I love what you got from this! And I love that you fill your day with good before checking social media or emails – such a great idea! And I agree so empowering when you realize we all have the power to decide how we live our lives and how we feel each day! And I too loved the adventure part and how she says maybe it’s even trying a new vegetable haha! Because sometimes trying new foods is an adventure for me 😉 thank you sooo much for sharing Elly!!!!

  35. Hey Amber! This podcast episode is incredibly inspiring! I started listening on a long car ride, and had to listen to the next one as well! Thank you SO much for recommending these! Her whole story makes you realize that we have the power to control only our mindset everyday, but we don’t have to be perfect! It got me thinking a lot about being more intentional when I am doing things–I can’t even think of a ritual I have right now, but I would love to incorporate something!

    1. It’s such a great podcast huh?! Makes you think 🙂 and thank you for sharing!!! I too need to think of something I can do in the mornings to start my days off right each morning! Lots of people are giving good ideas of things they do if you read some of the comments – some good ideas! Xoxoxo

  36. Hi Amber,

    Ok, first of all, I love the vibe of this whole club. It’s incredibly healing and thoughtful, which is so, so, so needed. I also appreciate the space here to have a dialogue and talk about this stuff, espcially since these can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable things to talk about.

    Anyway, on to the podcast. I took down a few bulletpoints:

    Marriage is a spiritual partnership –
    We talk about love and all sorts of stuff when it comes to marriage, but I don’t think we fully grasp SPIRITUALITY when it comes to marriage, at least not at first (I grew up mormon, but am on a sabatical right now trying to sort out how I feel about spirituality and God, so I’ll speak mostly to that). Spirituality has come to mean more to me than just a warm tingly feeling and a list of beliefs or statements. It’s encompassing and directly tied to my soul. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a much more elaborate and beautiful thing that I originally had credited it. Working on changing my personal narative around marriage and spirituality allows my husband and I to achieve a deeper level of intimacy. I loved Marial and Bobby’s relationship and how they speak together. It’s obvious they are both different individuals, but they have a really deep bond. That’s something I hope to achieve in my marriage.

    God is nature –
    Love this. Since I have taken my sabatical, I’ve looked for ways to feel close to God other than the stiff setting of a brick and mortar church. I find this by trail running every Sunday. I have found that it is not a coincidence we refer to “mother nature”. I have come to see the God as I worship and relate to best in a female sense, and the statement “God is Nature” is extremely true for me. I see her in the mountains, air, and water. They talked about running WITH nature, contrasting running FROM. Some takeaway: how am I running WITH God?

    Prayer is a voicing of honoring, intention, and gratitude –

    I just recently discovered the practice of setting intentions, and it’s incredible. Intentions like “I will be kinder to myself today” or “I will take time to be present”. I have tossed out my previous, traditional notion of prayer and I feel like this is a much deeper practice.To take time to honor, set intentions, and express gratitude. There are so many different ways to pray, and I think I like this one best.

    Loving this club and I’m excited for the next discussion!


    1. Stephanie I read your comment twice because I loved it! I love hearing how you are figuring out your spirituality. It is such a tricky thing and sometimes confuses me when I think too hard about it. I am Mormon and had a couple hard years where I just felt confused – not by docterine but just by the people. Anyways, I think I have it sorted out now but I too loved when they said God is nature because it’s so simple and such a great way we can feel Him/Her daily regardless of what religion we are! Thank you so so much for your comment!! Really loved reading it 🙂 xoxox

  37. I love that you are hosting these podcast discussions. I listen to so many amazing podcasts and frequently wish there were more opportunities for discussion and connection. Thank you for hosting and holding space for these conversations.

    I have mixed feelings about this particular episode of Oprah’s podcast. I thought the episode was jammed full of great ideas, practices, and information but lacked depth on many of the amazing practices or suggestions mentioned. So in that respect, to me, the episode did not feel grounded. However, I did love the attention paid to nature and the natural world. Nature is the ultimate teacher of how we can live optimal lives. It made me realize that while I spend several hours in nature each day I have been thinking of nature as something separate from myself. “I am in nature.” But now I’m clearly seeing that, “I am nature.” I am part of it, not separate from it. I’m not living in it, but with it.

