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We are having a baby GIRL!!!!! I could not be more excited about it!!!! My doctor (who is amazing – who gives out their number and tells you to text her if you need anything?!) called me and told me I needed to be sitting down! Then she told us she is a baby girl and 100% healthy and I was the happiest girl in the world. I literally kept wanting to just skip down the streets of New York and kiss everyone on the face and sing and dance because it was such a good day. Atticus and our girl will be about a year and a half apart and I can’t wait to see Atticus be a big brother! He is so silly and fun I know he will be the cutest brother always making her laugh like he does with me and David. The other day I had messed up a recipe I was making and I was so bugged.. I looked at David and kept saying “ughhhh how did I do that?? I always mess up recipes!” And sounded really annoyed. Atticus was sitting on the ground and looks up at me and just started busting up laughing haha he thought my reaction was hilarious for some reason and suddenly we were all laughing. That happens more often than not with our boy and I can’t wait to watch him make her smile!!!!! He also is such a snuggle bug. Always cuddling with his stuffed dog at night and if I’m with him he has to be snuggling my arm (like hardcore snuggling – haha he pretends my arm is his doggie) so I think we are in for some top notch snuggles between those two. We honestly couldn’t be more excited and she already feels like a part of the family! Her due date is November 21st but since Atticus was so big (9lb 5oz) she said she would like to induce me a week early – so we will see what happens but sometime in November she will be here which feels like forever away!

Also wanted to say thanks for always being so awesome. I feel really lucky to get to talk back and forth with you guys and to have your support and to feel comfortable sharing all of these details of our life with you!! Xo

Side note: A lot of you have asked how we found out so early – so to answer the question, now they can do a blood test that determines gender. It doesn’t harm the baby whatsoever or anything – just a simple blood draw. They didn’t have this when I was pregnant with Atticus and my doc said they started doing this about 8 months ago. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations for the good news 🙂 and I think your doc is right, you need sometimes to have a rest 🙂
    xo xo from Paris

  2. Hi, I’m moving to NYC in August when I’ll 7.5 months pregnant with my little girl and am looking for an OB. Do you mind telling me the name of your doctor since you seem to like her? It’s so intimidating moving to a new place and finding the right person. Thank you and congrats!

  3. It is always so wonderful to watch your family grow. I’ve loved watching every moment from your wedding to getting your pup to having Atticus and now with your baby girl. I’m so happy for you!!! Sending lots of love x

  4. I just discovered your blog and find it fabulous! I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with a girl! I love your maternity fashion BC I’m also 5’10 and you have a lots of adorible ideas!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to say i love your blog! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You have such a beautiful family 🙂 which will be getting bigger!!! So happy for you 😀 Congratulations !! Wish you all the best xxx

  6. Amber, I love to see what you are wearing – always gives me inspiration 🙂 So when I read this post I couldn’t help but smile :)))) I had my son, who was also a big big baby (now a big, big boy :)) and exactly 18 months later I was told that I would be having a “little Misses” running around after her big brother (who is now a little lady, and of course very opinionated!) So I wanted to share with you that I understand EXACTLY how you feel at this moment!! The kids are now 9 (Jake) and 7 (Phoebe) and are, tall, blonde and completely amazing :))
    Very Happy for you doll!

  7. This is so exciting! Congratulations! I love how jazzed you are about this, it’s wonderful. November is going to be so so exciting for you!

  8. Congratulations!! So happy for you and you look so radiant and beautiful. I’m currently 15 weeks and have 5 weeks left to go until I find out!! Exciting times. xx

  9. I am so excited for you guys. I absolutely adore your blog and your family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🙂

  10. Congrats!!! That is so very exciting! You have your little prince and now a little princess on the way!

  11. Oh man! I was reading your most recent post and was about to comment asking if you guys had plans to find out and do a reveal lol then I scrolled a bit and seen this post caption! Lol I squealed. I think I scared my fiance haha! I was going to say I really hope you have a little girl. Atticus is just the cutest little guy and would be such a great brother! Congrats to you and your family. And thank you for being so amazing and sweet and actually taking the time to respond to everyone! I really love that! Can’t wait to see more of your life journey 🙂 I love following along!!! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip, and safe travels xoxo

  12. Congratulations!! I cannot wait to see your beautiful family get even cuter! Such a pleasure to get to watch your family grow. It makes me smile 🙂