    This take away has given me a new appreciation for the winter months. I currently live in New Jersey but am an Arizona native. I can easily handle and find appreciation for the hot desert heat but the freezing cold makes me want to hibernate indoors. I’m choosing to now shift this perspective and find pleasure outdoors in nature even in the cold winter months. My new mantra has become- “There is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing choices.”

    Looking forward to future podcast and book club selections!

    1. Lauren! I would have to agree with you – I do wish they maybe would have taken 3 of the topics and expanded on them more and dove into them more instead of hitting so many just briefly. Kind of hopped around a lot which I especially noticed while reading my notes haha. But I think everyone’s main takeaway was definitely spending more time in nature which I’m so happy we can all think about more. And I’m dying at your mantra!! Haha! So good. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  38. “The new day is on the horizon and when that new day finally dawns it will be because of a lot of magnificent women!”

    Talk about a powerful speech at the golden globes. I can’t help but to be so proud to be female in today’s world!

    “The more experiences we have with things that are real the less false we become.”
    I just love that!

    “Know when the tools are running you
    Good in service to the greater good.”

    I am the 99% of people who need to be mindful of this! I catch myself just joe omg up my phone for no reason sometimes. It’s a habit and a habit I have to break. However, when I’m spending quality time with loves ones I will go hours without picking up my phone. I trying to find balance. My husband actually turns off all notifications after 7 pm including email, excluding texts for family. It’s a great idea!

    “Life a simple life that that is in rhythm with nature.”
    I love that she mentions Sunrises and sunsets happen every day! When we lived on the west coast of Florida we lived on the water and I would make a point to stop what I was doing if I was home and walk out on the terrace or sit in the grass Dow by the water to enjoy the sunsets. We lived in a community with mostly retired snowbirds who made a nightly ritual of getting together and having a cocktail. It was so cute to see the sense of community and even though we were decades younger, we were always welcome. I miss our sunsets now that we live in the east coast but it’s something I didn’t take for granted at the time!

    1. “The more experiences we have with things that are real the less false we become.” So glad you shared this quote because I couldn’t write it down fast enough ha! It’s so good I love it! And wow I know right Oprah’s speech gave me CHILLS!!! Makes me so happy that all of our daughters will get to experience all of these amazing changes toward female empowerment I just love it. And such a great idea to just turn off notifications after 7pm – I want to start doing this. Sometimes I will realize that after the kids go to bed I’ve been on my phone for like an hour straight – it’s ridiculous ha! So many other things I could be doing. Thanks for sharing Veronica!!!!

  39. Amber! Thank you so much for allowing us to (virtually) be a part of this podcast and book club. I’m already pretty far in Big Magic, and as a fellow travel writer, and now a student at UCLA for Interior Design, I live my best life through creative expression.

    As for the podcast- I love podcasts! After Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes I was even more excited to listen to the Super Soul conversation. Plus I’m such a fan of Ernest Hemingway (for obvious reasons).

    My takeaways- I am an avid reader and writer, and have struggled extensively throughout my life with depression and anxiety, but learned to cope with my struggles in healthy and constructive ways. I love to start my day with a 2 mile run to the gym, enjoying the crisp morning air and quiet, stillness of another day on this Earth (we’re all so lucky to bask in God’s precious canvas). After my workouts I meditate on my yoga mat, with a candle burning, and that is when I really set my intention for the day. I resonated with what Mariel was saying when it comes to manifesting and creating yourself-each day the choice will always be yours!

    I loved how Mariel and Bobby exemplified a true and deep understanding of each other, something I know I want in a future husband. In this life all we really want is to be loved and understood, and if you can find a partner that grasps the uncharted territories of your soul, to me, you’ve found the true essence of love. Amongst many other beautiful things.

    Technology- I hate it and love it! I try to be mindful of how much I’m on my phone, also- with social media-the falsification of these insanely beautiful, well-dressed, perfect looking men & women can sometimes feel overwhelming and defeating. What I like to be mindful of is “the real world” and “the social media world.” I love that we have a tool to connect with people around the world (or country), but I think it’s also vital to separate your real reality with what you see via Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Etc. I’m guilty of looking at all these successful and gorgeous pictures that cloud my timeline, and sometimes I need to real it in and realize- we’re all just human beings.