  13. This is suchhhh amazing news! You, David, Atticus and Chauncey are already a lovely family. This girl will only make it more lovely! I really look up to you, you are doing so amazing during your pregnancy. You still manage to breastfeed your adorable babyboy, go on vacations, take flights and really enjoy life in the greatest way. You’re such a strong and motivated woman. I definetely understand that almost everyone sees you and your life/family as total GOALS because it is so true! May God bless you all!! I can’t wait for your little girl’s outfits and super awesome braids. And of course your amazing looks 😀 I don’t know how I can exactly explain myself, but you are my favourite person on the web. You are so kind, genuine, cute, a supermom, super fit, so funny. I can go on forever. You are loved by so many because you are awesome Amber, as well is your adorable family!

    Much loves from the Netherlands!
    Hope the best for you all <3

  14. Yay! That’s SOOOO exciting!!! Congrats! 😀 She’s going to be the cutest baby girl!

  15. Congratulations! This is awesome. I would be skeptical about the boy or girl blood test just because I cannot physically see it. I was told I was having a girl at my ultrasound with my second baby and after having a boy I was over the moon! So happy and like yes a girl and a boy, perfect. Well my little girl turned out to be a boy about 10 weeks later. His legs were closed real tight haha but I’m so happy for you! This is such a beautiful blessing

  16. Amber!!!! I’m so STOKED for you, David, & Atticus! What an adorable…no, actually…you will be the MOST ADORABLE FAMILY on this planet! I cannot wait to see what a cute big brother he will be either, and what a stylish little girl you will have. Also, with Atticus’ name, I’m so excited not only for her arrival but to find out her name! Congratulations guys! xo

  17. whaaat?! you can do a blood test now to find out the gender that is AWESOME! and also, congratulations to you three and the pup on expecting a sweet baby girl! I have always wanted to go to denmark, it might have to go on the list. your bump is so so cute! congratulations again!!

  18. Oh my goodness so so so excited you’re having a girl! She’s going to be such an adorable little mini-Amber! My boyfriend’s brother and his wife are having a baby and we are attending a gender reveal party this weekend-I’m so excited to find out the baby’s gender. I’m secretly hoping its a girl (just because they already have one adorable little boy).

  19. Congratulations Amber,,, so cool.
    I’m pregnant also, and is a boy. I did the blood work for many reasons and one was to find the sex.
    Is fast and easy. My baby will be born in July.
    I do have a 5 years old boy and he can’t wait for his brother. He is so sweet.
    Is awesome. 🙂

  20. Congratulations! I love your blog and am so inspired by your fashion sense. November 21st is a great day (my birthday!)

  21. Congrats!!!!
    I have a baby boy, 15 months old, and i’m pregnant with a girl! Her due date is September 4th and I can’ t wait to meet her! Plus I’m from greece and i just realized you are currently here! How weird is that 🙂
    Have fun!!

  22. How exciting, Amber! I love reading your blog and can’t wait for more posts about preparations for the little princess! (Also, glad to hear that you have an awesome doctor. I know that makes a huge difference for me personally, so I can’t imagine the relief it must be when you’re pregnant!) Much love to you and your growing family 🙂

  23. Awe CONGRATULATIONS! Thats awesome, so happy for you!! I’m sure Atticus will be a great big bro. I have a November baby and the timing is awesome. By the time Christmas and New Year come around they do a little more than just sleep. Girls are so cute, let the shopping begin! Haha!

  24. Congrats! I’m having a girl too, due at the end of September! I wasn’t told about the blood test though, that sounds really cool. Looks like I’m going to have to learn how to do cute hairstyles!

    I love that you have so much love and support through you blog! You are so blessed! The best thing one can do is LIVE life and be happy and you are doing it for sure! Such an inspiration.

  26. Awwwnnn Congratulations Amber .That’s really amazing.I’m so so happy for you and your lovely family. 🙂 I’m sure Atticus will be an amazing brother 🙂 🙂

  27. Congratulations! I’m so excited to see all the things you do to her hair 😉 Also, can I just say how much I love how simple this announcement is — just pure happiness 🙂 And I love that color top!

  28. OMG So happy for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so great a boy and a girl:) cant wait to see how beautiful your girl will be. Your family is one to be envied of it is so amazing! Congrats, stay careful and healthy and hopefully this pregnancy willnot bring you much trouble.