    Thank you for letting us be open and honest with our takeaways, I look forward to the next podcast and finishing the book 😊

    1. Robin!!! Your morning routine sounds insanely wonderful! You’re making me want to set my alarm and go on a morning run tomorrow. I love that you brought up the real world vs. the social media world! It is such an important thing for people to remember. Especially women since I think we compare ourselves more. I love that you have learned to separate the two. Thank you so much for sharing all your insights – I loved reading all of them!!! Xoxox

  40. Hi, Amber!

    I want to begin by saying that I love this idea you’ve come up with. You’re connecting with us and I can just see us, your readers, connecting with each other; which I’m sure is the goal with the book club/podcast! 😉

    I’m not in school, but am wanting to return and this is a great way for me to get involved and learn while I have free time!

    Like many others, I felt truly inspired after listening to this podcast. The overall take is incredible. I learned that there is so much to look forward to in everyday and made me question how I’m living my everyday life.

    I’m currently expecting my first child and I’m doing this alone. I left my husband for a horrible action he did that put him in jail, so that was the best decision, but also the hardest. Because of that and just the fatigue that comes with pregnancy, I am in this depressed hole. Always in bed and no motivation to do anything. This podcast makes me want to GET UP, BE PRESENT, and DO SOMETHING! I think I’ll begin with not checking my phone as soon as I wake up and go straight to getting myself ready and work out! I’m realizing how important health is in pregnancy because WOW this baby is no joke!

    I look forward to chatting with you and listening to more podcasts!

    Love, Yessica
    Motherhood + Lifestyle blog: http://www.thedoeandherfawn.com
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/yessica.sarahi

    1. Yessica – wow I am so sorry to hear that. You are so strong and you are going to rock this pregnancy solo I can tell. I wish I could come take you to lunch or do something to help you. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. Hold your head high and know you can do hard things – you got this girl!!!! Xoxoxo

  41. Amber! I am so happy you are doing this – I listened to the podcast last week and just started Big Magic last night. I feel like these are the perfect things to start my year off.

    I loved this podcast for many of the same reasons you did – mainly how Mariel talks about mornings. I have become such a morning person over the years because I realize how much what I do right as I wake up affects the rest of my day. If I wake up, brush my teeth, have my lemon water, then I realize my day is off to such a great start and I give myself time to be thankful for what lies ahead of me. However, if I sleep in and lounge in bed even after I wake up – looking through instagram or reading – I realize my days end up being so delayed. I don’t feel like ever getting out of bed and end up not being as thankful and grateful as I should to be, to be able to wake up and enjoy my day. I think how you wake up in the morning can make or break your day and I love the morning rituals. Gives you time for yourself and something you can always rely on.

    Cant wait to go continue this with you! You are awesome!!

    1. Vitalia! I totally agree that how we wake up can make or break our day! This is why I even like to make sure I take my make up off each night because when I go to bed with a fresh face I wake up feeling fresh. Or cleaning the house before bed so you can wake up to a clean space. All in the little things! Glad Mariel reminded us all of this! Thank you sooo much for sharing!!!

  42. Hey everyone! I loved this idea for a book/podcast club too. I was looking into my local Barnes and noble book club and when I saw you post about it I felt so happy! I really loved this podcast and took so many great notes from it. I loved that it was about becoming more present and inspired! She said that it’s important to have a mindful life-threatening being conscious and aware. don’t put it on cruise control. which I feel like many people do with work and the same routine. I love when they talked about loving yourself. enjoy who you are, liking your likes and dislikes, and really stepping into your shoes. Also how you wake up and if your thoughts are good. They all talk about nature and connecting with nature and I loved that! You have Dr. air, Dr. sun, Dr. rest, Dr. exercise, Dr. nutrition and Dr. water! There were just so many good things about laughing out loud, finding your adventure, learning about others. Mainly just livining your life to the fullest and I felt so inspired. Thank you!! 💛

    1. Leeann!!! Thank you thank you for participating! I am so happy so many of you are loving this podcast and the book and doing it with me! I loved the point of not putting our life on cruise control as well – especially when you are in your routine. Really living each day and feeling each day. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Xoxoxo

  43. I so needed to hear what she had to say. I come from a family where there has been a suicide and I always try and be really mindful of the reality that I help create for my girls. It’s refreshing to hear someone say that we can really create our own life in spite of some family patterns. And the part about technology was my favorite because I feel like society (myself super included) has gotten used to escape sometimes to the virtual world and forget how awesome the present moment can be especially with the ones we love.
    I loved this podcast and the ideia of this club you started !! Thank you !!

    1. Aw I am so sorry you went through that!! So heartbreaking. But so glad that you shared what you took away from the episode! Thank you for listening and commenting!! xoxoxo

  44. Hi Amber! First of all I love this podcast/book club idea! Since I’m currently not in school, I think it’s great to have something to read or listen to and then discuss. I was so glad that you chose Oprah’s SuperSoul conversation because I’ve been so into them lately!
    I really liked her idea of a morning routine as well because I do find that it sets me up for the day. Mine isn’t exactly set in stone or anything but even just doing my makeup while listening to a podcast or music (the Greatest Showman soundtrack!!) is so nice. I found the way that she is so mindful about her everyday life really inspiring and the ideas of connecting more with nature and turning off technology for a little bit everyday as things that I want to implement in my own life.
    My favourite quote from the podcast was when they said “Find what you love and then do that.” Ugh so simple but so something that is so important! 🙌Looking forward to the next discussion!

    1. Greatest Showman soundtrack yessss!! And yes I loved all of those things too! Love how intentional she is. And I’m not in school either so maybe that’s why I love podcasts and discussing so much as well! Thank you Molly for sharing this!!!

  45. Amber, thank you so much for putting this together. I have been trying to get into Podcasts and never found anything I was interested in, until now. This SuperSoul podcast was just what I needed to get a better mindset for the new year. A few things that struck me with this first podcast…

    “Every day is an opportunity, big or small” Mariel stresses that while you may have larger goals in the long run, each day can be used to accomplish something small toward that goal. We don’t have to overwhelm ourselves, but just making small steps toward those goals can be a huge help.

    “Setting an intention for the next day” This can be small too. Sometimes I have to tell myself to smile more or try to be friendlier. It can be hard in the corporate world! Sometimes you want to be left alone, but that isn’t always realistic. Setting intentions the day before can put you in the right mindset and maybe even make things that much easier to accomplish.

    “Finding your own adventure” This can be anything and Big Magic discusses this early on too. For me, I’ve always loved acting and I miss it! So, last year I started taking Improv classes again and I just started Level 2 last night. I don’t know where it’s going to take me and it doesn’t have to lead anywhere, but for right now, it’s my 2 hours a week on a Monday night for myself. Taking the time to do something that I love and setting the tone for my entire week. Plus, I’ve made some new friends!

    I am SUPER excited for the Cheryl Strayed podcast. I must have read Wild a handful of times and she is a remarkable woman.


    1. Courtney!!! Wow so awesome that you are taking improv classes! How fun for you. I loved that about Big Magic too how your inspiration or idea can be as simple as her dads was when he decided to have a goat farm or the time he decided to be a beekeeper. I mean not that those are simple but yes doesn’t always have to be starting a businsss or something crazy! And I haven’t read Wild yet but I’m DYING to!!! She seems so so amazing and now I’m dying to read anything she has written! Thank you Courtney for sharing and good luck with your improv classes – so inspiring that you are doing what you love!

  46. I loved this podcast too! Here were some of my takeaways… I do love the idea of morning rituals. I have found i’m much happier in the mornings when I am woken up by my alarm clock rather than children (is that so bad 😬) As a mom to 5 young Kids I’ve found the best time for me to get a workout in is early morning. And in the podcast they said find what you love and do it! I love taking time to strengthen my body as I feel it enlightens my mind too. Another love favorite is watching the sun rise. But on those mornings I am unable to get to workout before the kids and the sun I find myself kinda grouchy. Maybe I still need to wake up early (from my alarm) and take time in the stillness of my home, stretch or something like that. I’m going to do better at that. I also loved the quote ‘Love more’ and when they said that I imagined you making a cute little quote of that 😉 Thanks for reccomeding these podcasts, I love this idea so much! 😘

    1. 5 Little’s?! How do you do it Nichole?! You’re amazing. I do want to try getting up early and working out before the kids get up! I think that is such a great way to start the day. But gosh waking up is harrrd haha! Ah thank you for sharing your comment! You have your hands full that’s for sure so I love that even with your full hands you are intentional with your time!