  29. Congrats! As a mom of two girls (23 months apart), you’re in for a wiiiiild ride! I’ll be curious to hear your take on travelling with two. It becomes much more challenging, especially as they get older. Also, PLEASE make sure you do your research (which I’m sure you will) before your doctor induces you due to something like a possible size issue. Your body more likely than not will be able to birth the baby that it created and maybe to ease your worries, my first was 9lb 8oz and my second was “only” 8lb 3oz. So every baby is different. 🙂

  30. Wow! Congrats that really is amazing news! Your family is so perfect!!!!!

  31. Oh my goodness that’s so exciting! Yay, congrats!!! I may be partial to the month of November bc it’s my birthday month, but also Grace Kelly’s birthday month! I bet your little girl will be just as fabulous as her with you as her mom! So happy for you and your sweet family!! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Congrats Amber to you and your beautiful family! Such a pleasure to see and hear about a family like yours especially with the way things are on social media. Pure perfection!

  33. Congraulations on having a girl… Please tell were you got your shoes they look so cute and comfy..

  34. Congrats Amber! I’m so happy for you and secretely SO jealous! I had my first (a boy) three months ago and I’m already craving a new little one and all of the fun the pregnancy/ labor and delivery brings! (I know, I’m crazy). I would LOVE if you would do a post on breastfeeding while pregnant (and while trying to get pregnant)! Anyways, enjoy shopping for your little girl!!!

  35. You got your girl!!! It is so fun having one of each they will be best friends growing up!! Mine are about 5 years apart because it tools us longer than we expected to get pregnant the second time and I was so bummed because I thought they wouldn’t be close. But they are and my boy is so protective over his sister and she just adores him. I am so excited for you guys, what a blessing! November will be here before you know it and then you won’t remember what life was ever like without the two of them! Congrats mama! You look amazing and I love seeing your beautiful family grow!

  36. Congrats, Amber!!!! I’ve loved seeing your family grow over these years! I bet she’ll be one loved-up little lady! Bless xx

  37. CONGRATS GIRL! This little girl is going to be the best dressed one in town, and I can’t wait to meet her in the photographs when she’s born this fall 🙂 Once again, so so happy for you, and what a cool older brother she’ll have ;D


  38. OMG! I’m so happy for you Amber (And David and Atticus, of course). I’m sure we would all be equally happy if it was a boy, but now I’m super excited to say how she’ll look like! You’ll now have a baby girl to try hairsyles on!!!

  39. Amber!! Congrats! And omg you’re totally in Hillerød which is the town I’m living in for the summer… I live literally like 3 minutes from the castle! I would love to see you and catch up if you’re still around today! 🙂

  40. Congratulations to you and David! How exciting! Atticus will be the most WONDERFUL big bro!

    P.S. How adorable does baby A look in that button-up shirt?!

  41. Omg I am so incredibly excited for yall!! I can’t wait! That little girl is being blessed into the best family ever! She’s gonna be so lucky and loved (and omg her hair will be amazing I can already see it lol) Congrats!! I’m so happy for yall! Atticus is adorable and is gonna be a GREAT big brother to that little girl!

  42. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Oh my god a baby girl! That is SOO exciting!! Gah you’re gonna have so much fun doing her hair and shopping for her. So excited for you, many blessing your way and your family’s. Your kids have won the lottery with such beautiful parents inside and out. Much love!!!

  43. Congrats Amber & family!! 🙂 I totally guessed a girl on your instagram and I’m so happy it’s true! can’t wait to see more pregnancy posts and just seeing the babies growing up in general.. an i’m getting way too excited!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  44. Congratulations! That is so exciting. Can I ask you.. How long do your hair extensions last? Your hair always looks so amazing!!

    Thank you!!

  45. Congrats!! So exciting!!! You will be an awesome girl mom! She will love you’re braiding skills!

  46. OMG!!!!!! Congratulations!!!
    Sooooo excited for you guys!!!!

  47. Aww congrats! I’m literally happy just reading this post! So happy for you 🙂

  48. I am so excited! You needed a girl! One girl and one boy! I have no doubt she will be the most perfect little doll!

  49. Congratulations Amber!! Wow that is so so awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂
    My sister just had a little baby girl and they are just sooo much fun to dress up 🙂
    Hope everything goes well for you!