  47. Hey Amber! I used to read your blog religiously a few years ago and I don’t know why I stopped — I remember you even sent me a little care package with a cute notepad, lip gloss and chocolate a few years ago. I’ll always appreciate that small gesture and never forget your kind heart 🙂
    Anyways… onto the podcast! This was the first one I’ve ever listened to and I listened to it right before going to bed. It left me feeling lighter, motivated and ready to conquer today! I can’t imagine having so many family members taking their own lives. It makes you think — how can I make a difference in someone’s life? The littlest things really do make a difference. The 6 Dr’s was a new concept to me, however, i think it is so important to live our daily lives with these “doctors” in mind. We need to be more present.

    All in all, a great post and great choice for the first podcast episode.
    Have a lovely day, Amber!
    xo Monica

    1. Monica!! So happy you got the care package. And no worries taking a little BFB break lol. I have taken breaks from bloggers too. I am really glad you listened and commented though, loved hearing what you learned from it! Thank you thank you!! xoxox

  48. So excited to see you doing something like this Amber! I’ve realized that I have A LOT of things I want and that I really need to change my mindset & my actions to fall into those big goals and plans. The part about leaving your past in the past really speaks to me bc I find that I’m always excusing myself mentally bc of all the things I’ve gone through but those things frankly just shouldn’t hold importance to me anymore! They are giving me an excuse and my favorite quote is “if it’s important you’ll find a way and if it’s not you’ll find an excuse” bc I’m always allowing myself breaks and it’s just really holding me back. Every second of my life being a moment to remold myself into whatI want and what will bring me more happiness is so inspiring and makes you realize that it’s all a choice that we are constantly having to make – makes you realize the power you have over your own existence lol. Also I DEFINITELY need to give technology a break to spend more time focusing on shaping my own life, not wondering how other people shaped their seemingly perfect lives and wondering what I’m missing – when what I’m missing is real life experiences rn.

    1. Tatianna! I have totally done this too! Given myself a lot of excuses for things I have been through when I was younger. I think that is why I love hearing little reminders like this! I am so happy you listened and commented, I am sure a lot of other girls can also relate to your comment 🙂 xoxox

  49. I love Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. I always loved being reminded that we are absolutely in control of our own lives- the good and the bad. The conversation with Mariel and Bobby totally reminded me of that. Also, Dr. Nature is so important to me and my husband. I had never heard it called that before, but it is essential for my husband’s happiness. He needs to get outside every day, and we spend every Sunday together doing some outdoor activity which totally brings us closer. As for morning rituals, my morning is pretty rushed. I wake up at 5 to workout and then head to work. I am a teacher, and something I want to do before the school day starts is write down an inspirational quote in my planner for the day. This really helped invigorate me last year when I was teaching in a tough school, but I kind of got away from it. Today is our first day back, and I have a brand new big planner with lots of space!

    Also, I love this little podcast and book club! I am a podcast junkie because my commute is 30 minutes!

    1. A 30 minute commute definitely makes for lots of podcast listening haha love it! That is when I listen to most of mine too! So amazing that you get up and work out before your busy day – I applaud anyone who does that because I have not mastered waking up early yet. Thank you so much for listening and sharing!!! xoxoxo

  50. This was an incredible podcast that was perfect to kickoff the new year. A couple things that really resonated with me – morning rituals. Every morning, I pretty much do the same thing (make a cup of coffee, make my breakfast, and watch the Today show). That’s truly my time to sit and decompress before the craziness of the day begins. I think it’s so important to find something like that to re-connect and almost isolate yourself from everything else going on.

    Also, what really struck me, was Mariel and her husband’s relationship. Although this wasn’t the focus of the podcast, it was so clear how inspired they were by each other and how they are able to co-exist while still living separate and spiritual lives.

    Lastly, Mariel’s life alteration from constantly running to now living in the present. I feel like everyone gets so caught up in the day to day that we’re looking for what’s next and how to pass the time. However, it’s important to really grasp what’s actually happening around you and how to seize each moment of every day.


    1. Haley!!!! Ah yes wasn’t their relationship the CUTEST?! I love how they talk about all of these things together and that they have so much fun together!!! I am so happy you listened!!! Love ya!!! xoxoxox

  51. First, I loved this idea of doing a podcast/book club because I would have never thought to listen to a podcast before this. I’ve been non stop recommending this podcast to anyone who will listen to me! So I’m so thankful you have decided to start this 🙂
    I loved this podcast and felt inspired and wanting to slowly change my lifestyle to be more connected to with nature, myself and to become more mindful. It’s so hard to be connected to nature in New Jersey in the winter lol.
    The one thing that Mariel said that has stuck with me is how she mentions she used to be controlling and had to always do things by a clock and be scheduled/routine. That stuck with me because I am a very routine time orientated person so much so that I drive myself crazy trying to stick to it especially now with having a baby. It drives my fiancé nuts because he is more go with the flow so I want to consciously try to not let the clock run my life.
    As for what she said about morning rituals, I have one at night rather than morning before I go to bed but I want to try to have one in the morning rather than rush rush rush because I feel that may change the tone of my day.

    1. New Jersey is the winter is a tough one for sure! That is basically how we are with Arizona in the summer haha! But I loved that he said we breathe in what the trees breathe out – so even just noticing trees!!! Loved what you got from this! I’m sure all of us mamas need to just slow down a little. Thank you for sharing loved reading your comment!

  52. I love the practice of setting an intention the night before. I used to set my intention in the morning. But now that I have an adventurous young toddler, it is challenging to find quiet moments in our busy mornings to set my daily intention. I will absolutely incorporate this practice into my daily life.
    I also love the idea of looking at life as a seconds. Each second is an opportunity to try again. I need to remember to not get caught up in the moment if I’m not your best self or make a mistake. I will remind myself that the second is over and another has begun with a chance to make a positive change. Thank you for choosing this podcast Amber! It really resonated with me!

    1. Yes definitely hard to set an intention in the morning with a toddler haha I feel you there! Anything I need to get done or plan for the next day definitely needs to happen at night but I think I like that better anyways so I go to bed thinking about it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!!!! xoxoxo

  53. I was sooo inspired by this podcast! I loved hearing Mariel’s story about how she created a new life for herself. Suicide is never the way to solve your problems. God has so much more for us in this life than depression and sadness! And I loved hearing about how she discovered that truth. 🙂

    I also agree with you about the morning and nighttime rituals, as well as the part about technology. I feel like they kind of go hand in hand sometimes! The first thing I do every morning is check my phone and it’s also the last thing I do at night before bed. If I could start my day with something more productive, I feel like it would set the mood for my entire day! And I feel like I should end my day with something besides Instagram (reading, for example)… I think it would motivate me to accomplish more in the next day and leave me inspired in life, rather than thinking about someone else’s life/their most recent Instagram post! 😉

    Thank you for doing this book and podcast club, Amber!

    1. Ah I love this I bet most people start and end their day on their phones! Gah. Totally agree that it might change our whole day if we end our days thinking about our own lives instead of looking at other people’s! Such a great point. Thanks for commenting! Xoxo

  54. Hi Amber, thank you for your recommendation on Ophra’s podcasts. Have listed already few. Mariel and Bobby are a great inspiration! I loved your view on it as well! !! Wonderful way of connecting with us 🙂 thank you. Wish you and your family all the best and looking forward to hear new inspirations from you xx

    1. Thanks Ania!!! So glad you liked the podcast / I love it too! Thanks for commenting! Xoxox have a great day!

  55. What did I think? Well, I loved it. My overall takeaway was that I was just inspired. Hearing Mariel’s story inspired me to be mindful of every moment in everyday. Granted every moment is not going to be some grandiose accomplishment, but to focus on the here and now, what is around me, be present. That can be hard, and I sometimes forget to cherish those small moments, but they are so very lovely.

    Life is so amazing and beautiful, and fun… I loved hearing the two of them talk about how they play and their relationship with one another. Awesome stuff.

    I’m a mama of two little ones, a wifey, and a teacher (among other things). I need to remember to take time to reflect on myself so that I can be my happiest and best self. Like you, I love the idea of ritual. My family has rituals around the kids, like it’s dinner, family game, bathroom, books, then bed. But what are the rituals I have for me? Or just me and my husband?

    Thanks for posting this early! Time to get ready for work! Love the book club and the sense of community a book club brings.