  50. Oh my goodness congratulations! I am ESTATIC for you. My little girl is 4 months now and I could not imagine life without her. I am soooooo excited for the addition to your family. She will be a beauty just like her mama! Sending love!!!

  51. I am so so excited for you!!!! And you are the cutest pregnant woman! Hope the rest of this pregnancy is as smooth as with Atticus!

  52. Amber oh my goodness!!! What amazing news! You have been blessed from above Clark family! Now you can dress your little girl just like you and have your mini! So happy for you xoxo

  53. Where is your adorable orange shirt from? I’m due in Oct and always looking for cute pregnancy clothes! Congrats on a sweet baby girl!

  54. Amber oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations Clark family! What a blessing from above. Now you can have a girl to be your mini and have fun with! So happy for you xoxo

  55. CONGRATULATIONS!! I just had my first baby girl and she is amazing! I am so happy for your family!

  56. So, so happy for you 🙂 I have a boy and a girl, and i feel so blessed.

  57. I absolutely love following you on Instagram. Your family is absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to see your family grow! I’m so excited for you. I was just curious how you and David met?! Maybe you could do small blog post because you two look truly perfect together!

  58. Congratulations! You look lovely on the pictures! Where are you in the pictures? Looks like Denmark 😉

  59. Congrats Clark family!! She is going to be beautiful inside and out!! Can’t wait to see what you name your gorgeous little girl. Atticus and Chauncey are going to be the best big bros!!! So excited for you Amber! As always, thank you for sharing, especially special moments like this! Enjoy your vacation!!


  60. Awww! Such a happy news!! Congratulations on little baby girl soon coming into your growing little family! I have always wished to have a boy and a girl, so you’ve got the “perfect” match and they’ll be so close in age too! 🙂

  61. Amber,

    I am SO happy for you and your family!! A little girl will be the perfect addition! I can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t wait for you to meet her and to see all of the incredible pictures you will share of your gorgeous girl! With you as her mama, she will be breathtaking!!

    xoxoxo Angela

  62. My friend did the gender blood test as well so she could surprise her husband on his birthday!! So excited for you all!! Thanks for sharing!

  63. Ahh I’m so excited for your family! Congratulations:) she’s going to be so cute like Atticus!!!

  64. Congrats!! Can’t wait to see what see will look like!! Probably gorgeous like her mama.

  65. Congrats, Im so happy for your family! How many weeks are you? I would love to see posts about it weekly to see how your baby girl is growing!

  66. Congratulations Amber, David, Atticus, and Chauncey! That is such amazing news! A little girl to add your beautiful family! I may be have to steal the announcement idea one day because it was adorable! 😉 what a wonderful blessing for you all! Love!

    Carly Xo

  67. ahh!!!! so cute! I’m so excited for your family. I love your blog and kept up with you while you were pregnant with Atticus. I’m so excited to watch what you do while you’re pregnant with this little girl! ❤️ Def. my fav blogger!!!


  68. So excited for you!! She’s going to be darling!!!

  69. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am beyond excited for you, David, and Atticus. You and David are going to make wonderful parents to a beautiful baby girl. Girls are so much fun to have around. She’ll be the best dressed of her class and of course will top everyone with her hair. Sending you a big congrats and lots of love from Baltimore. Xoxo

  70. Thats amazing!! Good News ! Atticus will be a wonderful brother 🙂 kisses xx from France

  71. Yay! That’s so exciting! I think you should name her Brittyn!

  72. So pleased for you. My baby is due 25th November and can’t wait to find out the gender. Congrats again!!

  73. congratulations!!! she will be so beautiful! so happy for you and your cute cute family:) I hope you’re feeling well this pregnancy too!

  74. Awww! I’m so happy, because I really wanted for you to get a girl, specially, because you said you wanted one at least. Also, it is going to be really cute seeing her with Atticus!!! Congratulations!!

  75. How exciting!! Congrats to you and your beautiful family, she will be the perfect addition. Little girls are so much fun!
    God Bless


  76. Congratulations!!! I had a feeling it was a girl! She is going to be one lucky little girl with such great parents and a wonderful big brother! Hope you are enjoying your trip ❤️❤️

  77. Amber,
    I am so excited about the great news and soooo happy for you guys!
    I thought about a name for your second child last week that would just be as unique as Atticus’ name… My favorite name for a little girl is Adalie/Adelie so far! I think it’s just as special as Atticus’ name and the names would just be great together!