    1. Aw loved all your takeaways!! And yeah I loved that she said a morning ritual can even just be looking at your spouse. I think the day starts when the kids wake up and it’s just go go go from there. So I like the idea of taking two minutes to look at each other and talk and connect. Glad you liked the podcast! Sounds like you are a busy mama!! Xoxoxo

  56. I came to work this morning feeling tired and like every little thing was irritating me. I knew it was time to make a change in my life and remembered that Amber started this new podcast and book club which I decided to check out considering she’s such a role model in my life most days – she always looks so happy. I didn’t know anything about the Super Soul podcast series or the people involved, except for Oprah of course – who doesn’t know Oprah. I’d never heard of Mariel Hemmingway or Bobby Williams before today so I had no expectations which was a great experience for a change. I usually have an expectation of everything in life.

    Barely a few minutes in tot the podcast I felt like this conversation was absolutely meant for me and since this morning I’ve now listened to it twice and I’m planning on listening to it a few more times just to make sure I soak up every drop of value from it. I’m already feeling more mindful of my surroundings, how things make me feel, and the decisions I make throughout the day which is great because it’s helping me worth through this very annoying irritability that I’m experiencing today. I even recommended the podcast to a friend who’s experienced a very similar upbringing that to this day has an impact on her life. I’m hopefully this podcast will be great for her too.

    My favorite moment of the episode is when Mariel speaks about finding your adventure that isn’t always things like jumping out of a plane but to her its something as simple as sitting in a meadow and soaking up her surroundings while Bobby mumbles in the background because to him finding his adventure is in fact things like jumping from a plane – this moment made me realize that we’re not all the same and even though you might want to grow with your significant other, you also need to grow on your own because my adventure isn’t necessarily someone else’s adventure.

    Another great lesson that this episode has taught me is definitely not to dwell on things and to know when technology is no longer serving me but instead working against me. This spoke volumes to me because technology now a days causes a large portion of my frustration. I’m super excited to start a new way of thinking and living a happier life with less frustration and more adventure.

    Thanks Amber. This has been great! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the podcasts for the year.

    1. Shannon!! I’m soooo happy this made your day better. That makes me so so happy to hear. I’m so glad you listened to it and definitely listen to more of her podcast if you loved this one! I listened to the conscious Eating episode last night and in it Oprah said on our bad days instead of counting all the things that have gone wrong, take a second to count all the things that have gone right! I have never done this!! But maybe that will help you today if you are having a bad day. Thanks for your comment!!!! Xoxoxo

      1. Oh I’m definitely hooked to these podcasts now – thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to listen to more of them for sure.
        I went to bed last night and tried visualizing how today will be just like Mariel said hoping that it will then be a really good day. So far it’s not really worked hehehe 🙂 but I think the best part about it is that I’m still hopeful the day will eventually be a good one and with the advise you’ve given me about counting the good things instead of the bad I’m sure today’s going to be great. I’ve not tried doing this before either but it makes sense.. practicing positive thinking brings about good vibes almost always.
        Thanks again Amber. Loving these discussions everyone’s having. You should be really proud because you’re reaching people all over the world by the looks of things – I’m in Cape Town, South Africa and this has definitely made a difference in my life. xoxoxoxo

  57. I didn’t listen to the podcast, but I’m going to tonight because I love this recap! It’s so important to be mindful and not let certain things define your entire life. Moving on is SO important. Loved this, Amber. Also your hair looks AMAZE xx


    1. Aww thanks Quinn!!! Yes definitely give the podcast a try! I love it because it gives me new topics to think about each day 🙂 have a great day girl!!

  58. I feel like I’ve recently been drawn to a similar path that this entire podcast was about! I started an accountability journal Jan 1 because I always feel I don’t do enough (I’m realizing I do A LOT!). I want to be more mindful, more kind, give more and definitely need to get outdoors more often. I don’t relate as much with where she comes from, but I think different paths can all lead to similar places in life. I’ve already added their book to my must read list for this year! Great pick!

    1. Lauren! I love that you realized you do a lot!!! What accountability journal do you use? Love the idea of that 🙂 listen to more episodes!! You’ll love them!! So glad you listened and thank you for your comment!

      1. Hi Amber!
        I made my own journal. I have 7 categories that I fill in: health, fitness, mental, home, kids, work, and self-care. I will do more squats and sit-ups just because I know I have to log it at the end of the day 😂

        1. Eeek! I’m so glad I read through all the comments on this blog (thanks for the great post Amber, loving this podcast/book club already) because this accountability journal is exactly what I’ve needed and never thought to make my own like you did Lauren! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!

          1. Yes Lauren thank you for the great idea!! I love that so much! Thanks for commenting girls! Xo