    Enjoy your stay in Europe
    Hugs from Germany!

  78. congratulations on the exciting news! It is so fun following you and your cute little family on your blog! And side note, I think its amazing that on your blog you are able to show that wearing modest clothes is so fashionable and cute, it really has made an impact on me! Hope you have a great sunday 🙂

  79. Congrats! She’s going to be adorable! I love seeing your journey as a mom and she’s going to be a great addition to your family!

  80. How exciting! I love keeping up with your posts- your family is beautiful. Can’t wait to watch this next section of your life!! 🙂

  81. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you and your sweet family!

  82. CONGRATS!!! I knew it was gonna be a girl, I’m kind of freakishly good about guessing that haha
    I am so excited for you and your family, and am all ready jealous of the adorable outfits and hairstyles your little girl is going to have, sad I know

    Congrats again and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  83. Congratulations! Girls are such a blessing! I’m so happy for your family! Atticus is definitely going to be a great big brother!

  84. Congrats Amber and David! My husband and I recently found out we will be having a boy through blood draw (the panorama test) and we are so excited!! It was my dream to have a boy first and then a little girl for him to watch over and they can be best buds!! You are living out my dream haha! But in any case were excited for our little man to arrive in October and I wish you an amazing rest of your pregnancy! Little girl Clark is so blessed already!!

  85. Wow! Congratulations on your little lady!
    I’m a mum of 1 girl and 3 boys, it’s nice to have a little girl amongst the stinky boys, ha!
    I really adore your blog as I’m a tall blonde I find it so useful and my go to inspiration!

  86. Tears in my eyes… No more words needed!
    All the best from all over the sea, Germany!
    So looking forwarded to your pictures with that little girl growing..

    ani from ani-hearts

  87. Yeah!! How exciting that you’re having a GIRL!!! When I was pregnant we paid for an extra early ultrasound to determine the sex of our babe. I couldn’t wait until 18-20 weeks like they did at the doctor. That’s awesome they’ve developed a blood test that determines the sex of a baby though! I’m sure you’ve already purchased a million baby girl outfits. Girls are way too much fun to shop for 🙂
    Xo Kelly

  88. AWW congratulations Amber & David! I am very happy for you both! I’m excited for the day you braid her hair for the first time 😉 Sending love from Australia xx Kristy

  89. ok this is too cute!!! My brother and are about less than 2 years apart and we are super close! We are actually flying down to Puerto Rico this summer to see family 🙂 but anyways CONGRATS!! you’re already such a great mom to Atticus and I literally can’t wait till your little girl is born omg!

  90. Ohhh congratulations Amber, I’m so excited for you!!!! I can’t wait to see how Atticus with play and take care of his little sister!;) Enjoy every single moment with your wonderful family!

  91. Oh Amber! That is the most wonderful news! You have such a picture perfect little life, can’t wait for it to be even better! Best of luck with the pregnancy, November can’t come quick enough! xx

  92. Wooooooooooooooooow congratulations
    I am so excited too I can’t wait until Nov I love her before she comes to this life really I wish if you would visit Egypt oneday I wanna meet you and your family
    send my love to atticus
    I love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  93. Oh Amber, I am so Happy for you and your sweet family!!!! I was really hoping you would have a little girl and this is just such great news. As a Mama to four daughters, let me tell you I have loved every moment of it, and you will too.. I have been enjoying watching you guys have so much fun on instagram and I am just again so happy for you Amber, I hope you all have a great day and thanks for sharing your family and adventures with us! Sending much love and Congrats from NC!!!! xoxo

  94. Congrats Amber! That is so fantastic, what a wonderful little family. May you enjoy your blessings and have a healthy pregnancy and bouncing baby girl 🙂

  95. I am so happy for your family ! I bet you must be excited to have a second baby and a girl :)) I am looking forward to all the stories and especially pictures of the baby little girl 🙂 Congrats!

    1. Congrats Amber!! I have a 2.5 year old girl and a 3 month old boy and it is just so fun having one of each! So excited for you guys. A will be an amazing big bro!!!